Open Thread: What do you want to see on Mad Men?

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Feb 192012

At 6am and 7am (Eastern) today, AMC will rerun the Mad Men episodes The Gypsy and the Hobo and The Grown Ups. These are pivotal episodes, the first, “resolving” a long-open plot thread, and the second, depicting a historical event in a unique way.

What plot thread would you like to see resolved? What historical event would you like to see depicted?



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  1. I want to see some resolution for Don/Betty….especially after that kitchen scene in the S4 finale.


    I would like to see the ‘man on the moon’ – if they show makes it to 1969

  2. Minor Plot Threads:
    – Pete & his mother. I know, I know, there’s no water in that well. But I’d like to see how his life as a father changes his perspective on his life with is family. I don’t think it will make him feel any better about them but maybe he can put that behind him completely.
    – Peggy & her family. I just love Elizabeth Moss’ Brooklyn “Ma”. Don’t ask me why. I’d still like to see some approval there some day.
    – I want to see Glen Bishop back (but not this season, S6 maybe). I like him — I may be alone in this.

    I’m afraid Carla is getting the Sal treatment.

    Major Plots:
    – I want Peggy to find some happiness in love. I know I’m not going to get this.
    – I want Betty to see Dr Edna. I’m not getting this either. But I do want her to find some road to recovery. I don’t want her to be a bitter woman the rest of her days and she sure comes across that way.

    Historic events:
    – The war in Vietnam is heating up and so are protests and contentious objectors
    – Civil Right riots
    – Moon race

    Pop Culture
    – Motown and Simon & Garfunkel
    – Star Trek starts
    – Barbara Streisand is big
    – All those WONDERFUL Christmas specials – The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Rudolph.

    Okay, my childhood is showing.

    • Peggy seemed pretty happy with Abe, last I looked.

      I would bet we’ll see Glen back, maybe in season 6 or 7, when he can drive. I think the actor will be available.

      I’d like to see how Vietnam affects everyone. Greg will have the most exposure to it, of course. Joan seemed to think a lot of the young guys would be drafted, but maybe that was her trying to psych them out; she was pretty mad at Joey just then.

      Don worried Vietnam would become another Korea. Roger hasn’t weighed in, but I’d expect him to be more gung-ho.

      New York was a city in decay, and it was buffeted by street crime, garbage and transit strikes that drove that home. There were race riots around the outskirts of town in the Long Hot Summer, and a huge one that destroyed large parts of Newark.

      • I like Peggy and Abe as a couple. Personally I’m hoping for a meet the parents/family dinner. Abe meeting Peggy’s family, or Peggy meeting his family.

  3. I’m dying to know about the genesis of Anna and Don’s relationship. The scenes depicted in Mad Men thus far indicate that Anna hunted Don down in the car dealership, accusing him of stealing her husband’s identity, and wanting to know where her husband was (“The Mountain King”). Then Don visits Anna, and it appears they have a very close long-standing relationship. The remaining episode with Anna (“The Good News”) reinforces this close relationship, and the fact that Niece Stephanie and Sister Patty both know who Don is, and accept him (although it’s clear that Patty never liked Don). How and why did Anna come to love Don so much???

    I’m also anxious to see how Sally evolves (or not) amidst the Sixties era that will surely unfold in the remaining 3 seasons.

    • It’s not really an event (more of a movement) but I’d love to see what sort of role the counter-culture plays. I know all of the SCDP crowd is too old for it, but Peggy could be invited to a meeting through Joyce or Abe. Older siblings of Sally’s friends would also be about the right age for protests/teach-ins.

  4. Bert! It’s hard to picture him going away that quietly.

    And I think they need to have an acid trip this year. Peggy is the most likely candidate, which is probably why they’ll give it to someone else.

    • It can’t be Don. He needs to stay in control. Pete would be an interesting choice, but I’m not sure why he’d try it, or how he would even get it.

      • I’m thinking someone spikes the punch bowl at an office party. Sounds like something Stan would do.

  5. I’d like to see Father Gil come back. I bet he’d be a ‘radical priest’. You just know he’ll introduce folk masses. I want to see who ended up with Pete and Peggy’s son. Summer of Love with Sgt. Pepper at the helm of pop culture. It would be fun to see Bobby watching Star Trek or Batman. Maybe Sally will want go-go boots (to walk all over Betty!)

    • Amen, to the idea of bringing back Father Gill. Maybe he’ll become be a radical priest, like anti-war icons Father Phillip Berrigan & Father Daniel Berrigan or Father James Groppi, a civil rights activist in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

      Better yet, maybe Father Gill would do what a priest in our parish did in the late 60s, he quit the priesthood and got married to a woman in the congregation.

      I always thought there was a certain spark between Peggy & Father Gill.

      • I lived in Milwaukee until 1970 and we heard plenty about Father Groppi. Although he was 11 years older than I, we grew up in the same neighborhood, and his Wikipedia entry mentions many locatiions I remember from my childhood. He was very active in the civil rights movement and a force for good not well appreciated at the tme.

        In fact he did finally leave the priesthood, married and had three children.

  6. I’d like to see Betty explore the roots of her anger. It’s pretty clear that she has some deep-seeded rage issues and her hinting at wanting to talk to a child psychologist shows she probably is begging for some kind of big outpouring of the feelings she’s buried deep down (the most obvious being how dominant male figures have treated her badly over the years).

    I feel like we’re on the cusp of some big revelation with Betty but we’ve not gotten there yet.

    I want to know more about Don and Joan’s past together.

    I also want to know: is Sal ever coming back? I think we all miss his character intensely.

  7. When Don’s open letter about tobacco ads appeared in the NY Times, he made it clear that some in the agency wouldn’t see it for what it was – an ad for SCDP.

    What I’d like to see is a resolution/expansion of that plot development, by showing SCDP as a creative source/force in the advancement of the new look/new feel of ads – in print and on TV – as we move further into the 1960s.

    This might also be a source for some tension in the show, as Don has noted previously that he “sells products, not advertising”. Perhaps the light will go on for him this season, as he gets that advances in the look of ads can lure consumers “into the tent” and result in more sales of the products he represents.

    This trend becomes increasingly relevant as the Baby Boomers become more influential in the marketplace of commerce and of ideas. In the end, I’m sure that Don will be onboard with this, but I’ll bet we see Peggy and Pete playing a big role in bringing him along.

    • To give you an idea of what I’m referring to in my post (above), here are 2 links with examples of the kinds of commercials I’m talking about.

      – check out the 1966 & 1967 spots …

      – a popular afternoon ABC network program aimed at they younger set was “Where the Action Is”. Here are some commercials seen within that show …

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