Basket of News, May 5-11, 2012

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May 112012

BREAKING NEWS (added): Gold Derby is reporting that Jessica Pare will compete with Elisabeth Moss for a Lead Actress Emmy nomination.

Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Jared Harris, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Kiernan Shipka and showrunner Matt Weiner join James Lipton Inside the Actor’s Studio on Monday, May 14 at 7 ET.

Slate, per usual, offers multiple angles on “Lady Lazarus.”

How did The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” make its way onto Mad MenAndre and Maria Jacquemetton give some backstory on that (and more), but Matthew Weiner gives even more details to the NYT (which is among those reporting a $250,000 licensing fee was paid).  The L.A. Times notes the song appeared in to original Beatles TV cartoon.

Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker surveys a few other cultural references in “Lady Lazarus.”

Alexis Bledel talks to Slate about complicated Beth Dawes and how hard it was to keep her involvement with MM a secret for so long.  Tom and Lorenzo note the sartorial similarities between Beth and Betty Francis (or, more accurately, Betty Draper).

HuffPost TV highlights the cameos from Dennis Haskins (formerly Saved By The Bell‘s Mr. Belding) and other familiar character actors on Mad Men.

DCist fills us in on Howard Head and the Head Ski Company.  [Like London Fog, Head Ski got its start in Baltimore — Matt Weiner’s hometown. -KPatch covers local reaction in Lutherville, MD.

Jon Hamm is on the internets this week — joining Reggie Watts for a freestyle rap about the classic 70’s sitcom Taxi, and giving teen girls valuable advice from a grown man.  Meanwhile in Hollywood, Jon has become attached to play a sports agent in Million Dollar Arm.

Christina Hendricks talks to AMC about the show’s most shocking moment, Joan’s babies, and which character’s outfits she’d love to wear.  HuffPost TV claims Christina is one of TV’s 19 Most Awesome Gingers.

Elisabeth Moss tells Metro Peggy Olson is “the ultimate feminist” (for which she has a definition).

At THR, Tim Goodman misses Betty Francis.

Dish Network is treatening to drop AMC, claiming it was charging too much for its programming and that it also drew low ratings.  AdWeek notes: “Among the roster of cable networks that command a much higher carriage fee than AMC but do not deliver comparable ratings are a host of news and sports outlets, including CNN (54 cents), Fox News Channel (78 cents), CNBC (30 cents), NFL Network (73 cents), NHL Network (30 cents) and NBC Sports Network (28 cents). Dish Net carries all six of the aforementioned networks.” [Dish’s claim that streaming AMC shows on Netflix devalues them also seems weak, considering the streaming content is past shows that are believed to help build audience for new seasons. -KPaid Content explains why the Dish-AMC battle could get very ugly.

Jessica Paré was among those rocking the red carpet at the 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala in New York.  And in a late-breaking surprise, Jessica will be competing with Elisabeth Moss for the Drama Actress Emmy… if AMC has its way.

January Jones got friendly with Christie’s exec Loic Gozier at the Oceana benefit noted here last week.

Rich Sommer talks to the Examiner about the indie film Fairhaven.

Joel Murray (Freddy Rumsen) is profiled by the L.A. Times in connection with his first feature leading role — in Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America.

The Daily Caller worries about Sally Draper.

Don Draper vs… Don King?

The Paley Center’s Ron Simon asks whether Johnny Carson was TV’s ultimate Don Draper.

The Inlander’s Daniel Walters writes that Don Draper is no longer Mad Men‘s main character… and that’s a good thing.

Vulture slideshows Mad Men‘s Saddest Affairs.

A fake Mad Men finale script appears online.

Movieweb presents an “alternate title sequence” for The Walking Dead 2.5.

The L.A. Times profiles Joel Stillerman, head of original programming and production at AMC.

AMC has renewed Comic Book Men and Talking Dead.  The network also beat first quarter earnings estimates.

Forbes lists the Real-Life Mad Men (and Women) of 2012.

The Boston Globe’s Sarah Rodman loathes Mad Men; fans explain why the show is great and John Slattery deserves an Emmy.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  25 Responses to “Basket of News, May 5-11, 2012”

  1. For those of you who have comments on the use of colors of the show, you may enjoy an article that appeared in the Entertainment section of Time on May 10th called Dead Tree Alert: Mad Men Now in Color!

  2. WOW, several posters have commented that Jessica Pare has someone powerful behind her and it appears there may be some merit to that idea. I can’t believe that she’s being pushed for the Dramatic Actress Emmy by AMC right alongside Elisabeth Moss.

    Attempting to put Pare in the same league as Moss is incomprehensible to me! They are worlds — galaxies –apart in acting skill, in everything. Pare is in acting kindergarten while Moss is in graduate school in they way they plays their roles. I truly hope Pare gets the notice at the Emmys that she deserves: NADA. Nothing. Zero.

    Now if they had an Emmy for fake posing, they should submit Jessica’s name for that award.

    • I’m certain some Basketcase knows how this works. Just who or what would make this decision? Is it the studio, the network, the producers, or the actress?

      No matter who is responsible… this can only add to the anti-Megan feeling. Especially, if she was to win.

      Could it be that Ms. Pare has nothing to lose as something is going to happen to Megan in the final episodes and her time on Mad Men is coming to an end?

      • I believe the network decides how to get as many people nominated as possible. Supporting Actress already had Christina, January (who stepped down from lead) and Kiernan. So, to add Pare would’ve been a bit much and she wouldn’t have made sense as a Guest Star. She actually has enough screen-time to justify being lead–she even has more time than Elisabeth.

        Will she get nominated? Probably not. Lead is competitive and supporting would’ve been a better fit.

      • The article that the comment about Jessica Pare and the Dramatic Actress Emmy is linked to says AMC is pushing to put her in this category. That doesn’t mean she’ll get nominated but even the fact that AMC (if this is true) is pushed Jessica for this is ridiculous imo.

      • Really, her time is coming to end? From your lips to God’s ears.

  3. I love Inside The Actor’s Studio, but why no Elizabeth Moss? 🙁

    • I believe I read that they filmed this in March when Elizabeth Moss was out of the country for a role.

    • I have been looking forward to this. I heard about this months ago and am happy it is finally airing

      • James Lipton has been quoted (in fact I think he authored the article I read) that the taping took over six hours and that Kiernan was sequestered until about midnight. However, just as expected, she was a pro and “stole the show”.

  4. The Inside interview is a feather for Matt Weiner’s cap – and something of a first – the first television creator/writer/director to appear on the show.

    I did a quick check here:

    I don’t notice anyone else, primarily known as a TV Creator on that list.

    • There are several “Cast of [TV show]” listed: The Simpsons, Will and Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, Law and Order, Family Guy, Modern Family, Glee. I find it hard to imagine that a few of those didn’t also contain their showrunners. It’s possible that Monday’s will be memorialized by Wikipedia as “Cast of Mad Men”.

    • I had to work the night Actor’s Studio aired. Does anyone know if it will be repeated? I searched the net and Bravo’s schedule and could not find another air date. I even checked out youtube. Any suggestions. I’ve seen just promo clips but would really love seeing the show in it’s entirety. Thanks!

      • Not to worry Susan! It is scheduled to air for the first time Monday the 14th at 7 Eastern; and, being cable, numerous times thereafter.

      • Inside the Actors Studio episode with the cast of Mad Men will be shown for the first time on Bravo on Monday 14 May at 7 PM ET/PT

        Today is 12 May so you have not missed it!

    • Seth MacFarlane has created three successful cartoons, and he has been on the Actor’s Studio with one of his casts.

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