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Mar 222012

We are SO excited to announce the Mad Men Moments video essays series at the Press Play Video Blog on Indiewire.

Kevin Lee and our very own Deborah Lipp co-produced this six-video series. There’s one “moment” for each season, plus, you, the Basketcases, helped write the fifth video! That’s right, our Open Thread on favorite Mad Men moments is what gave us the fifth video, a Top Five fan favorite countdown, and five wonderful Basketcases wrote an introduction for each top moment. The sixth video is a tribute to the entire series which flows from one mood to the next and really encapsulates a lot of the mystery of Don Draper…and other things.

Deborah also has additional writing credits, as the primary author on the Season 2 video and co-author (with Kevin Lee) on Season 4.

And as an additional treat, voiceover artist Roberta Lipp provides the narration for three of these videos.

(Also, this is your “fan art” for today. Enjoy!)

UPDATE: There is a technical problem with the videos when viewed from a mobile device. They cut off early. We’re working to fix it ASAP. They are working fine from computers.

UPDATE 2: We will be putting them up as embedded videos as soon as we have a minute. Promise.

UPDATE 3: The videos are now loading fine, have better audio, and have a separate link for mobile devices.


  8 Responses to “Mad Men Video Essays”

  1. Only had time to see the first one; it was absolutely awesome!!

    I was immediately overcome by an urgent thirst for a Wolfschmidt gibson* and a Lucky.

    Excellent work all around! Can’t wait to indulge the Roberta vocals after a wet lunch.

    *Remember people! It takes three ingredients to make a cocktail. Vodka and Mountain Dew is strictly one of those Libations in an Emergency.

  2. Deb, Roberta: congratulations. This is lovely, a look back and a look forward at once.

    Thank you so much for letting me participate in this project. Can’t wait for Sunday. Kisses!

  3. Wonderful! Watching now.

    BTW did anyone see the new season 5 photos on AMC? The clothes in one of the scenes are delicious.

  4. These are fabulous, all of them. Good job! And thanks! See you Sunday night…

  5. Deb and Roberta,

    I LOVED the “Sad Clown Dress” video essay on the enigma that is Betty Draper Francis. I know that lots of viewers don’t like, understand and/or get that character, but I really do. There’s something about how that character is written and the things that has happened to her and how she reacts (negatively and/or positively) to them, that makes me sympathize with how limited (and out of control) she feels in her supposed “perfect life”.

  6. I’m always puzzled about the “I don’t like him/her” statements about the characters. These are living, breathing characters. I still aver I’ve never seen anything quite like it on television–not that I watch everything that’s on, but I’ll just say that I’m amazed at how I go from not liking a character on Mad Men to to saying “Huh, there’s more to this person than I thought”. And I mean that about Pete, Betty, Harry, Don, and all the rest of them. After a year in Morocco (and I’m moving back there to teach in 2 months), I’ve come to the conclusion that people have WAY more in common than they don’t, and this includes the spectra of good and bad, sacred, and profane, honesty and duplicity. We really are alike under our skin. And that ain’t necessarily good. Or bad. But I’m sure it’s the essence of our humanity.

  7. Still watching (didn’t get to watch all of it yet) but great stuff!!!

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