Basket of News, Apr. 7-13, 2012

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Apr 132012

Matthew Weiner talks to Deadline about his feature film directorial debut and longtime pet project, You Are Here. Jon Hamm’s name comes up also.

Wonderful photos taken behind the scenes at Mad Men by James Minchin III are online.

The Daily Mail carried a feature on the Speck murders for British Mad Men viewers.  Chicagoist has pics and an interview with Life photographer Art Shay.

Teyonah Parris talks to Vulture about the cast’s Don-Dawn pronunciations, the low count of non-white characters, and her bonding scene with Peggy.  She talks to Zap2It about her casting, researching the role, and her costuming.

JTA considers the Jewishness of Michael Ginsberg so far.

At the HuffPo, William Astore is irritated by the indoor salute to Greg Harris.

Forbes appreciates Peggy’s negotiating skills.

Vanity Fair notes that Seconal may have the opposite of its intended effect on kids like Sally Draper.

Slate has contending opinions on “Tea Leaves” and on blogging weekly recaps of TV shows.

Vulture considers the Bugles conundrum of General Foods and defends “Fat Betty.” The Kansas City Star polls “Who wore the fat suit best?”, but inexplicably leaves out Elisabeth Moss.

Elisabeth Moss talks to The Irish Independent about Peggy, upcoming roles, her divorce, Kiera Knightley, and more.  You don’t often see Elisabeth featured on a movie poster, but you do for the adaptation of On The Road.

Christina Hendricks talks Mad Men fashion and gingerness with Conan O’Brien.  Her plans to launch a line of swimwear is also back in the news.

John Slattery talks to AMC about being surprised by the show’s characters and how Roger Sterling might fit into the disco era.

Alison Brie is in a band named The Girls; you can watch a bit at Guyism.

Janie Bryant talks to GQ about the fashion style of Stan Rizzo… and a special pair of shoes.

Lana Horochowski told Us Weekly about the inspirations for Megan Draper’s make-up.

Zosia Mamet’s new role in Girls is highlighted at Wetpaint.

Lola Cherson, who worked in PR at Grey and Davis Advertising from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, watches Season 5 with The Atlantic Wire.

Thanks to Mad Men, “secretaries” are making a comeback.

George Hatza essays Don Draper and the power of inscrutability.

Grantland considers the end of Mad Men and the Masters golf tournament.

Black and White surveys Mad Men‘s Musical Moments.

The Sabotage Times has dogs that look like Mad Men characters.

The 700 Level has a Mad Hockey Promo.

E! Online tries to explain why all the good TV shows are on Sunday night.

Forbes covers what The Pitch left out.

Can men and women be friends? At Think Progress, Alyssa Rosenberg writes about TV friendships, including (possibly) Peggy and Don.

Lauren Cohan will be a series regular on the next season of The Walking Dead.

AMC is developing another series from another comics series by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, called Thief of Thieves.

Downton Abbey Season 3 teasers, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel.  Also: Downton Tech Support.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  21 Responses to “Basket of News, Apr. 7-13, 2012”

  1. The behind the scenes shots are gorgeous!

  2. 1. I didn’t feel that Michael is “too Jewish” as per the JTA article. He was nervous and people get very raw when they’re nervous. As he loosened up he got less “shtetl.” I agree that his quip to Don about Don’s own regional accent was a good zinger.
    2. Those screen shots of Christina are awful. I barely recognize her. She looks plain, with droopy cleavage.
    3. Interesting that Teyonah Parris’s grandmother worked in an office in the 60s and said it was no big deal. That echoes my own parents’ take on things. They attended integrated, public NYC high schools in the 30s/40s and, as they put it, “blacks and whites were always mixed together.” Not quite true across the board, but the “shock” is certainly perhaps less than MM makes it seem. What would be shocking would be a black professional. OTOH, we haven’t seen the reaction from the secretariat around SCDP. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some angry white girls feeling that their secretarial profession had been somehow demeaned and debased. Threatened.

    • Although I don’t doubt her grandmother, Lola Cherson (linked above) worked at Grey and suggests a number of ad agencies lacked blacks (outside the mail room) as late as 1972. Integration varied by industry.

    • The advertising industry was WAY behind other industries in terms of integration, and it was pretty scandalous.

      • I think publishing, the industry I worked in before advertising, had to be neck and neck with advertising on lacking in diversity. Also “white shoe” law firms. When I worked at a [name withheld] large publishing corporation in 1977, I ate with a lunch group we nicknamed the BJGs. That stood for Blacks, Jews and Gays. There weren’t many Bs,Js, or Gs, and it was a BIG company.

        • I worked in publishing, for a scientific magazine, in the ’80s. I can’t recall a single African-American except for receptionists.

        • My friend Tracy says she is “always the only woman of color in the editorial department”. In the companies where I have worked in communications, I notice that she seems to be correct.

          Which is why she’s getting that certificate in Programming. Can’t keep a good woman down, folks.

  3. Interesting that Teyonah Parris did not know how she got into the office until her own premiere party.

    Heads up for a lively and civil discussion on Col. Astore’s HuffPo piece.

    • So she wasn’t among the group presenting resumes in “A Little Kiss”?

      Her first scenes make the character look prim and ordinary (Just like Peggy in S1), as she would need to be to fit into an office setting as the token black, but see Teyonah’s website. She can be quite glamorous in person.

      Looking forward to seeing how this character develops.

    • I understand the Colonel’s concerns but I think he invests way too much in the premise that
      Greg Harris = the entire US Military presence in SE Asia and then the conclusion that MW’s possible critique of the Viet Nam war is represented in that premise.

      I’m with ya though, it’s a veritable tinderbox of civil discourse, the shrapnel of respectful dialogue should reach far and wide over there.

    • The retired USAF Lt. Col. is not correct about the indoor salute in “Mystery Date”

      At that time in 1966 such a salute was not required, but it also was not prohibited.

      It was the enlisted man who saluted first, which was his right. After that Captain Greg Harris was required to return the salute,

    • The explanation (I think) is Teyonah Parris was likely cast based on an audition scene, and “Tea Leaves” was shot before “A Little Kiss” so Jon Hamm could put in the extra work to direct the former.

      • Matt Weiner has also stated more than once that they shot Episode 503 “Tea Leaves” first when production resumed to take advantage of January Jones’ availability.

  4. The new HBO show with Zosia Mamet is called “Girls”, not “Girls on Girls”: somebody misread the Wetpaint headline.

    • “Girls” starring Zosia Mammet premieres on HBO on Sunday 15 April 2012. Check your listings for a showing which does not conflict with Mad Men. Yikes!!

      • It is getting OUTSTANDING reviews, so I suppose DVRs all around are in order.

      • It will be interesting to see how Zosia Mamet plays the very different character in “Girls.” I assume that her deadpan delivery in MM is the showrunner’s choice, but to me it’s rather off-putting.

    • I’ll fix that. Thx!

  5. Interesting (and brief) interview with John Slattery. He points out that Roger is being penalized for doing what he does best…entertain clients. Given all of the animosity between Pete and Roger, it is ironic that the solution is starring them both in the face. Roger is good at entertainment- bringing in clients and keeping them happy, which Pete hates. Pete on the other hand is excellent at managing the business side of the relationship, which Roger hates. They should team up. If they can put aside their animosity, they could be very successful working together. Just a thought.

  6. For those who want to see Sophia Loren sing Zou Bisou Bisou (in English?), TMC is running The Millionairess tonight (Sunday April 15) at 3 a.m. CDT.

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