Basket of News, March 17-23, 2012

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[Note: There are a couple of items left out of the BoN this week in observance of the Basket’s strict no-spoiler policy.  Indeed, one of the stories is fairly widespread, but addressed something which Matthew Weiner specifically did not want disclosed. Fortunately, we are not lacking for other news on premiere eve eve. It’s a Basket fit for a two-hour premiere,  –K]

T-60 hours!

First, this Mad Men Season 5 fan trailer may be better than what AMC produced and ought to get you pumped for Sunday (as if further pumping was needed):

E! Online has photos from this Sunday’s premiere. [Is it wrong for a man to squee? -K]

Did you watch Tuesday’s TimesTalk with Matt Weiner, Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser and Jared Harris?  And a cameo appearance from Roberta and Deborah Lipp?  It’s plenty tasty.  Some folks had issues with the Fora TV feed, so maybe the NYT version will work better.

Speaking of the Times, Stuart Elliot wrote a piece on the March Madness of Madison Avenue as marketers, agencies and media companies scramble to capitalize on the hoopla over the return of Mad Men

That NYT article mentions the special MM-themed issue of Newsweek — here’s the cover and Tina Brown’s intro.  The site’s highlights include Eleanor Clift outing Elisabeth Moss as a smoker at the outset of her article on Mad Men and Working Women, George Lois (not a big fan of the show, iirc) discussing the art of the sell, a gallery of vintage Newsweek covers and ads, and a second gallery about the news of the era… (Retro ads are coming back in reality, too.)

Matt, Jon, January, and John talked to the Daily Beast at a Newsweek-hosted soiree.

CNBC interviewed Matt & Co. when they rang the bell opening the NYSE, momentarily leaving Jim Kramer speechless.

Jon, Elisabeth, Vincent, John and Kiernan all have separate interviews at The Guardian. Matt and the Mad Men and Women also visited the Today Show to talk about the hiatus, Jon Hamm’s reality TV kerfuffle (Vincent has his back) and more.

Rock Center with Brian Williams visited the Mad Men set, with first-half contributions from production folks like Dan Bishop, Christopher Brown, Claudette Didul, Johnny Youngblood, Ellen Freund, Janie Bryant, and a second half with Matt Weiner.  Bonus clips feature Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, production assistant and researcher Allison Mann, and Matt Weiner. [I did not link to the aired segment because Brian Williams mentions that widespread spoiler, albeit in a mostly non-spoilery way. Suffice it to say that if you watch the bonus clips, you should be able to find the main segment yourselves. -K]

Mr. Weiner talks to HuffPo’s always-sharp Maureen Ryan (about the deconstruction of Don Draper and still more), as well as to Salon and The Telegraph (which has tidbits about his office).

Alan Sepinwall and Dan Fienberg talk about the Mad Men premiere episode (and The Walking Dead finale) in their latest podcast. And here’s Alan’s pre-review, the conclusion of which will be the ringing of a bell for all Basketcases.

The L.A. Times pre-review is pretty good and mentions the widespread spoiler in a totally non-spoilery way.

The Paley Center has launched a video postcard app to promote that party the Lipps and other Basketcases are attending Sunday.

The Atlantic studies the foreign language of Mad Men.

Jon Hamm talks to The A.V. Club and has breakfast with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where he talks acting, teaching, comedy and fame. He drops a little insight into Don Draper at the NYDN.

John Slattery talks to the Wall Street Journal about his latest film project.

Rich Sommer talks to the WSJ about the evolution of Harry Crane… and gets hit by a car at the Fargo Film Fest.

Christina Hendricks talks to Starpulse about Mad Men, moisturizer and moving.

Vincent Kartheiser talks to about Pete and when men start saying “no” to sex. He talks to Ad Age about Pete Campbell, reality TV, fast food, and social media. Plus, the downside of playing Pete.

January Jones returned to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, talked to Postmedia about Mad Men‘s most thankless role and working with Kiernan Shipka.  JJ also explained why she swore off camping.

Jared Harris talks to BuzzSugar about how he’s like Lane Pryce, and reveals which of his costars he spent downtime with in the off-season.

Robert Morse talks to TheaterMania about MM, wanting to be on Smash, and returning to Broadway.

Kiernan Shipka looked adorable at the Season 5 premiere, and talked The Hunger Games and fashion before PaleyFest.

Mason Vale Cotton, the new Bobby Draper did some red carpet interviews at the S5 premiere.

Janie Bryant talks to the New Orleans Times-Picayune about her approach to Season 5 and serving as a judge for Fashion Week New Orleans’ design competition.  Janie is also featured at The Coveteur (a site that previously profiled Kiernan Shipka). Plus, Janie talks to Metro about the Banana Republic MM spring collection.

Pop Culture Pirate remixes our Mad Women with The Supremes.

Variety vet Peter Bart asks whether Mad Men can sustain its edge through Season 7.

At the NYT, Elisabeth Donnelly writes about watching Mad Men with he mother.

Update: As a companion to that piece, try Sarah-Jane Collins on Mad Men and the Women Who Love Them.

Sally Draper is profiled by Slate, which also blurbs the 8-bit Mad Men videogame. [Basketcase Mike notes that most of the start-date spoiler is in the Sally Draper piece. This is what happens when you read dozens of pieces… you get desensitized. -K]

The Atlantic asks whether Don Draper is really a “creative genius.” [I think the show goes out of its way to show that he is not all genius and that sometimes, even his good ideas get rejected by clients. -K]

Xfinity will offer Mad Men over the internet to customers and non-customers alike.

How groovy will Mad Men get? ’60s experts make predictions.

The Associated Press surveys the NYC haunts name-checked in Mad Men where you can still drink. Basil Hayden’s debuts a new drink, the Draper’s Manhattan.

The Orange County Register relives Mad Men‘s 30 most shocking moments.

Vulture takes an artistic look at the future of Mad Men‘s characters. Canada’s National Post surveys Sterling Cooper Draper Vice.

Mashable looks at Mad Men tech.

The Walking Dead Season 2 finale set a ratings record for the network, clocking a truly impressive 9 million viewers.  It is the top-rated show in cable history among the adult demo.  E! Online shows how the walkers stand up against broadcast shows.

Breaking Bad returns in July — sooner than expected. So… Don Draper vs. Walter White: Who you got?

HBO Watch thinks Mad Men would have been better on HBO. [I couldn’t disagree more–D.]

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  37 Responses to “Basket of News, March 17-23, 2012”

  1. Whoa! What a basket of news.
    Anyone know if Matt Weiner has made any comments about the unfortunate release of spoilers? I hope he’s miffed, because I am.

  2. Aside from the Entertainment Weekly review, which was fairly spoilery but nothing that would ruin the show for anyone, the only “spoiler” I’ve seen is what year it is, based on the song that Matt pulled from the episode. I have to say, I don’t understand why it bothers people to know what year it is. Who cares? We know it can’t be too much past late 1965 based on Kiernan Shipka’s age. Does a few months matter here or there? It’s not like the year can reveal anything aside from the possible historical events that occurred during that time period. Otherwise… meh. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest knowing the year. Am I alone in that?

    • Knowing the date doesn’t bother me, but the Salon interview and the pre-reviews linked here make clear that Matt Weiner did not want the date revealed. So after consulting with Deborah, I omitted any direct link that gave a specific date.

      There was one other piece I ran acrosss that was waayyyyy spoilery. Filled with them. Not even gonna say where, but it wasn’t an obscure source. And there’s at least one high-profile omitted pre-review from someone who really ought to know better that alludes to at least one spoiler. People who know the history of the screener debacle know who I’m talking about.

  3. So much to watch, so little time….. the CNBC interview was enlightening, and I couldn’t help but notice how attentive Kiernan was during the business discussions. You can see why she’s such a good actress– she really listens.

    • Yes, the CNBC thing is great because it’s just so surreal. Kramer as gushing fanboy… the Lionsgate CEO talking business strategy while Kiernan peers intently at him from the bottom of the frame… Matt’s name getting mangled…

  4. It is true, ” so much to watch so litlle time”, some of the news shoked me, I’m going to follow up with those basket of the news to be always in the know.

  5. OMG that E Online photo of Pete & Trudy–the clothes!! That HAIR!! Cannot wait for Sunday nite!

  6. Thanks, Karl, for taking one for the team – digesting spoilers so we don’t have to.

    The Atlantic piece on the linguistic errors in Mad Men is top notch – and the comments mostly enhance the article – reminds me of a top notch Mad Men blog I happen to frequent.

  7. The Slate piece on Sally Draper does contain the start-date spoiler, if anyone is avoiding it.

  8. I may be making the biggest fool of myself, but oh well. I wrote most of this after watching “Tomorrowland” back in Oct ’10.

    So many things about the episode seemed so “off,” especially the “fantasy” or “dreamlike” aspects. Also, Don made so much emotional and psychological progress from “Summer Man” onwards and that all went out the window in “Tomorrowland. “

    And then I remembered the ending of the S1 finale. There are so many parts of S1 in S4. There’s the repeat of Don’s identity being revealed and Pete being the key player. Don again plans to run away after his identity may be revealed. The return of Midge. S1 ends with Thanksgiving, S4 starts with it. Don wins an advertising award and things fall apart afterwards (5G/Waldorf Stories, both hotels). Roger’s heart attack and then Don’s panic attack. It almost seems that S4 is a rearrangement and echo of S1.

    The first ending of the S1 finale shows Don returning to the house, Betty hasn’t left for Thanksgiving without Don, Don agrees to join her, and then Don hugs the kids. Movie perfect ending. But then the exact same scene of Don retuning to the house repeats itself. And instead of his family waiting for him, Don returns to an empty house. After seeing both endings, the audience assumes that the second ending is true. The main reason is that it is line with the reality of the season, that Don and Betty do not have a good marriage.

    So S4 could be a“mirror” season of S1. But instead of a season finale with a false ending and then real ending, could S4 have a false “movie perfect” season finale and then a real season finale in line with the reality of the season and guised as the premiere of the next season?

    I’m sticking to the “non spoiler” policy about what’s been revealed about the Season 5 premiere which has been screened and given to critics. But let me say this. Matt Weiner was totally screwed in the past by critics posting spoilers. MW now has a new contract and I believe $30million. It might be worth it to drop some cash to make a fake premiere and screw the spoiler critics right back.

    With that, here’s

    Was “Tomorrowland” a “fake ending”/S1 finale double ending/”Vanilla Sky”?

    I apologize for any problems with fonts and shading in the text.

  9. Matt and some of the cast were on PBS with Charlie Rose on Thursday 3/22.

    If you missed it, the show repeats on Bloomberg Television (check local listings for time/channel), or you can watch it online

    • Every serious Basketcase should spend an hour watching the Charlie Rose session. This was the most intelligent and thorough discussion of the characters and the story I’ve seen. The respect for the story and for their work demonstrated by Jon, January, Vincent, Christina and Matt shone through the entire hour and explains why viewers are so devoted to Mad Men.

      • Totally agree. This was an excellent forum with outstanding and new insights (at least for me).

        • I don’t think it was quite as good as the TimesTalk, but I think it’s been OKed for it’s own post Sunday morning.

  10. Update: Alan Sepinwall also published his non-spoilery interview with Vincent Kartheiser today. Good insights.

  11. A basket, bucket, and barrel full of news!

  12. It’s already pretty nice to have a roundtable conversation with Matt and some of the key cast members, but when you add Charlie and Gayle – two people who are fans, who really know the show – well, it just doesn’t get any better.

  13. It’s just killing me that I don’t have cable or satellite, nor do I have local friends with it.

    To keep away from the Basket tomorrow (and until I see the first episode) is going to kill me, too.

  14. I’m listening to the Matt Weiner interview on today’s Fresh Air ( and just reveling in his giggle.

    Does he have a delicious giggle or what?!

    • From the MW NPR interview:

      “Powerful men in particular seem to want to be controlled sexually. … I think what you’re seeing is that they do have a vibrant sex life, and she is controlling that part of it, and he likes it. ”

      Hmmmmm…… it was a pretty powerful man making that statement.

  15. I’m surprised no one mentioned Jon Hamm’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy (he was on the night after January). Good interview and they played water war together. 🙂

    I tried to add it to the user submitted news but could not. 🙁

    • If there’s a problem with the Submit News feature, be sure to let us know.

      • My thing is the ‘author and email portion’. I can post a link’s URL and summary and title, but when it comes to author name and email I get stuck and cannot find it.

        • Yes, this was confusing to me too. Does “author” mean the actual writer or does it mean the person who posted the link and his/her email?

          • Yeah that’s my concern. I’ve wanted to post a few different things but cannot find author email to save my life, and it will not let me post without it. 🙁

            FYI to anyone, the Jon Hamm Late night with Jimmy episode is still on HULU in its entirety (for those who are in the States). After tomorrow it will be gone as HULU only keeps five episodes at a time.

        • That’s YOUR name and email, Aurora.

  16. Unrelated- But Deborah and Roberta- do you have any pics to share from Sunday’s party?

  17. Oh, so all I have to do is post my username and email. I kept looking for the author of the articles. lol

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