Basket of News, Jan. 21-27, 2012

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Jan 272012

Matthew Weiner revealed Mad Men’s Season 5 premiere is titled “A Little Kiss” and teased people about its possible meaning.  Jon Hamm tweaked the critics with premiere spoilers while discussing Don, Megan and Peggy.

In anticipation of Season 5 (and what isn’t?), Mad Men cast members name their favorite episodes.

AMC has pics of the Mad Men cast at the Television Critics’ Association winter party. [Is there a spoiler in those pics? Hmmm… -K]

Matt also was honored with the 2012 NATPE Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award. At a NATPE Q & A he talked about HBO passing on Mad Men, capturing real life, and women in the workplace.  After the awards gala, he talked about his inspirations for the show.  The awards ceremony included a video with comedic touches from Jon Hamm and Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan.

Send a Hamm-O-Gram for Valentine’s Day. [It will compensate for when the rye and phenobarbital impairs your performance. -K]

Christina Hendricks is the new voice of Baskin-Robbins ice cream. We have pics and pics of CH supporting husband Geoffrey Arend at the Sundance Film Festival, where she dished about coming home to find him rocking the platform boots.

Mad Men was denied a fourth straight Producers Guild Award.

Caity Lotz (Stephanie) has signed with the UTA talent agency, which is probably a big deal for her career.

Jon Bernthal, who currently plays Shane on The Walking Dead, is in early conversations to lead Frank Darabont’s new show, L.A. Noir.

Janie Bryant even sets fashion trends at her own wedding.

Den of Geek has the promo poster for Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men.  Smith talks about the show — and AMC’s involvement — with the L.A. Times.

The Millions explores the literary pedigree of Downton Abbey.

At the A.V. Club, an argument for watching quality TV — notably Mad Men — slowly.

Sterling Archer Draper Pryce.

Photographer Neil Liefer holds a copy of “Ali vs. Liston,” which he took on May 25, 1965 in Lewiston, Maine.

Leo Burnett’s no-nonsense, 1967 summary of his company’s values — “When To Take My Name Off the Door” — was turned into a retro-style video.

Letters of Note publishes one from David Ogilvy on copywriting.

Not even nostalgia could save Kodak.

In today’s ad biz, Mad Men are giving way to “Math Men.”

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  37 Responses to “Basket of News, Jan. 21-27, 2012”

  1. Well Alright – Robert Morse! Glad to see Jay Ferguson (Stan) there, too. Wonder if Stan will have gotten over his crush by the S5 opener.

    • Yes! When I saw Robert Morse too I thought, “okay, one question answered.” I kind of love Stan as a character. I wonder what direction they’ll go with him for Season 5.

    • I see it as a never ending prank war, even though I know prank is the wrong word. I can’t come up with a better one. As long as it doesn’t impact work in a negative way, and it doesn’t embarrass the company in front of clients, the back and forth will continue.

    • Would any of the cast members be in photos if they weren’t in any of the episodes? Or do they have some kind of clause in their contracts that say they have to be in photo shoots until they are “officially” written out?

      • The contract for each performer can vary from the norm, so who can say for sure? Matt Weiner is the show runner, so chances are if he wanted the production to cover travel expenses to bring someone to Pasadena for the TCA he could do so.

        Since the character of Bert Cooper was introduced as played by Robert Morse, in many interviews MW has stated that he became a fan of Bobby Morse in the late 1960s and therefore always had him in mind to play Bert.

        So, I am sure MW personally wants to have Robert Morse in the cast. This does not necessarily mean Bert Cooper will appear on screen during Season 5.

        Personally I believe any entertainment is better with Robert Morse in the cast, but I admit it might be difficult to have Bert reverse his resignation. Should that happen it could be most interesting.

        • Bert may have been included to keep us guessing.

          However, I am sure that if a senior partner like Bert really quit a firm, there would be a lot of legal issues to iron out. If it takes months of legal wrangling and negotiations to finalize his departure, his views could change before anything official is signed. Especially if the firm starts to make good money, and/or Don finds a way to reconcile with Bert.

          Another possiblity is that Bert will leave SCDP but he will not leave Mad Men. He could become the competition. Bert wasn’t the kind of guy to blow Don Draper’s cover when it would hurt his own bottom line. But I’m certain that Bert would not be a pleasant enemy –especially with the knowledge he possesses.

      • I have never heard of a contract that says an actor has to promote a season of television in which he’s not a participant. Showing up at a premiere and posing for some pictures is one thing. Lots of former cast members do that for their former shows, but an event designed specifically to talk up season 5 with a bunch of reporters? Not very likely.

        I always found it pretty unlikely that they were going to write out Bert with a quick, unceremonious “I’m out. Take care. It’s been real” scene like the one he had in 4.12, so him still being on the show seems the most likely conclusion.

    • Why do you assume a particular character is returning for Season 5 of Mad men because the performer playing that character is photographed at an AMC party, even a party for TCA?

      Think back to various AMC/Mad Men parties which included Paul and Sal long after those characters were written out of the series?

      It also is hardly safe to assume just because a performer who has already been teased as returning for Season 5 is not included in photos AMC distributed from the TCA party, namely Jessica Pare as Megan, has been written out.

      I guess we will just need to watch all of Season 5 to find out what happens on Mad Men.

  2. OT: Have you guys ever thought of doing a post on the DVD commentary for Mad Men? It’s very interesting and often the writers/directors/actors interpretation of a scene is very different than the way it is interpreted here.

    • I have often made comments based on the DVD commentary, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a post based on it… which is maybe odd, given that I have probably watched the show more with commentary than without.

      • Since the first of the year I have been watching Matt’s commentaries on every episode.
        It’s so interesting to hear what he was intending, compared to the thoughts posted here by viewers.

        Those by the actors alone can be somewhat vapid, except surprisingly Kiernan commenting on The Arrangements. And when Rich, Vince, Michael, Ken and Bryan get together to comment, it’s like a frat party.

        • When Jon Hamm comments, it’s as serious and almost as enlightening as Matt Weiner. But otherwise, yes, the actors tend to be frothy and silly. The directors tend to talk too much about camera angles and such. The writers, however, are always fascinating.

        • OK, Elizabeth Moss isn’t ever silly. She only gets so deep, though.

          • I think Slattery does great commentaries. He gives well rounded commentaries – he’s into the other people’s storylines, he’s funny, and gives insights to behind the scenes going ons and other motivations behind the scenes. And then if you put him and Hamm together it’s amazing.

    • Liyah, we welcome guest posts.

  3. Oh man, Matt’s just being cruel with that tease now. I never take anything Weiner says literally – everything he says is coded in metaphors, vague assumptions and red herrings – but… if Don is back with Betty in any fashion, my head will explode, albeit in a good way.

  4. I didn’t get the Janie Bryant reference. The link is interesting but doesn’t seem to mention her.

    Thank goodness for Kate Middleton’s sleeves.Hope she really has started a trend. I’m so tired of all the strapless dresses in the newspaper bridal announcements.

  5. Heh…like MW would ever tell us he was planning to get Don and Betty back together. He probably wouldn’t even tell JH and JJ that until seconds before they were ready to shoot!

    However, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them cheat with each other.

    (Edited by Meowser for mobile device wonkery)

  6. So when will Season 6 be? Next year during the spring, like Season 5? Or late summer/early fall like Seasons 1-4 (I’m guessing they won’t have another season later this year, at the usual time)? Have they said anything about that yet?

  7. Speaking of spoilers in that photo: Vincent Kartheiser’s hairline is shaved a half-inch. Someone pointed this out to me and then indicated it was that way as early as the October 20th red carpet pics for his In Time movie. It’s harder to see because of how he wears of

    So… given the 60’s hairstyle, you can’t hide that hairline maneuver. And if it was like that in October (but not in the Sep 20 on-set pics), then I have to believe it’s somehow related to the storyline.

    So… has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone figure out a reason WHY you would shave a hairline back 1/2 inch?

    It’s bizarre. Is he wearing a wig on the series for some reason?

    • Hmm, I thought Vincent looked a bit different in pictures lately, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I’m going to have to do some photographic research!

    • I was thinking that there could be a sizable time jump at some point and Pete ends up balding.

    • So I’m wondering if the time jump happens at some point in the middle/end of the season, and they needed to show that. I only say that b/c of the pictures of January Jones looking like she was wearing a fat suit at some point during filming…something happens to these people in a drastic fashion at some point – if Kartheiser has his hairline shaved and she’s in a, what seems to be, a fat suit. Ugh, I’ll say something no other Mad Men fan has said yet: Is it March 25th yet??

      • I didn’t know about the fat suit. Am I the only one hoping it’s no more than a flash forward (if this speculation is right). With all the time to prepare they also could have done alot of out of sequence filming. But I’m not gping to lie. I like the pretty. A fat suit or balding is realistic but not necessarily bringing the pretty. *wanders off to the shallow end of the pool*

      • January Jones was pregnant during the first half of filming; I don’t think there was a fat suit.

        • Hmmmmm. Do you have a “hairline” theory?

        • That photo of her was taken after she got back to work and she did look like she was wearing prosthetics on her face, similar to what Elisabeth wore in Season 1. It didn’t look like leftover baby weight.

    • I’m just wondering why Vinnie is wearing a wedding ring. Did he get married and I didn’t hear?

  8. What was the time interval between the end of S5 shooting and the date of the TCA event ? Could VC’s hairline be related to a non MM job ? Good picture of Mr. Morse and I notice that he did not have his Bert Cooper beard, which could be a clue in and of itself.

    My guess as to the point in time in which S5 starts is spring 1966 or about 9 mos after the end of S4.

    Looking forward to 3/25 !

    • Matthew Weiner said they had 2 days of shooting left when at the TCAs. Even more significant, you can see it in photos from Vinnie’s “In Time” premier. He pulls his bangs down to hide it but it’s there if you know to look for it.

    • Bert Cooper’s beard has never been real. They glue it to Mr. Morse’s face.

  9. For some reason, though it makes no logical sense with Pete’s character/storyline, I immediately thought of Vietnam, re: speculation over his hairline!

  10. Also- what was with the “gross way too graphic highway scare film” supposed title, for season 5 opener? Did I read that on this site, or another?

    I wonder if this rumor hastened Weiner’s announcement of the real ep title “A Little Kiss”?

    This title reminds me of “Basket of Kisses” ep, where Pegs light was unearthed from under the bushel.

    Maybe her illigit baby will make an appearance? (I’m literal!)

  11. Did anyone see Jessica Pare at this event? I’m not reading anything into this, but I am curious why she wasn’t there. Perhaps busy filming something else, but taking part in the run-up to MM’s fifth season premiere seems like it would be quite important to her career.

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