What are you doing this weekend?

 Posted by on February 23, 2012 at 1:00 pm  Lippsisters.com
Feb 232012

We will have an Oscars Open Thread right here, going up well before the red carpet, to discuss movies, gowns, and the broadcast. This will be instead of our usual Sunday Mad Men open thread.

See you then!


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  1. The highlight of my weekend will be attending the Independent Spirit Awards ceremony on Saturday, 25 February. Those will be shown on cable, so check your local listings.

    Immediately following the ISA ceremonies the editing equipment rental firm of which I am a partner will be sponsoring a party hosted by Terry and Sandra Marsh. He is an Oscar-winning production designer and she has been a leading agent for film editors and production designers for many years. When we took over the sponsorship, we moved the venue from the Marsh home in Malibu to our building in Santa Monica. This is much closer to ISA site and is in an industrial zone, so no worries that our party normally runs until dawnish on Sunday.

    Sunday I will sleep-in. Eventually I will have a late brunch with AMPAS member pals who will not attend the show. We will be holding our own Oscar watching party in a meeting facility close to the DGA building in West Hollywood.

    After all those parties I will be resting until the Mad Men launch parties on 25 March.

    • There will also be live streaming:

      NowLive, a live event production and streaming company, to produce and livestream the official 2012 Film Independent Spirit Awards Arrivals Show. The awards ceremony will be held at the Santa Monica beach on Saturday, February 25th.

      Film Independent, together with NowLive will stream the star-studded arrivals exclusively on Yahoo! Movies (http://movies.yahoo.com) to its audience of more than 26 million US users, across the web, mobile and iOs devices. The online broadcast will offer an exclusive, real-time experience designed to put viewers in the middle of the action.

      Red Carpet Online Broadcast Available Only on Yahoo! Movies at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET

      Awards Ceremony to premiere later that night exclusively on IFC at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT


  2. C Carroll, how wonderful! Enjoy the awards and parties, and drive safely! You lucky duck!

    I’ve had a busy week,(heck, month!) with my 11 year old (Matt) in his 5th grade production of ‘Seussical Jr.” He plays a Who and Vlad Vladikov, the vulture who steals the clover with the Who-Ville speck on it. I finished making his wings yesterday. But every day this week has been a rehearsal after school, and he’s tired! I finished painting and decorating the Who-Ville set that I designed, and the kids will have 3 shows next week. I’m so excited for them,but it’s bittersweet, since, this may be the last 5th Grade operetta for a long time because of school budget cuts (which strikes me as odd, since we had no budget on this, we paid for all the sets & costumes ourselves). Alas.
    So on Saturday, Matt has one last rehearsal in the morning, and my husband and other son Steve (14) will do our usual Saturday housework, listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” and I have some photobooks and other artsy projects I’m working on. I’ll be making a cake for my Mom’s Birthday 92nd Party on Sunday! Sunday night, I’ll probably watch the first hour of the Oscars (go ‘Artist’!) record the rest and watch it later. I want everyone to bed on time Sunday, it’ll be another busy week!

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