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Feb 122012

Today’s Mad Men re-runs on AMC are Souvenir, Wee Small Hours, and The Color Blue. Costume figures more heavily than usual in these: Souvenir has Betty’s Italian makeover and a telling Bonwit Teller dress; The Color Blue has a significant scene while Don and Betty are getting dressed. “Doesn’t Mommy look pretty?” Discuss your favorite costumes.


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  1. Favorite costume ever…..

    Betty’s Italian make over won me over the moment I saw her sitting at the cafe outside (apparently it won a lot of people over). Her whole attitude changed to match her new outfit – she was no longer caged housewife Betty, but the flirty Italian beauty who fought off men with a stick. lol

  2. I love Betty in Italy. She is breathtakingly gorgeous. What makes the scene really great is the way she and Don interact with each other. It was great dialogue.

    • Betty in Italy is gorgeous but I’m not a fan of the eye makeup. Love the dress, love the confidence. I’m so-so on the up-do. Love the jewelry

      • Agree about the up-do. I guess it was supposed to be Continental and avant-garde but I thought it just looked weird.

  3. I LIKED the Bonwit Teller dress. I suppose I’m old fashioned but I thought it was pretty. My mother used to call me a magpie- attracted to shiny things.

  4. My favorite is still Trudy’s “Hostess Sno-Ball” pregnancy nightie from Hands and Knees. I often wonder how long it took before Alison Brie could wear that thing without busting up laughing (along with everyone else on the set).

    But Betty’s outfit from Color Blue has special significance, in that it’s the first time we’ve seen her get all dressed up to “wow” and not enjoy it. Anyone who still thinks January Jones can’t act needs to watch her during that entire scene, from the time she comes out in the dress until the end of the episode; she doesn’t say a word, and she doesn’t have to.

    • Oh how I love the snowball nightie. I laugh every time. She looks so darling. How can you not love Trudy and that pout?

      IA about the Something Blue dress on Betty.

    • My absolutely favorite dress from the entire series is Trudy’s party dress in Flight One, that deep plum bodice with that crazy plaid skirt.

  5. Favorite Betty Dress: The Shoot dress (black and white w/ pink slashes of color), runner up is a dress she never wore on the show but in photo shoots (the S4 gallery, off-white dress)
    Favorite Peggy Dress: The black-checked number from The Inheritance, runner up green dress w/ white hat & gloves in The Beautiful Girls
    Favorite Joan Dress: Red bow Christmas dress — Roger was right, runner up Navy Blue w/ white trim ruffled collar Chrysanthemum and the Sword
    Favorite Trudy Dress: White w/ black polka dot suit, The Hobo Code, runner up Snowball nightie

  6. The clothes in the Italy episode strike me as just gorgeous metaphors for Betty’s state of mind. She’s “housewife” before she leaves, “international model” in Rome, in that magical black number, then when she returns, still feeling and dressing in that Pucci (or Pucci-esque) dress to visit with Francine she’s clinging to the feeling of “international model” – but nobody notices the dress. She interacts with her family, with Francine….you can tell she’s looking for SOME kind of comment on such an avant-guarde look, but everyone falls back into their Ossining roles. Her mood unravels right before our eyes, as we realize that she felt a change within her in Italy that she had the fantasy that it might be permanent, but she comes home to her fully domesticated life, where she’s expected to be a housewife, mother, and gossipy neighbor, but NOT a glamorous model type. I imagine that after Francine’s visit, she goes up to her room and either carefully removes the Pucci and tucks it into the the back of the closet with a deep sigh, or rips it off and stuffs it into the hamper – either way, she then puts on a housecoat and slippers and sits the kids in front of the TV. It’s heartbreaking.

    • My heart breaks a bit for Betty too in that scene. It’s not that Don isn’t trying. In fact Don’s gesture and enthusiasm is made of win post holiday. It’s just that Betty realizes how deeply she misses the glamorous model life.
      Her life in Ossining IS mundane. But this is not due to Don. Her life w/ Henry is just as mundane. No, the real issue is that Betty was not fully formed when she got married and had kids. She was playing out her role and consistent with both society and her mother’s expectations but Italy reminded her that she had a lot more to her life than Ossining. I don’t think it’s within her to make lemonade out of these lemons, however. She’s not sure enough of who she is and what she wants. She needs more Dr Edna time.

      • It’s true, I think Souvenir is the first time Don has ever realized that Betty needs something he can’t give her; he gave her a taste of it, but she wants more, and she can’t have it. So of course he escapes into Suzanne’s bed instead of realizing how much deep dookie his marriage really is in. I at first thought Don wanted to get caught, that when she confronted him about the Box of Doom he’d tell her he’s tired of the lies and he’s in love with someone else anyway. But instead, he begged her to stay. He truly had no clue that all Betty needed was one last straw.

  7. Yes, and Betty’s response was so lacksadaisical, when Don proffers the “souvenier”.. :O(

  8. Pete’s tennis shorts in the episode when they are pitching to American Airlines

    You don’t know he is wearing them, then stands up, and there he is in is weekend boy shorts. Great comedic timing.

  9. My favorite Peggy outfit is the navy blue dress with the red accents. I also love the black and white houndstooth. I want every outfit in Faye Miller’s closet.

  10. I love the dress Betty wears for her fundraiser in Wee Small Hours, when she’s expecting to meet Henry.

    My favorite Trudy dress is the blue one she was supposed to wear to Margaret Sterling’s wedding – Alison Brie looked breathtaking in her getup.

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