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 Posted by on February 5, 2012 at 9:35 am  Season 3
Feb 052012

Oops, did it again, had a busy Saturday afternoon followed by a rip-roarin’ Saturday night and forgot to leave this thread for Sunday morning. I hope you enjoy a slightly delayed edition.

Today’s AMC re-runs of Mad Men were The Fog, Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency, and Seven Twenty Three. The obvious thing these three have in common is experimental form.

What’s your favorite incidence of experimental form on Mad Men?

What’s your favorite non-Mad Men instance of experimental form on TV or in the movies?


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  1. Not sure if this counts as experimental form, but I remember watching the opening to “Out of Town,” when Don has a wee-hours flashback to the events and people surrounding his birth, and thinking “Waitaminute—how can he flash back to things that he certainly wouldn’t remember (some of which he wasn’t even yet alive for).”

    But oh well. It’s TV.

    • I never got how he saw that, even AFTER listening to the commentary. I just rolled with it but wasn’t thrilled.

    • It’s not a flashback, but a reverie. It’s what his mind’s eye sees as he boils the milk on the stove, as he muses on his real birthday.

      • Yeah, I figured Don was just piecing together in his mind what he’d been told about his origins, and maybe embellishing it a bit. I doubt his dad (or anyone else) ever actually told him about the “hog fat” thing, but he must have heard something like it somewhere else. Remember, Don is a very, very gifted storyteller!

      • Excellent point. And Meowser is right … gifted storyteller indeed.

        Where’s his Great American Novel?

  2. So I’m a little fuzzy on “experimental form” but I’m going with non-traditional for Mad Men? Certainly the the drug-induced walk in the Fog and the in-media res of Seven Twenty Three. The graphic gag in Guy…?

    Favorite incident of experiment form on Mad Men: Seven Twenty Three. And here’s why, I love how Don looks like a prize fighter who has been beat down when he finally signs a contract and NOTHING beat’s “16 Tons” as he slogs up the stairs. Also, seeing how Peggy got herself in to that situation was interesting. But it was Don’s story of self-destruction plus Burt coming in with the steel at the end — just awesome.

    Favorite incident of experiment form elsewhere:
    “Once More With Feeling” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It doesn’t get much more experimental than a musical. And THAT was an awesome musical IMO.

    • Sue, I didn’t plan out the post really carefully, just thought, oh, these are all really different, and went with it. So, your answer is great. I just ask these things to inspire discussion. 😉

  3. I have several:

    The “admiring men” montage, when Peggy is the new girl.

    Don aiming his camera at his neighbors marital foibles, in “Marriage of Figaro”.

    Betty’s Foggy perambulations. The more I see this ep, the more in love I am with it, especially the music. And Betty’s mom ain’t all that!

  4. I loved the use of music in My Old Kentucky Home. Three (major) characters sang, one (or two if Trudy counts) danced, and we found out so much about them (and the people who observed them) in just those few minutes. (I kept thinking about how Mona would have reacted to Roger’s blackface; probably she’d have turned the firehose on him.)

  5. I’ve always enjoyed the surreal scenes in The Fog. The techniques used in the episode really knocked me out! The scene in the Draper kitchen with dead Gene, his late wife, Medgar Evers and Betty had an especially odd feel/look to it, but it wasn’t until I listened to the DVD commentary, that I fully understood why. It’s an amazing episode!

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