Welcome (again) to Fan Art Thursdays

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Mar 292012

Hello all! And a special welcome to our newest readers! For all you newbies here, this is our weekly Fan Art column, which features fan art from the shows we review here, including  Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and more.   We post new art every Thursday, and you can access our archives with the pull down menu above (the second listing under Features). I look forward to bringing you beautiful and unique art from talented people every week, and nor just during the airing of our favorite shows, but all year long!  -Therese

Here’s this weeks art by John Cueno.  Even Bob Dylan is sneaking in!  (This is speculative, not factual, so no spoilers.)

The description reads “For an essay in The American Prospect speculating on future plot lines and cultural dissonance for the new season of Mad Men. Art Direction by Ms. Mary Parsons.”


  4 Responses to “Welcome (again) to Fan Art Thursdays”

  1. Fun! My two favorites on the show appear, Betty Draper and Bob Dylan (at least two of his songs have been used up to now – plus a couple of mentions by characters – though not Betty, I admit), so I can certainly enjoy this fan art.

  2. And it makes for interesting speculation too! Would Pete go for LBJ? Why would Roger kick a Mickey Mouse doll, unless he still hates that Don really fell for Megan at Disneyland!

  3. Love Dylan smoking a doobie and Don’s scary lighter. Good stuff.

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