Apr 122012

Today’s “Fan Art” is also a thrilling contest. Artist Caroline Wampole has done a haunting series of Mad Men paintings, and she is giving her work away to three lucky Basketcases!

Don Driving Limited Edition Print

“Don Driving” is the first prize. It is a limited edition print, 14″ x 11″
Paper: Somerset Double Weight Velvet 100% cotton rag
Ink: Epson Ultrachrome (archival to 90 years)
Normal selling price: $75

Mad Men Postcards

Mad Men Postcards

Two runners-up will win a set of 6 Mad Men Postcards, full color, printed on heavy thick paper, with gloss laminate finish.  They were printed with the best home printers of the year, that´s why they came out so great.
Normal selling price: $20/pack of 6

U.S. entrants only (sorry).
1 entry per person.
Winner selected at random.
Contest ends on April 26, 2012 at midnight (Eastern)

To Enter:
These are haunting images. Leave a comment below describing an image from Mad Men that haunts you.


  27 Responses to “Contest! Exquisite Limited Edition Prints and Postcards”

  1. Oh, those are fantastic!

    A haunting image from Mad Men: Definitely Greg raping Joan, poor Joan just lying there and focusing on something else.

  2. Wow…these are amazing — really beautiful work.

    There are so many haunting images from Mad Men, but my current favorite is from The Summer Man where Don is sitting at his writing desk in his village apartment with his left hand on his forehead and his elbow on his desk, his reflection in the window, the desk lamp on and you can just feel the weight on his shoulders as he tries to stop the downward spiral. He is done writing in his journal, he thinks about baby Gene’s upcoming birthday party and says, “He was conceived in a moment of desperation and born into a mess.”

  3. There are so many haunting images from Mad Men. The latest one for me was of Sally sleeping under the sofa after Grandma Pauline had given Sally Seconal.

  4. Incredible! And gorgeous! One image that haunts me is Sally waiting for Uncle Gene’s car that will never come, later having the door closed on her, and her eyes while watching the Bhuddist monk immolate himself.

  5. Beautiful!

    Haunting image: Pete, holding his rifle in his office, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, after Peggy told him that she had his baby and gave it away.

  6. The Wheel – closing sequence: Don comes home for Thanksgiving to warm welcome. Cut to Don entering empty house. We remember: Betty has taken children to her father’s home – Don had begged off.

  7. When I think of potential MM paintings, ( these are very cool,btw) it’s interesting that they are frequently people in a solitary moment. All of the above scenes, including the one Polly mentioned that I’ve already done, plus Joan riding the train, Roger sitting on a hotel bed, Peggy in the tub staring into space, Don looking at Midge’s painting. Moments of howling loneliness or quiet rumination.

  8. my haunting image: Lane’s father striking him with a cane. Shocking.

  9. I am still haunted by Duck putting his dog out into the streets of Manhattan.

  10. When Don is reliving memories during the wheel presentation. “Good luck at your next meeting.”

  11. Wrecked Betty, still in her party dress, sitting on her bed in her ransacked bedroom, exhausted.

  12. The priest, removing his collar.

  13. Mine is from Shoot, when Betty is shooting at the neighbor’s birds.

  14. An image that haunts me is when Gene hits on Betty in a bout of senility at a family gathering. It made me think he may have molested her in the past.

  15. The Grownups- when Carla sits down on the couch alongside
    Betty and lights a cigarette as they watch the news together.

  16. An image that has always stayed with me is from season 2. In “Three Sundays,” Father Gill hands Peggy the egg during the Easter egg hunt. So much is communicated in that tiny gesture.

  17. From “The Summer Man”, when Joey draws the lurid picture of Joan and Lane. Such juvenile and blatant sexism in such a malicious manner.

  18. Haunting images: Betty shooting at the birds with her shotgun at the end of “Shoot.” Betty’s hand through the car window when she tells Glen she’s so sad in “The Wheel.” Pete clutching his rifle after Peggy gave him the “I had your baby” speech in the season 2 finale.

  19. Don’s elderly neighbor asking his returning wife, “Did you get pears?” “We’ll discuss it inside,” she tells him. Funny, strange, unsettling, haunting.

  20. Don choking one of the women he slept with, then kicking her under the bed. Thank goodness is was only a dream…very creepy.

  21. My haunting image: The shadow that crosses Peggy’s face when she says “playgrounds” to Don.

  22. Beautiful works!

    When Mrs. Francis was “comforting” Sally, telling her in detail about the Richard Speck murders, showing her her big knife, etc. Sally says “I feel worse”. I don’t blame her!

  23. Pete and the Rifle, alone in the office during “meditations in an emergency”

  24. Gorgeous artwork!

    Some (there are so many!) Mad Men moments that haunt me:
    * After being ridiculed and shamed by Don, the moment when Betty’s left standing in the doorway in her new bikini, trying in vain to ‘cover up’ with her sheer cover-up.

    * When Greg rapes Joan in Don’s office. Her head held down and her eyes settling somewhere across the room (a strange echo to when Peggy turned and focused her gaze on a painting in the OGYN’s office in the very first episode).

  25. One that sticks in my mind is from Season Four. Joan on the bus coming home from the doctor’s office. The look on her face. We wonder if she has terminated the pregnancy or not. That moment reminds me of a Edward Hopper painting, how you can be among others but still alone.

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