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Apr 302012

The Killing Openings Jamie

Oh, The Killing, why do you do this to me?

Look, you are a show with deficits, and you are a show with assets, so why don’t you understand how to play to your strengths?

What works best about this show is character development, and this week, you’ve given us precious little of that. Terry and Michael Ames: Not interesting. These characters haven’t developed, they’ve just whined and blustered. Nothing new to see here, move along. And to open the episode with that? Was that promising? Well, yes, in the sense that it promised what would come next: Dreck.

Michelle Forbes is a wonderful actress, and the teen actress is also good, but who didn’t see that robbery coming a week ago? Was there anything of value in that little digression? Somehow it will inspire Mitch to go home. Predictable. Terry thinks she and Michael had something special. Predictable a year ago. Gwen came back. Predictable. Darren is back in the race for mayor. Predictable and miraculous. Up and around and with his shit together SIX DAYS after a disabling gunshot wound. All the power players are together conveniently in one place. Almost too stupid to be predictable.

The best actors on this show had little to do this week. Linden mostly treaded water, Stan had a few moments, Holder was a side-note.

I’m back to not caring.


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  1. think I must have missed the “smart” discussion in this post

  2. This show gets more and more difficult to justify watching. Having only seen the preview of The Pitch, they should throw it on Sundays and fill time on Friday nights with The Killing. The show goes nowhere. It can’t really go anywhere by design, which is a great reason why they should be obsessed with character development. Everything about it feels like a whim and then poorly executed in that shallow process.

  3. Deborah, I admire your tenacity with this show. I only see the last few minutes of it each week while I’m waiting for Mad Men to start, with the volume turned off… and it’s always Linden in an ugly sweater brooding in the rain, and one of Rosie’s parents either sobbing or angry, and then a quick glimpse of Holder who I still think is cute. Same old.

  4. Have to agree with you & the other commenters, this show is really weak and unworthy of being on the otherwise great AMC lineup.

  5. I’m sticking with this show. When it’s good, it’s good, and I’ve invested a lot of time and I want to know who killed Rosie. Period. There are a lot worse shows on t.v. and if I don’t see the episode live, it’s always OnDemand.

    • I’m sticking too. This is the first episode this season I’ve been flat-out disgusted by.

      • I wish I could say the same, Deb. As above, thank you for staying with it. I look forward to your reviews to point out some possible positives that I missed.

        Your sentiments this week, have been mine since the 1st night. Sud’s closest people, who write the show and decide where and how this thing proceeds, are all female. Mad Men and Breaking Bad would not be any where close to as good as they are without MAJOR, MAJOR, female influences in the writer’s room, with production on how the women/girls/situations should proceed.

        Are the things above the only reason to have a female perspective very involved in these series? Hell, no. But, if you think I know ANYTHING about being a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter or much of anything from a female’s perspective, then this board isn’t as sharp as I thought it was. Thanks, again.

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