Basket of News, Oct. 15-21, 2011

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Oct 212011

This week’s leaky Mad Men set pic features Elisabeth Moss in a bold color with a new hairdo for Peggy.

Christina Hendricks talks to THR about her role in EA’s Need For Speed videogame, which has a trailer out.  She’s also spicing things up… in the kitchen, but was dressed a bit more demurely than the videogame to co-host Bryan Batt’s Big Easy Style book release party.

Bryan Batt, btw, worked blue at a star-studded breast cancer benefit, to help women achieve a great state of life besides the disease even improving their looks with the help of different professionals from sites like

Watch Matthew Weiner get interviewed by Allison Hope Weiner.  Slate explains the origins of the term “showrunner.”

The Walking Dead second season premiere shattered basic cable ratings records… but did you see The Walken Dead?  On a more serious note, TWD co-creator Robert Kirkman discusses the season premiere at EW (spoilers).  [And will the zombies’ ratings kill Pan Am? -K]  Also, Christina Hendricks and two other MM actresses tried to get roles as walkers on the show.

Variety’s Jon Weisman agrees with Roberta on AMC’s seemingly bizarre approach to Mad Men reruns.

Vincent Kartheiser can be seen in new clips from In Time, mostly around the 5:00 mark.

Kiernan Shipka plays child star psychologist at FunnyOrDie.

Jared Harris chats to Den of Geek about Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, John Carpenter’s The Ward, and Mad Men.

Sam Page turned up on NBC’s Up All Night — playing a doctor, no less.

Jan Hoag talks to AMC about Patrick Fischler and the inspirations behind Edith Shilling.

Javier Bardem says he will play the villain in the next James Bond film.  Hugh Jackman expresses some regret about not joining Her Majesty’s secret service for Casino Royale.

Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese (Boardwalk Empire) are going period again with a 70s-based rock and roll project involving Mick Jagger.

The WSJ’s Rob Levine examines where Mad Men fits in the future of television.

BlackBook gives AMC kudos for its mobile app.

George Fox has a vast collection of common pens. Guess who gave him a telephone call?

In Pan Am, as in Mad Men, the clothes are classy, the customs not.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar


  20 Responses to “Basket of News, Oct. 15-21, 2011”

  1. The lesson re: the reruns and AMC’s idiocy – never doubt the Lipp Sisters! How asinine can one network be? I just don’t get it. How difficult would it be to pick up where they left off? It just makes no sense.

  2. EM’s pink outfit looks matronly. Not very flattering, imho. (It almost looks like a bridesmaid’s dress.)

  3. “(It almost looks like a bridesmaid’s dress.)”

    Which, now that you mention it, it actually could be. It would make sense for Don to want Peggy in his wedding party, right?

  4. @Dev F–good call! Or maybe it’s just for the wedding as an attendee (if it’s a luncheon or something–it is his 2nd (*cough* *3rd*) marriage after all. Peggy doesn’t always get it right, fashionwise.

  5. When I saw Peggy’s dress I ALSO thought it would be something worn to a wedding. It’s definitely not a “night on the town” dress. Hmmmmm. You Basketcases read my mind.

  6. I don’t know, I don’t see a man in that era telling his bride who to choose for her wedding attendants. It seems like something he’d just leave to Meghan to decide.

  7. Is it just me, or does JJ/Betty look a little rough in that photo?

  8. It’s just you. JJ doesn’t look “a little rough”–she seems to be making a face at the photographer.

    Those bouffant hairdos are not flattering to anybody–but are period accurate. I remember the clouds of Aquanet in the girls’ room!

  9. Maybe Peggy is a guest at the Kenny Cosgrove nuptials-isn’t he affianced?

  10. I remember the exact moments in time of the popularity for those empire dresses (with a satin band and/or bow under the breasts) with inverted pleats.

    Wore something similar for a prom, but the 3/4 sleeves bother me. Memory has them as sleeveless or short sleeved.

  11. Lizzief: yes, you’re right, Ken was engaged to get married at the end of Season 4. Based on the way things were presented, I got the feeling his wedding was coming up fairly soon, but a lot of it depends on the time frame for Season 5, how much of a break there is supposed to be, etc. We ended Season 4 in 1965 so it will be interesting to see what year it is when Season 5 starts up. Could be 1966, could be 1967….

  12. Last night I watched Bobby #3 Jared Gilmore in the pilot for Once Upon a Time, which is available to stream on imdb. It’s also premiering on Sunday at 8 on ABC. He’s pretty good in it, and has a sizable part.

  13. Yeah, I think Megan would choose her own attendants, with the help of her mom, perhaps, and she doesn’t really know Peggy that well…but maybe Peggy is Don’s “best man”? (If they’re going to have that kind of wedding, who else would he pick?) I thought Don would already have married Megan when we pick it back up, but who knows.

    I was thinking “party dress” myself, though. Not for the kind of parties Joyce et al have, but for some sort of work-related soiree or church event or family gathering. Pink, though. On Peggy. Wowee. (Anyone else besides me thinking of the Psychedelic Furs? “Peggy in pink…Peggy in pink…”)

  14. is the colour that out of it for Peggy? The three sundays outfit was bright, this looks similarly partyish, and this is a few years on from that. The colour looks of the time, and Peggy has more money by now to be more fashionable than in 62.

    Who else is waiting for Christina set snaps?

  15. The Kiernan Shipka clip was wonderful. I didn’t realize she could do comedy so well. As for Peggy in pink, it’s clearly a non-work event (she’s not meeting clients wearing it), and it’s too dressy for Joyce and that crowd. I could see her wearing it to Don and Megan’s wedding. Maybe the story will pick up with Don and Megan married, but there’s a flashback later on in the season to the wedding.

  16. Don’t get ideas from photo’s off the shoot set. Those dresses, etc. are not necessarily the outfits worn during the shoot.

    After all is said and done, nothing is left but surmised speculations.

    Just wait please.

  17. Would Peggy now be fashionable enough to wear current season clothing ? If so, then the linked picture implies 1966.

  18. @17 rl1856-That’s why I’m thinking it’s a special event. She’s probably not buying new clothes often, but I imagine that for a major event, she might buy a new dress.

  19. Glad to see that Kiernan is dressing appropriately for her age.

    Let us hope that she continues to be levelheaded and avoid the pitfalls so common to child actors.

    May she follow the example of Jodie Foster, rather than Lindsey Lohan!

  20. Has Peggy worn anything above the knee before?

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