Dec 202011

Someone might be wondering, and it’s only fair.

First, there are normal operating expenses. We have webhosting and a domain name and those things cost money.

Then there’s our WordPress expert, Jennette. She rocks. She’s the one who restored us after the Great Site Outage of Twenty Ten. We paid her money for that we used our personal banking account for that. And then we kept paying her money for other things, because she’s super-talented. And also she helped with the redesign, which many of you hate. And also she designed our new header. Plus she took our vintage logo and polished it (see? it’s to the right), and got us new fonts, and all sorts of things like that.

Both of us (Deborah and Roberta) have digital voice recorders that we use for interviews. I needed a new netbook recently. The netbook is specifically useful because it’s small and I can sit in front of the TV with it and do my recaps.

Plus, every year we throw a kickass season finale party and, while we run a raffle, the party is always a financial loss (the raffle has never garnered the value of the prizes, let alone other party expenses). We pay for it from the Basket funds, which we feel is 100% worth it.

Also known as 5-6. green touch payday Lender, fast or quick cash loan, it comes with exorbitant interest rates, fees, short-term payment periods and other terms that borrowers cannot afford.

So, now you know. There’s more of course, but that’s the basics. Please help us keep this crazy party going if you can.


  4 Responses to “Let’s get serious about this fundraiser thing: What do we do with the money?”

  1. Since you brought up the redesign, I feel compelled/liberated to say the following. I love the blog. I have been reading it since 2008, comment occasionally, and love it. Or at least I love the Mad Men part. Not really interested in AMC’s other shows. And I adored the old website.

    But, and I say this with great respect to everyone involved and recognition that it probably took a lot of work — I really, really, really hate the redesign of the website. I think it’s really unattractive, makes it much harder to find things, makes all the type look tiny. It’s also extremely hard to figure out where to click to comment or to see other people’s comments. The old website was very handsome. This one is just — ugly. And worse than that, it’s busy and very hard to read. I hope you don’t find this insulting, Deborah and Roberta. I just wanted to let you know that one reader finds the new site really hard to look at and use.

    One other comment — I wish there was more Mad Men content these days. I know the show has been off for a long time, but since it is available free on Netflix streaming, many people can see it. Therefore, I would love it if you went back to setting up discussions of more Mad Men-related issues. Could we work through the rest of the seasons, episode by episode? Or maybe some themed discussions. Here are some off-the-cuff ideas: How has Peggy changed over the seasons? How has Pete changed over the seasons? Compare and contrast Don’s girlfriends and wives. etc., etc. The Lipp Sisters would not necessarily have to write up a lot of content for these discussions — you could just write a short prompt and let people have at it. I come here almost solely for talk about Mad Men. I don’t know how widespread a sentiment that is among your readers.

    I will try to donate some money if I can afford it in the near future. Thanks for all you do.


  2. Elizabeth, there are weekly Mad Men open threads, themed by the episodes being aired. We put together revisits for each of the episodes the first time around. The fundraiser has been a month of themed revisits to Mad Men and our other shows.

    We’ve received a lot of criticism for the new look and very little praise, so we are exploring what to do about it. However, the “not knowing where to click” thing would happen with any redesign; you’ll get used to it. I have some training in software usability, there is no such thing as a “new” anything that is as easy to use as the old.

  3. How much money would I have to donate to restore the blog to full feed rss?

    • Full feed RSS is an invitation to plagiarism. Many, many excellent bloggers find their work “borrowed” via full feed RSS. I choose not to number us among them.

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