The Perfect Flirtation

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May 252012

Sometimes you don’t need a guy to kiss you or date you. You don’t even need him to wine and dine you (although, a cocktail or two is appreciated). Sometimes, a little bit of comfort and conversation goes a long way. You just need someone who listens to you, notices you, flatters you, asks you to dance, and makes sure you have money to get home safely.

Maybe he wanted more. Most likely he did. But he didn’t push too hard, or make things uncomfortable. And then the next day, he sends you a bouquet of flowers so you can become the envy of the office again.

Don did that for Joan.




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  1. And it was a perfect date. One of my favorite scenes ever. Whenever Don and Joan have a scene with just the two of them, it’s magic. More please Mr. Weiner. Good commentary of a beautiful moment. Thanks.

    • 100% YES Therese and thanks for the post MC!

      I posted on another thread… as disappointed as I have been with this season overall, “Christmas Waltz” has renewed my faith and the more I think about it; this scene may be my favorite of the series.

      I will no doubt buy Season 5 on BluRay, if for no other reason than to have this scene. Honesty, friendship, flirting, compassion….all oooozing with sexual overtone. What a recipe!!!

  2. Sad, but how many DD and Joanie alone together scenes have there been? Four? Three? Emergency room in Guy Walks…….. Meditations scene when DD finally returned from Cali and our Joanie was getting him up to speed as she was his secretary. Ummm……what else? Man, you’ve got to savor it when this happens. Unfortunately, I think MW has given us our allotted fill for the season. #%&*$%&

    • You’re right, those scenes are few and far between. I can’t think of many beyond the ones you’ve already mentioned.

  3. Yes! You pinpointed exactly why I literally squealed and sighed when the scene was over….there is NOTHING like a great flirtation – especially when both parties know it will go nowhere. I am stunned by all the people who would like to see Don and Joan get together – besides for the prurient novelty of such perfect specimens of sexiness paired up, they are just not supposed to get together. They are just a delight to watch together doing the one thing they both do perfectly and naturally, flirting, seducing, making the object of their attention melt. It’s like ballroom dancing or figure skating pairs….they look so beautiful together, execute their craft together, but it doesn’t matter one bit that they’re married to other people off the stage – their brilliance is in the moment.

    • “…there is NOTHING like a great flirtation – especially when both parties know it will go nowhere.”

      Seems like a dangerous game. How does one assure that it will go nowhere?

  4. I truly loved this scene and have watched it more times than I care to admit but I did not think he wanted more from Joan. And after her Megan is perfect reference, I dont think she was expecting it from him either. Am I wrong?

    • in the comment about Megan being perfect – I think Joan was just saying to Don what he wanted to hear. I believe she was being a little sarcastic without him knowing. We have heard how she feels about the couple when she has talked to Peggy about it. Also, when he says “I think the offiece misses Megan” Joan pauses – she does not agree with him, she makes a joke about how she should have kept her on as a recepectionst.

      I so agree – this is one of my all time favorite scenes – and keeping it to flirting is wise. They would be just too hot not to cool down real fast. thaks for the post

    • SR I saw it same we you did. Nicely summed uo Mad Chick. I reflected on this scene many times this week. one of my all time favorites. Beautifully written and brilliantly acted. A total joy.

    • SR, I don’t think Don was consciously wanting more from that afternoon. But, I do think Joan was wise to discourage the dancing, especially since he had “that look” on his face. She knows all too well how quickly things can change from flirtation to more. I think she just didn’t want to risk things going too far, and I agree with her that it’s easy for that to happen. (I think if she hadn’t been so quick to stop it, he might have just let whatever happened, happen, because he’s done it many times!)

      It was just nice to see them together–as others mentioned, the Don-Joan interactions (just those two alone in a scene) are far too rare.

  5. Mad Chick, you nailed it. The chemistry of the writing, the characters’ history, and superb acting…SWOON!

    • Thanks, Cynthia (and everyone)–I think the fact that we rarely get to see these two together (alone) makes it even more pleasurable when we do. I wasn’t expecting this little scene from the episode, and it was really nice to get it.

  6. I think that’s what makes this show perfect…it doesn’t do the obvious thing that would’ve occurred on, say, Grey’s Anatomy of having them sleep together.

  7. Would have been perfect if he called his wife and told her what he was doing.

    “It’s a perfect example of how some people think marriage is a joke.” – Joan Holloway

  8. The definition of flirtation is to behave amorously WITHOUT SERIOUS INTENT, a casual involvement without commitment, or a brief involvement.

    My question about FLIRTATION has been how does each party know the parameters when it appears there are no pre-set rules? In other words did both Don and Joan flirt with each other feeling that they knew each other so well and the point that could not be crossed?

    If this is what happened this tells us a lot more about how the characters feel about each other, that they feel more comfortable around one another when there are pre-set boundaries of behavior and never want that circle of comfort to be breached.

    • I think what you said about how they know each other well, and that they know the limits is 100% accurate. They just know.

  9. Well, that’s because he only likes the beginings.
    Great scene, probably my favourite of the season.

  10. The lit up xmas tree in the background and Doris Day on the juke box also provided a little extra poignancy.

  11. Betcha this fictional guy is a fantastic ball room dancer, has spectacular fashion sense and unmatched culinary skills. You can’t always get what you want. But you find sometimes, you get what you need.

    • “Betcha this fictional guy is a fantastic ball room dancer, has spectacular fashion sense and unmatched culinary skills”

      That was actually my impression.

  12. After watching last night’s episode, ‘The Other Woman’, did anyone else besides me see the attraction to Joan that remained with Don?

    • yes, and vice versa!

      • Yup, definitely. Does anyone think their relationship has sort of surpassed the Peggy/Don “work wife” thing, given his treatment of her and Peggy’s departure? And… as such would it be wishful thinking to see a relationship on the horizon??

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