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Today’s Mad Men episodes airing on AMC are Love Among the Ruins, My Old Kentucky Home, and The Arrangements. This is a pretty dark period in the series. These are also three very important episodes for Peggy.

So: What’s your favorite really dark moment of Mad Men?

What’s your favorite Peggy scene?


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  1. Favorite dark moment of the entire series: Peggy crying in the bathroom in The Suitcase. I remember watching that for the first time and just feeling this sense of accelerating dread, like her entire life is about to go completely to hell right there and then, she’s going to lose everything. Fortunately for her, all she really lost was a boyfriend who didn’t know her at all, but there was never anything quite like that scene.

    But in these three episodes: Sal’s bedroom scene with poor Kitty in The Arrangements, that look on her face when she realizes that her marriage is even more fupped-up than she feared. Second place: Joan’s “C’est Magnifique” in MOKH, that frozen smile on her face while she performed like a trained seal for stupid Greg.

    But my favorite Peggy moment ever is in MOKH, when she’s stoned and tells a freaked-out Olive not to worry about her, that she will do just fiiiiiiiine. How right she was.

  2. Dark Moment(s) – Sal’s unfortunate encounter with Lee Garner, Jr and later calling home from the phone booth in the park to Kitty, who thinks he’s still employed. (I also think Pete’s scenes with his parents, then later, with just the widow Campbell, were dark/depressing.)

    Peggy Moment – Smoking pot at the office on Saturday & her later scene with Olive.

  3. Favorite Dark Moments: 1. The entire last 1/3 of Marriage of Figaro. The minute the opera music kicks in and Don picks up the camcorder, the dread settles in. 2. Pete saying to Peggy, “I don’t like you like this.” Gutting. 3. Betty orchestrating her friend to cheat with the stable guy, and then it happens and Betty treats her like crap. Whoa. Still waters run deep.

    Fav Peggy Moment: I have to be lame and just say every single moment in The Suitcase. Closely followed by that awkward date in “Indian Summer”.

    • I have two lines that are my favorite Peggy moments: “My name is Peggy Olson and I want to smoke some marijuana,” and “Playgrounds.” Lizzie Moss cites “Playgrounds” as her favorite as well.

  4. Favorite Peggy Drama/Dark Moment (to hard to choose so I’ll go Top 3):
    1. Moment of Denial w/ handwave in The Wheel – fleeting but burned into my memory
    2. Telling Pete in Meditations on an Emergency – when she closes her eyes and braces herself
    3. The Suitcase – you never appreciate me speech – when she wells up in front of Don even though that is the last thing she would ever want to do

  5. It’s hard not to pick the obvious ones – dark moments are so frequent, and Peggy moments are usually so powerful, so one that stands out as a moment that centers around Peggy and her work and her sense of worth, and her sense of womanliness, and the looming specter of what a “successful” future could be for her, and how all those things are constantly at odds within her: – “The Suitcase” – when Duck shows up to claim her, to best Don, to take a dump on the floor, to dump on her and her choices, and then Don and Duck literally fight over her, but in way that perverts the fantasy of men fighting over women – father figure/boss forced to understand her as a sexual being vs. father figure/lover stomping his way around the one person her loyalty and aspirations are bound in….

    Again, its so easy to find deep darkness and luminous bravery in almost every scene, that moment just struck me as a nice combination of the two.

  6. Anytime someone makes Peggy cry I feel borderline homicidal. (I know bad choice of phrase, but it is exactly how I project). When Peggy twists towards Pete and he absolutely crushes her , her innocence, fun sexuality, joie de vivre seems to be snuffed out in that very instant. She was never the same, and it is the only scene I skip over and do not ever watch. It hurts me deeply in the pit of my stomach. (Breathe, calm dowwwwn, he thinks….). Don giving her the “There is nothing you’ve done that I couldn’t live without” business is the one time I felt hatred for my boy-o. She was stifling back tears—it tears me apart.
    The Suitcase is a veritable Peggy-o-rama. It is Her episode. DD sees the light—-Peggy is his girl, the safe port in any storm. Darkest Peggy was the hand wave. Momentous, she has made her choice. She joins the dark side of business, over family.
    Darkest moment in the series? Has to be Don when told by his child bride she no longer loves him. The curtain is pulled back, and his worst fear of rejection realized. DD stares into the abyss in that chair. Michael Corleone in the last scene of 2. Magnificent desolation and sorrow. Cold. Black. Water.

  7. Peggy moments:
    Peggy calling Don by his first name for the first time ( after getting the “buck up” speech in her apt. from Bobbie);
    “Pop up Peggy”, over the window sill into Don’s office;
    Peggy’s “No” to Roger’s request to get coffee in S3. Ep.13;
    Peggy’s first reply to Don’s “demand” and not “ask” that she join him at the new firm ( also same S3. Ep 13);
    Peggy’s “confession” to Pete, after nagging from Father Gill about the saving benefits of confession.

    P.S. In addition to the AMC reruns on Sunday mornings, Comcast’s “On Demand” has been accelerating the pace of episodes ( moving to several a week from the languid one added ep per week).

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