Fan Art Thursday: 16-Bit Zou Bisou Bisou

 Posted by on May 3, 2012 at 7:00 am  Fan Art, Mad Men
May 032012


Someone very clever at created this digital party at The Drapers! Note the tiny detals, like the teapot on the balcony and the gap in Lane Pryce’s teeth! And everyone’s so happy!

If this was a real game I’d snatch it right up!





  6 Responses to “Fan Art Thursday: 16-Bit Zou Bisou Bisou”

  1. That’s brilliant.

    Presumably someone put a teapot on the balcony because they were going to “have some tea” out there and the artist didn’t know that was period slang for smoking a joint.

  2. Harry in the boa! Stan & his sailor cousin! Hi Trudy and Pete! Hi Ken! And, ummm, hello you!

  3. I love the skyline.

  4. That’s so friggin sweet I just gained 3 lbs. I think the teapot is a pun. They could have said “Let’s smoke a bone” but I guess that’s too ’70’s. Not that I’ve ever heard of such a thing. Nope.

  5. I love this!

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