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Mar 192012

Here’s a treat for you all! A gallery of the Season 5 press kit, with HUGE pictures suitable for wallpaper. There will be more galleries tomorrow and Wednesday.


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  1. Is there a way to click through these without having to go back to the post to select each one? Thanks.
    And — where is Joan’s baby??? Is this after it’s born — or what? I NEED TO KNOW!!!! Six more days.

    • These are press kit pictures, they are not stills from episodes, so you can’t draw any conclusions from them.

      Right click and choose “open in new tab/window.”

      • ? Why no Jessica Pare??? Betty is not in these pictures,presumably because she didn’t work in the office, but Megan did.

      • Yes but. Surely in Matt Weiner-Hyper-About-Continuity-Land, if Joan is pregnant on the show, she’d be pregnant in the stills? I haven’t done the math about months because I don’t feel like I know the month we ended in S4 ore where S5 will pick up.
        She sure looks good, though!

        • Matt’s not going to give away anything plot-related in the press photos. I don’t think you should read anything at all into these photos. There may be an overall theme, and if there is I can’t tell, but otherwise, you’re not going to learn much from what Matt allows us to see.

        • Surely in Matt Weiner-Hyper-About-Continuity-Land

          Trumped by Matt Weiner-There-Will-Be-No-Spoilers-Land.

  2. Joan’s appearance is a clue to the setting of S5. She was about 3mos along with S4 ended. Add 6 mos until birth, then about 2 mos maternity leave and maybe another month or so to fully regain her figure. Add it up, and we are in summer 1966.

    • Please remember these are PRESS photos. Look at this S4 press photo: http://www.madmensecret.com/ and note that none of these dresses appeared during S4.

    • @rl1856
      Roberta is absolutely correct. Plus…keep in mind as you do your timeline, that “maternity leave” did not exist back then. Women either left the workforce after having a baby, or they went without pay after any sick leave or vacation time was used up – or they came right back to work if they could get someone to watch the baby. And of course how fast a woman gets back (if ever) to her pre-baby figure can vary dramatically from woman to woman. so Matt still has us guessing…

  3. The one joy I did not expect is the return of Stan Rizzo. I shall celebrate by wearing a knit shirt.

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