Dec 052011

Welcome to our winter fundraiser and our gorgeous new blog! We’ve been working behind the scenes on this makeover for close to a year, exploring different looks from the perspective of the layout (what goes where) as well as the colors and overall look and feel. We hope you love it as much as we do–IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!

Each review of contains the fact and information you will need to help you decide on the product that is right for you.

Questions about how it works? Functionality shouldn’t have changed, except comments are nested–which we LOVE–but if you have a concern or question, drop it in comments.

It’s been a while since we’ve just a done a plain old Hey-our-lovely-Basketcases-it-costs-us-money-and-ooodlays-of-time-to-run-this-site-please-click-on-the-old-paypal-button-there-in-the-right-hand-sidebar-and-help-a-sister-or-two-out solicitation. So we figure with the launch of our future, our eyes on Season 5, and our butts right in the heart of the holiday season, this was the right time.

Of course, we don’t do plain old anything. Watch this space for daily fundraising features.

And thank you, our dear, dear readers/commenters/writers/partners, for giving our love for Mad Men (and a bunch of other great shows) a place to be a living breathing thing. You guys did that.

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  24 Responses to “The Basket of Kisses Beauty Makeover Holiday Season Fundraiser!”

  1. I don’t like pink, but that’s me πŸ™‚
    Couldn’t you put the 2 columns on each side of the main window? This way the right side seems a little too crowded and confusing. It’s also much longer, I would delete some of the boxes, but it’s hard to choose since they’re all functional, maybe the post calendar, which isn’t all that useful.

    • Some of the boxes are home page only, and some are home page and posts (but not pages). I’m considering a Links page to move all that off the sidebar.

      You should be thankful it was a shared design decision. Roberta wanted MORE pink. πŸ˜€

  2. It certainly looks like you put a ton of work into it!

    It’s a little confusing to me right now, but after I get used to it, I imagine it will be a lot easier to find stuff than on the old layout, you can see everything at once now.

    Also, pink is my favorite color.

  3. I have no memory of wanting more pink, and am just short of flat out denying it, except how I know my brain is the last thing I can count on for something like this.

    We played around with some color schemes that came right from the era, but when the idea of pink came up, we both really lit up at the idea of having our blog, run by sisters, named for kisses and lipstick, be a smidge more girly.

  4. It’s a bit pink, like cancer pink, and that’s off putting. A dramatic lipstick red would be better, and there’s too much going on!

  5. I love your commentaries.
    But I don’t love this color or how the colors relate/interact. You need something to interest the eye. The white/ecru/pink is dull (sorry). Basket of Kisses needs something a bit more rich and romantic, not washed out.

    Just my 2 cents.

  6. Okay, for the record, we are keeping the color scheme, which we adore, and we know that there will be a variety of opinions on it. I used a retro piece of art to pull a coordinated color scheme out and then we added the deep magenta buttons. I really sympathize that some people will like the old colors better, but in a world in which “can’t please everyone” is a given, we went with “can please the Lipps.”

    The sidebars have slightly less content than we used to have, so “busy” weirds me out, although I also get it, and we’re thinking through what to change.

    I am mostly interested in hearing concerns regarding “I can’t find stuff” or “this doesn’t work anymore and it used to.”

  7. Excellent new design, guys. I really like the new layout. It feels almost as if you could drag-and-drop certain boxes and re-arrange the layouts in a tablet-like format.

    Great work, I’m 100 per cent on board.

  8. Wow! I feel like I just got ‘kissed’! Pink is definitely retro, hence ‘Mamie Pink”
    Although at a glance, I’d wouldn’t know that it was a MM site.(I tend to associate MM with black white and red) Another big retro color was turquoise, maybe could add a little?
    I think this column with articles and comments would work a little better in the center. Just easier to look at. But I can see how much work you’ve put into it, Congratulations!

  9. Therese, I am glad you like the colors, but it took a year of tests and samples and experiments to come up with a color scheme, so “add a little” is not feasible.

    Also, if you look at the header, you’ll see we are no longer a “Mad Men site,” which I guess we should have made more prominent in the announcement.

    Like Project Rungay’s move to Tom & Lorenzo, we are moving Basket of Kisses to more and more media discussion. As the header says, “Smart Discussion About Smart Television.” We are already discussing several other shows (Hell on Wheels, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, and Falling Skies, for example) and we are doing one-off reviews of still more shows, and of course, movie and book reviews.

    So, we will always be a Mad Men site, but we are also much more than that.

    • Oh Deb, I know that’s definitely true! And I love the new header about Smart Television for Smart People — and we do discuss many wonderful shows. (Finally got to see S1 of Downton Abbey and now I can’t wait for season 2!) For a blog to thrive, it has to change, and you’re right on target. The color scheme is growing on me; it wraps us in its creamy deliciousness. I recall it took me a long time to consider a color for my blog (trekkerscrapbook); I finally chose a lavender. I really do appreciate all you put into this, you’re the first bookmark I check every day! Congrats again, and looking for to more wonderfulness.

  10. I like the layout changes- and I don’t find the pink “off putting” but it does remind me of a breast cancer fundraiser. Think Pink !!

    Something about this not being a “Mad Men site” makes me feel sad…not sure why. Maybe b.c the title Basket of Kisses is directly related to an episode.

    • Madmanda – I know what you mean, it’s probably because our original association with the site is because of Mad Men & a lot of us originally came here solely because of Mad Men. But, with the huge hiatus between seasons, I think it is quite savvy and resourceful of Deborah and Roberta to tweak the site slightly so that it covers more area. Shows like The Walking Dead and The Killing have helped to fill in and create new discussion topics. Personally I love talking about Mad Men all year round, but with the huge break between season 4 and season 5, there is somewhat less site traffic and the people who come just for MM are not as active here, overall. So, “Smart Television” provides something for everyone. (And we can still always talk about Mad Men all year round!)

      Also, the current layout of the site still provides Mad Men-related links at the top: Mad News, Mad Men Episode Guide, etc.

      • Mad Men is still our mainstay–still our steady, we still wear Mad Men’s ring. We remain the top Mad Men fansite, and will for years to come, long past the final 7th season. We just didn’t want to back ourselves into a corner. Without Mad Men, what’s our real afterlife? We’ll continue to follow Matt’s career, and whatever projects he takes on next, as well as the actors. But this gives us real legs, a true way to live on.

  11. I love you guys & I completely understand needing a design change but this is not attractive. I am sorry to say that but it’s not. I hope you’ll consider tweaking some more. The color(s) + something “off” about the layout are not inviting. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet. I look at sites for a living & this is not a win. πŸ™

  12. Could not get the Donate button/link to work?

  13. I know, this is your blog – the new look is not up for a vote. I thought the old blog was about as perfect as it gets – expect that your consecutive numbering for your main page numbers (in the URL) should remain fixed in the past and increase as time goes on.

    That said, the new-look blog still has the same marvelous functionality.

    And it need not be said (but I will anyway) that the content is world class and, I’m quite sure, will continue to rock the Mad Men World.

  14. Pink?

    Please reconsider.


  15. Fatal Failure at the link above but the other PayPal logo works fine.
    The color of the site backdrop is exactly the shade of our 1950’s bathroom where I grew up! Thanks for the memory.

  16. I like it.

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