Basket of News, Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2012

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Feb 032012

BlackBook teases a Christina Hendricks cover story with a picture and this quote: “I’m a very comfortable naked person…”  The Daily Mail blames CH in part for the rise of the “squoob.”  She talks to Cosmopolitan about coming on too strong to now-husband Geoffrey Arend.

Big news for UK Basketcases: Mad Men Season 5 debuts in the UK just two days after the US debut.

Matthew Weiner talks about Billy Wilder’s The Apartment.

See Don Draper (photoshopped) on the cover of Scotch & Smoke magazine at Vulture.

Speaking of Photoshop, Gothamist is having fun with the Season 5 poster.

Alison Brie (Trudy Campbell) talks about Mad Men, Community and Save The Date with Crave and the MTV.

Damien Lewis [I love him–D] has a man-crush on Don Draper.

Janie Bryant and Banana Republic are reviving the Mad Men capsule collection for sale on March 1.

Shirley MacLaine will be joining the cast of Downton Abbey when season 3 begins production this spring.

According to Slate, Joel Murray (Fred Rumsen) is one of America’s greatest acting brothers.

Rich Sommer will be a special guest at the Fargo Film Festival.

Jennifer Getzinger talks to BU Today about her career, who inspires her, and her advice for those looking to break into film.  She’s also screening “The Suitcase” at BU tonight.

Ad exec Richard Kirshenbaum says one TV show is primarily responsible for heightening the profile of the advertising business.

Taschen has published a two-volume set titled Mid-Century Ads: Advertising from the Mad Men Era.

Abbey of Thrones.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  9 Responses to “Basket of News, Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2012”

  1. There’s something wrong with the Damien Lewis link.

    The Shirley Maclaine link goes to a more authoritative PBS site: yes, the “Martha Levinson” she’ll be playing is indeed Cora’s mother. We guessed right. That will be very interesting. It cannot have been very usual for the British aristocracy to have married Jewish women (if that’s what she is) when finding wealthy American brides. The (married) surname seems to imply that Cora’s father, at least, was Jewish – not necessarily her mother, of course.

  2. As a naturally big chested gal, I find it offensive that people think squished breasts are tacky. The choice is matronly coverup or Big Cleavage. They are what they are. Those of us with an overload of breast tissue (not fat) just have to deal. I think it’s terrific that CH lets it all hang out. I was given a lot of negative feedback from my more “elegant” relatives (read:flatchested) that my amplechest was low-class. Fooey.

    • Even in my confused state, I could never confuse CH with my deceased wife ( or even Betty ), but that would be my cover story to excuse my groppingdangler.

  3. Damien Lewis fixed!

  4. “I’m a very comfortable naked person,” Hendricks declares. “Not in front of other people, but at home and in front of my husband, I feel good not wearing clothes.”

    //regains consciousness
    ///faints again

    • I like CH, but honestly, this seems like REALLY dumb celebrity “news.” I remember a New York Times profile of the wife of former US VP Spiro Agnew in which the reporter wrote, “Mrs. Agnew also reads.” As they say in England, we fell about laughing when my aunt read that aloud at breakfast. It’s like saying someone eats. Of course CH likes to be naked in front of her husband. Jeez. I get that the mind movie is appealing to some but it’s just silliness to me.

  5. Right you are jzzy. The 24 hour ‘news’ cycle needs to fill out somehow, and celebutant (celebutard) silliness is the preferred snack. Its Kim Kardashian’s world, and we all have to suffer it.

  6. I just saw Mark Moses in a 1990 episode of “Golden Girls,” (An Illegitimate Concern) playing the illegitimate son of Blanche’s late husband George Devereaux. He was about 32 but playing much younger. He was really cute– and his jeans were so tight you could see which way he dresses.

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