Open Thread: Emmys Red Carpet 2011

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Sep 182011

We’re going to have streaming Red Carpet tonight, and in the meantime, DISCUSS!


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  1. Excitemente!

    Mad Men BETTAH SWEEP… would be so rewarding if Elizabeth Moss gets her due. I’m not worried about Jon Hamm, or the show.

  2. I am a little concerned because Boardwalk Empire swept at the Creative Emmy’s, so I hope that’s not a sign of what’s to come. And I am sooooooooo hoping Jon Hamm can win this year. The Suitcase was a masterpiece in writing, storytelling, directing and acting. Good luck to all tonight.

  3. You know what? Awards are wonderful, but the quality of the work is the greatest reward. Some of the most revered motion pictures never won Best Picture, but they are better remembered today than the winner in that particular year. Think of “Citizen Kane.”

    Of course we will all be disappointed if our favorites don’t receive the accolades they deserve, but so much depends on timing and factors beyond anyone’s control. Think of Elizabeth Taylor winning for “Butterfield 8” because of her recent brush with death, when she should have won for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” She often commented how she hated “Butterfield 8.”

    We just want the actors to know how much their work means to the viewers, who are the real judges of their worth. I watched The Suitcase again this morning and cried along with Don over Anna’s death, as I also recently lost a loved one. I hope blogs like this one express our appreciation for their efforts.

  4. Predictions for the drama categories:

    Series: Mad Men
    Male lead: Steve Buscemi
    Female lead: Connie Britton
    Male support: Peter Dinklage
    Female support: Kelly MacDonald
    Writing: Matt Weiner (“The Suitcase”)

    Basically, I think the show holds on to win best drama and writing, but I am not expecting anything in the way of acting awards. In fact, I wouldn`t even vote for Slattery and Hendricks as best supporting actors. Dinklage destroyed his competitors this year with his great performance in Game of Thrones.

  5. I rewatched The Suitcase again this morning as well! It never fails to captivate or move me, even thought I can essentially recite it at this point. Good luck Mad Men actors! It’s time at least ONE of them gets an award for individual achievement in acting.

  6. Counting down with you all. For the love of God, give the man the Emmy. “More than a man, less than a God” as duly noted in one of my earlier MM promos,

    I’m a huge supporter of MAD MEN, but tonight I’m rooting for FRIDAY NGIHT LIGHTS, the best show no one ever saw. Check my new trailer for tonight’s Emmys with which to better illustrate:

    Television is increasingly the medium of choice for intelligent filmmakers who have something important to say. But the elite storytelling has always been the province of HBO and AMC. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS really is the defining network drama of the last 10 years. As an ex-Aussie living in America with zero interest in Texas or American football, this show took me to so many places I didn’t even know I wanted to go. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

  7. Stupid Football Overtime! No Red Carpet Yet=Hope it’s over before the ceremony!

  8. As much as I like BE, I don’t think it can hold a candle to MM this past year. But maybe I’m biased…..

  9. Just saw Hamm blow a kiss on the RC — Good Luck Jon!

  10. So sad …. Jon was robbed!

  11. Wow. I’m so disappointed Jon didn’t win.

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