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Sep 132011

It’s interesting how, in the years since Star Trek, Brent Spiner’s niche, more and more, is malevolent. He’s definitely got the “Lore” side down pat. (Trekker reference.) In the latest episode of Alphas, Blind Spot, Spiner had a fine guest turn and an interesting ability. Both guest alphas had interesting abilities (I was so sick of variations on “push”), and we’re getting a nice illustration of the complexity of factions. SPOILERS AHOY: It’s not “us versus them” when two different enemies are also fighting each other.

I love how the basics of the team stay the same, but they keep changing the game. The cracks in the building seem kind of…you can’t fix that by cleaning up, so we could have a new office soon; maybe for S2. Certainly this episode showed us that the DOD is interested in giving the team a more secure location, although eliminating “holding cell” as part of their function is a good idea.

I love how the romance between Cameron and Nina is progressing for the same reason; that it’s being allowed to progress in ways that will change the show’s mix.

I’m intrigued by Bill losing his power and getting it back. On the surface it appears cheesy, but I don’t think so. “Cheesy” like, as long as I’m being a Trek nerd, how every woman Kirk loved would die: You have to maintain the status quo for the lead characters, so she’s doomed. But we could easily have opened this episode with, “Well, Jonas’s affect on my ability finally wore off, la-de-dah.” We didn’t, and I suspect that means some complex character exploration for Bill.

I’m only sorry that the episode seemed to have been built around the final line, Rachel’s “It’s not going to get any easier, is it?” That one seems to have been written with Duh-duh-DUMMMMMMM in mind, and it was too trite. But otherwise, this was a rocking good episode with a lot of tension and intrigue.


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  1. Deborah, Deborah, Deborah. you trekker you.
    What style uniform do you have in the closet?
    (my guess, Next Gen Command, red like Riker not blue like Troi)

    SPOILERS AHEAD, who am i kidding? no one’s watching.

    the two powers in this ep were awesome.
    a fresh take on the Invisible Girl and a wonderful use of Sonar (sonar, what a dweeb power? take that handcuffs!)
    my complaints were that they hurried some scenes and slowed others,
    the Doctors demise was a little rushed, or maybe i was hoping he’d live and come back = but this ep could easily have been a two parter.
    as a matter of fact, the show could use a whole slow down and take several eps for each guest villain.

    otherwise, this is show is one of the best comic books ever brought to any screen. it’s got such a great early Marvel vibe to it.
    the team bickering between each of them, the fatherly sage, the misunderstanding public, the only modern twist they have is the co-option by the govt.

    i am liking this show more and more with each ep – oh hell, i’ll admit it, i love this show.

    hey Deb, Darmok and Gilad at Tenagra.

  2. The Beast, the Beast of Tenagra.

    You’re wrong that no one’s watching, because SyFy just renewed it, and they’re super-cautious about renewals.

    I love that the powers aren’t random, all the powers are neurologically-driven, and Rosen was able to figure out about the doctor through an MRI. I like your idea about slowing it down, though.

  3. good news indeed, thanx Deb
    you got me curious however, (Temba – his arms wide), abnd i saw that Mondays ratings were the lowest yet.

    anyways, despite everything else we’ve said, the best moment in this ep was Gary trying to stop the knife wielding invisible killer with his precious badge (the funny) and the rest of the team trapped in their office, unable to help (the pathos) such a great moment.

    unless i’m wrong it’s also the moment where Bill was able to Flame On and go all Hulk. (their relationship, Gary’s and Bill, reminds me of the Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm love-hate (captured better here than in either of the two FF movies).

    i’m looking forward to seeing the Red Flag leader again, her bond with Gary is something i’ve never seen before and will hopefully result in a spectacular confrontation.

    Hey, Deb, are we gonna talk about Ringer? you’re a Buffy Lover as well.
    we can tie it into the MM universe with Kristofer Polaha (Henry in Ringer/Carlton in MM) if you need an excuse.
    i thought it was decent but it telegraphed all its moves so far ahead that the only surprise was that the Scooby Gang didn’t show up to her rescue

    it was more soap opera than film noir (that was some conceit, that self serving ad mid-way thru explaining what film noir is to the CW crowd).

    i have hopes though. i miss Miss Gellar, and even though we were shocked by how adult she looks, we wish her the best.

  4. DB, I do go for a lot of geek TV, but early reviews left me disinterested in Ringers. I’m trying to pick a show to watch next, to add to my, and our, repertoire.

    And please, Basketcases, don’t forget we take submissions. Marly does such a great job on Downton Abbey, and Arthur does Walking Dead — any writer who will take on a show will be at least given a read to see if we want their work here.

  5. DL, consider my hand up for Game of Thrones – though i don’t know if there’s going to be any overlap between MM and GoT, both being on Sundays, but i’m willing to try. i’ve read the novels (though not the latest) and was very impressed by the quality of the adaptation

    i too am looking for a decent show to watch and have been considering another MM inspired show, BBC’s The Hour. i’ve heard it’s something of a Broadcast News meets Mad Men meets the BBC kinda thing and i have no idea why i haven’t seen it yet – but the idea of breaking down a show is very appealing. after college, i remember how empty it was initially to just read a book without breaking it down looking for subtext, etc.

    • DB, you are free to email us a sample on spec, so to speak. My local cable provider doesn’t do BBCA so I’m unable to see The Hour, but I’ll look at either submission.

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