May 242012

Season Five has been all about evolving.  When I heard ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ in Lady Lazarus, I was so inspired that I spent the last two weeks creating this homage to Mad Men, Revolver, and Klaus Voormann!  Be sure to click on image for full size. And to see how I created it, click here.  Enjoy!  Therese














EVOLVERS By Therese Bohn, 5/23/2012

And for you youngsters, here’s the ground-breaking original 😉



  24 Responses to “Fan Art Thursday, 5/24/12, “EVOLVERS”, by Therese Bohn”

  1. This. Is. BRILLIANT!

  2. Brava! People really need to click through and look at your explanation, it’s cool.

  3. My new wallpaper.

  4. Therese, I’m afraid words will do no justice here, but . . . Absolutely Outstanding!

    (And thanks for documenting your process there too, it’s fascinating to watch the wheels turn round and round.)

    PS – Your art happens to coincide with my good fortune – Abbey Road On The River starts today in Louisville. I find myself in the right place at the right time, for once. Thanks for adding to the Cultural Synchronicity!

  5. Therese,

    “I Want To Tell You” — simply amazing art and enjoyed understanding your process.

    Thank you,

  6. Very nice, indeed.

  7. Nice job! Truly inspired! Revolver was the first L.P.I ever bought a year or two after it came out, with lunch money I squirreled away, so this hits home in a big way. Delightful.

  8. This made my day!

    SO COOL. Thank you Therese!

  9. I’m very happy with it! Thanks for all your kind comments! Feel free t make it viral!

    • Fascinating! Joan’s eyes have a Vulcan Death Grip on my cervical region…thanks, I needed that to ease my muscle spasms. Love the collage of MM photos. Am I mistaken or did you include a shot of Roger wearing a suit of armor? I don’t recall that scene but the shot caught my eye. Also loved the placement of Lane. Are you intimating that Lane is on his way out? Then there is Burt on the fringes– very apropos. Thanks for the link to your site…got a kick out of your StarTrekomics, especially the Abbey Road shot. I will pass your site onto my sister…she was the Trekkie. I on the other hand LOVED The Avengers. Emma Peel would have loved taking the XKE for a spin.

      • Hi Cynthia,
        lol on the death grip! Hope you feel better! Roger isn’t actually wearing the armor, that’s just part of the homage to Revolver. In the original, next to John Lennon’s ear, there’s a picture of Lennon posing just behind a suit of armor and it gives the illusion that he’s wearing it. For this collage, I made it look like Roger is ‘wearing’ armor just like Lennon, and it has the coincidental reference to Roger’s comment to Lane in S3 about the suit of armor in Lanes SC office. He says “Do you ever get three sheets to the wind and put that thing on?!” I loved how that fit into this montage. As to Lane, you see him twice here, both times tangled in Joan’s hair — on top he’s fighting Pete, and peeking out behind the hair on near her left eye. And I hope he’s not going anywhere, yet after his adrenalin-filled kiss with Joan, I’m hoping he’ll be ‘in her hair’ in a good way, for a long time! You may have noticed that Joan (with baby Kevin) is in Roger’s hair. And Bert in in Don’s ear; his own little Jimminy Cricket! Glad you liked it!

  10. If I may use the word you never use, your art is the very essence of ‘AWESOMENESS”
    and i don’t use the word ‘art” lightly. to me art is an expression of ther human spirit and it’s quite evident from your art that you love Mad Men (and the Beatles) your attention to the details, including matching detail for detail where you could is evident of that love. thank you so much for sharing that love with us.
    and you love Trek, wow, what a package

  11. i forgot to say – FAVORITE ELEMENT: HARE KRISHNA PAUL!

    • Thank you DragonBreath! I always thought art was an expression of love (or whatever emotion the artist is feeling at the time). And I love a lot of stuff, and all of you too! Always put my heart into it! And the chanting Paul Kinsey element was pure luck! If I had finished this a week earlier I would have kicked myself for missing this. As it was, it was so perfect to have him here in the scheme of things, fitting in with all the pre-psychedilia and of course, Harrison was a Krishna! When I came across that screen cap, I said ‘Yes!’, for it truly ties everything about this crazy season together. I only wonder what the last couple of episodes will bring that would add to this stew, I may have to make another one! Thanks again, I’m blushing 🙂

      • two words: Sgt Pepper.
        start now.
        (and you wouldn’t have to swap out Sonny Liston, maybe add a suitcase in front of him)

        • Oh man! That would take some time! (and a lot of planning!) Yes I’d keep Sonny Liston. Sounds like a good summer project, thanks for the idea, and now I have no doubt that the collage art on the Beatle albums subconsciously influenced me in my art! I’ve always been attracted to collage, and I recall staring at the Pepper and Revolver LP’s for hours as a kid!
          And by the way, the crazy thing about the Pepper album is that it’s not a collage at all, but an actual set with cardboard cutouts behind and wax figures near the Beatles!

  12. I don’t have the words to do this justice but AWESOME!!

  13. This is brilliant! I don’t know if you’ve read this, but Basketcase “sjw” posted a link in the “Christmas Waltz” recap thread about Sgt .Pepper’s. The linked article basically says that S5 is based on Sgt. Pepper’s. Word of warning, the article was written after “Codfish Ball” and with the Rita Hayworth reference in “Christmas Waltz” the article may be spot on, making it a bit unintentionally spoilerish.

  14. That is amazing, and thank you, Therese, for sharing your process! I wish more artists did that…

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