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Sep 122011

What have we here? Why, it’s the trailer for the second season of Downton Abbey! Don’t it just trigger your imagination, folks? Let’s have fun and make some predictions based on these double-quick snippets, why not?

Wild speculations below the cut.

If you remember, war broke out at the very end of Season 1. It stands to reason we will be spending a lot of time in the trenches. Let us forestall trenchfoot and change our socks at every viewing.

In between all the fighting, Matthew marries Lady Rosamund. Well, now we know why she gave her niece such bad advice about his proposal. The cunning cougar! What’s that you say? Oh. It is NOT Lady Rosamund, but a young lady who is her spitting image – at least she is when one sees her at a fraction of a second. Anyway, he will marry said young lady. Given the dashing red jacket he sports, he will also become such good friends with Prince William that they will borrow each other’s clothes. But, oh, Lady Mary is not finished with him yet! He was her last great hope and she’s determined to make his life miserable. I predict they will embark on an affair, one that will be consummated either in a coffee shop or in a train station. I dearly hope that Lord Crawley does not have a copy of Anna Karenina in that faboo library of his.

Upon the discovery of Lady Mary’s man-killing wiles, the Crown will deploy her charms against the Kaiser. To wit, Mary and Mata Hari never appear in the same place together.  Matthew will return a war hero.

Methinks the reason Thomas is seen crying is NOT that he traded in his crisp footman uniform and must now wear brown. It IS such a glum color for one’s complexion! But no, I think he’s crying because he’s finally found that he does have a heart, after all. Maybe he and the horrid Duke of Crowborough will reignite their affair. Either way, I think Thomas is crying of a broken heart.

I did NOT see Branson, our favorite anarchist, in uniform. I am hoping the reason Carson drags him out by the collar is that he was playing footsies with Lady Pantaloons—I mean, Lady Sybil. Good God, I pray, PRAY, that she has finally discovered her libido. It’s a pity to let such a heady blend of cheekbones, testosterone, and torso go to waste.  Either way, it does look like she’s found other outlets for her passion, ones that do not involve bellowing the Internationale.

I must admit that, given all the drama, I am unaccountably intrigued by the shot of a hand lifting a silver lid off a dish. Either the war has finally brought palatable food to British shores, or somebody tried to serve a Molotov cocktail.  It’s so very hard to find a good bartender these days. Mrs. Patmore doesn’t show up in the trailer. I hope this merely means that she is searching for a dictionary in which she can look up “umami”. Hint to Mrs. Patmore: It is NOT a Nuyorican pick-up line.

By the way, where IS Lady Edith? Unless I’m mistaken, she’s nowhere to be seen. Maybe she’s in Bloombury, writing stories in earnest instead of penning poisoned letters. Or perhaps she’s doing both and getting in the way of Virginia and Vita. Or maybe she’s made her way State-side and will resurface thirty years later as Walter Winchell.

Judging from Lady Sybil’s attire and knowing her noble inclination, I imagine she’s a nurse. I know if I were the victim of mustard gas, her punim would cheer me up. Lady Violet will be spending a lot of time in hospital, trying out the tear gas for a consumer group. Isobel Crawley will, in turn, sneak into the operating theater and steal the surgeon’s knife from Hawkeye.

Anna and Bates look like they might finally get to first base. So do Daisy and William. From the looks of it, next season, Cora will be doing a lot of listening, as Lord Grantham takes to imparting pithy philosophical gems such as, “It’s a brave new world we’re headed for. No doubt about that.” One with lots of charged looks and innuendo!

Alex Witchel profiled Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes in this past weekend’s New York Times Magazine.


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  1. There is a lot more great DA video on YouTube.

  2. I’m home sick today and finally watching the first season. Loving it!

  3. It’ll be interesting to see who survives the war, and how Downton Abbey functions without many of the servants.

  4. And what about the couple in the bed?! It was too brief for me to discover identities.

  5. Please help.
    Imdb ( not very reliable ) lists Downtown Abbey Season 2 Episodes beginning this Sunday, September 18. However, my calls to leading PBS stations ( in Boston, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Perry Texas ) indicate no plans to air this series for the immediate future. Is Season 2 being bradcast this weekend ( as per IMDB ) and, if so where, and accessible via internet or alternatives?

  6. @ 5 Fellowes Shredder-The September 18 is the date the series begins airing in UK. The new season starts in the U.S in early January.

  7. Thank you.

    Anybody know how to access original ( real time ) or repeats of UK Season 2 via internet or other streams?

  8. When I watched the entire first season on Netflix, I was hooked ! I am so excited to see this new season after all that occured in the last episode.

  9. @Laurie: The couple in the bed?! I must watch this trailer again for the 30th time. Clearly I blink way too often. Hmm…

  10. Since NBC/Universal wants to kill its own promo, we’ll have to make our own fun:

  11. Hilarious, Steve! The bit with the servants, I mean, the Downstairs friends going up the stairs is priceless. Also, took me a while to recognize Kim Cattrall as Lady Cora.

  12. Oh, my, I am still clutching my self and sobbing with laughter; that was a brilliantly devised and masterfully executed piece of spoofery. Now i’ll be miserable until I can get my hands on seson 2! Bring it on!

  13. Already watching season two… everyone will hate Mrs Bates!

  14. Late to the party here, but I just finished watching season 1 on Netflix and I can’t wait to see season 2!

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