Basket of News, Mar. 10-16, 2012

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Mar 162012

The news cycle escalated quickly mid-week,to put it mildly.  BoK fave Maureen Ryan has a twopart interview of Jon Hamm by , covering the Season 5 posters, directing, Don, Peggy, Betty, Joan, the ways in which Mad Men is and is not like The Wire and more.  Maureen Ryan also scored an interview with Matt Weiner.

Jon is not only directing a bit this season, but is also a producer.

Matt, Jon, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser and Jared Harris all talk to TV Guide about gearing up for the season and famous fans of the show.

Matt, Jon, John, Vincent, Jared and Rich Sommer talk to Entertainment Weekly, as do Elisabeth, Christina and January.  [Many of the same questions to the Mad Men and Women, giving it a bit of a Newlywed Game vibe. -K]

ABC’s Nightline visited Mad Men — here’s the aired segment.  But wait, there’s more! Chris Connelly toured the SCDP offices with Matthew Weiner (and…)
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Plus, video interviews with bus-riding Vincent and slouchy Slattery.  ABC also talked to Jon, John and January about the show’s fashion.  Furthermore, a slideshow and a cute bit about the actors’ real life loves.

Rock Center with Brian Williams teases its MM piece coming March 21.

The PaleyFest panel on Mad Men is not streaming at Hulu… yet.   However, there are lovely pictures at Livestream and a clip at the Paley Center.  There are also capsule recaps from Alan Sepinwall and BoK’s SueBJanuary Jones talked MM, The Hunger Games and motherhood with Access Hollywood.

Fora TV will live stream a similar chat with Matt, Jon, January, John, Jared and Vincent, moderated by New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff, next Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 p.m. ET.

It seems like forever, but there have been at least 10 TV shows that were off the air longer then Mad Men.

The HuffPo goes overly Zapruder on last week’s MM promo photos.  Roger Friedman has more Season 5 episode titles and a wee little spoiler.

Jared Harris talks to The Independent about Jon Hamm’s directorial debut, his hell-raising father, beating Brad Pitt and Daniel Day-Lewis to film roles, and the harrowing sadness of his divorce.

John Slattery is the cover of this year’s GQ Style Bible, which launches an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Alison Brie confirms Trudy returns for more Mad.

More Hamm?  Jon talks to the Daily Mail about life before fame, his parents’ death and overcoming depression. [And wears a funny suit -K]  He also talks about his looks… and Christina’s looks.

And then there was this: Jon told Elle UK, “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f**king idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re rewarded significantly.”  IIRC, he’s made similar remarks before.  This time, Kardashian responded, calling his remarks “careless.”  Jon replied, “What I said was meant to be more on pervasiveness of something in our culture, not personal, but she took offense to it and that is her right.”  ExtraTV has related video, with a little more MM teasing.

Jennifer Westfeldt talks to GQ about sex, marriage, and living with the Legend of Don Draper.

The San Francisco Chronicle has pics from the Mad Men Season 5 premiere in L.A.

The Walking Dead showrunner Robert Kirkman talks to Michael Ausiello about last week’s shocker and teases the Season 2 finale.

AMC released another Mad Men trailer. [Imho, not as strong as the others. -K]

Pop Culture Pirate remixes QueerMen: Don Loves Roger.

Esquire’s Elizabeth Gunnison tried the Roger Sterling Diet.

Suddenlink Communications subscribers avoided losing access to AMC Networks programming.

Slate hosts a discussion of Mad Men and Black America.

Jane Maas talks to AdWeek about her Mad Women book, which is excerpted by Ad Age.

Nelle Engoron let us know her ebook, Mad Men Unmasked: Decoding Season
, is available for $2.99 (or free for Prime members) on the Amazon Kindle Store.  There’s a free sample available also.

Meredith O’Brien found Greg Smith’s splashy New York Times op-ed, “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs,” similar to Don Draper’s splashy NYT ad, “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco.” [She only alludes to the common narcissism. -K]

Gather covers a Mad Men wedding.

Matt Weiner sold his house.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  21 Responses to “Basket of News, Mar. 10-16, 2012”

  1. My advice to those who want to be spoiler free, be careful reading anything between now and next week, because so many of the critics who’ve seen the first ep are dropping hints and spoilers left and right, that just reading the byline of an article has given me a few spoilery bits! Ahhhhhhh.

    I’m totally intrigued by this quote from Elisabeth Moss about Peggy – I’m dying to see if I can pinpoint this moment when it happens: “There’s definitely a moment this season that I will be really, really interested to see what people’s reactions are. And that episode involved my favorite scene that I have ever done in the show.”

    • How is that possible? I thought MW was no longer releasing screeners after the massive spoilers the New York Times posted last season.

      • I know, I thought they didn’t give them out either! But Entertainment Weekly gave it an A- (I peeked then quickly looked away) and when I did my usual Mad Men google search, a few outlets were giving reviews. So….tread carefully!

        • Press may have been at Wednesday’s premiere.

          • No, the critics did receive screeners of the premiere late last week. Not really surprising, you don’t forego the free publicity critics give you after being off the air for a year and half just because you’re afraid they might reveal what year it is.

      • I’ve read that they gave out advance CDs of the first episode (probably means first 2 hours) ONLY, and there won’t be any more. Alan Sepinwall reported this, and says his first review will therefore be on Sunday evening just after it ends, but all further reviews will likely be on Monday mornings.

        Given that Matt Weiner has also given a huge, two-part interview to the NY Times, he’s clearly being somewhat forgiving and trusting, after hat happened last time. The NYT interview was to someone completely different, however, and I expect nothing was sent to the klutz who spilled the beans last time.

      • It’s screeners for the premiere only, as far as I can tell. Anyone who got a press kit got a screener.

  2. Great finds this week, thanks for posting. I loved those “Nightline” pieces and just set the DVR for the Rock Center episode. I love all the attention our show gets when it’s about to premiere.

    • Glad you enjoy it! I also enjoyed the Nightline stuff — and almost missed it — but when Deborah sent me the other ABC News links, the NL stuff came up as related.

  3. My chief takeaway from Hamm getting a producer credit: He really wants an Emmy.

    • I would also think it’s a way of paying Jon for work that does not raise the overall salary level for the cast, too.

  4. I found the Independent interview with and profile on Jared Harris, and the Slate articles on the treatment of race in Mad Men both very interesting reading.

  5. Jon’s comment about Kim Kardashian is considerably less “careless” than her decision to get married for a total of seventy-two days. IMO.

    • How long was Elizabeth Moss married for?

      • Elisabeth, I mean. Where’s the edit button?

      • According to the Wikipedia entry about her, she and Fred Armisen became engaged in January 2009 and were married on October 25, 2009. They separated in June 2010. She filed on September 20, 2010 and the divorce was finalized on May 13, 2011.

        I don’t know how the timing of all that fit, in terms of the S-4 shooting schedule, but when I was watching her scene in the bathroom crying, I wondered if she drew upon real life difficulties for that scene. (sorry if this last part is “gossipy,” but I really did wonder)

        • It was widely reported that production of MM Season 4 wrapped just before Labor Day 2010. I have never read the dates “The Suitcase” was being filmed.

  6. The press are only getting the premiere. After that they have to watch it as we do.

    While I was reading Greg Smith’s piece I thought of Don’s as well.

    I am not gonna watching Mad Men on TV this year: I’m gonna get the iTunes pass. I guess I could have cable and watch Ma Men and DVR Game of Thrones at the same slot but that’s really the only thing I would watch, and it doesn’t really justify the money I would pay. It’s not exactly on topic but since HBO’s so reluctant at putting their show online, I have to live without it and they won’t be able to get my money.

  7. If you don’t do Kindle, Nelle Engoron’s very thoughtful blogs may be accessed at

    (See: I hope I did the url right this time.)

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