Basket of News, Sept. 3-9, 2011

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Sep 092011

Matthew Weiner and Jon Hamm offer an oral history of “The Suitcase.”

GoldDerby asks whether Mad Men will clean up at tomorrow’s Creative Arts Emmys, or show unexpected weakness heading into the Primetime awards?  They also ask whether anyone can beat MM — and “The Suitcase” — for Best Drama Writing.

Syfy renews Alphas.

John Slattery is among the celebs surfing in Malibu tomorrow to benefit the Surfrider Foundation’s campaigns for clean water, open beach access, coastal preservation and special place protection.

Bryan Batt will be in NYC on October 6th for a signing and lecture launching his upcoming book, Big Easy Style.

January Jones will play Tippi Hedren to Timothy Spall’s Hitchcock for the BBC’s The Girl.

Jared Harris talks to the MTV about playing Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Randee Heller talks to Reuters about the brief life (and hilarious death) of Miss Blankenship, and how 10 years ago she almost gave up working as an actress.

Joe O’Connor, who plays Trudy Campbell’s dad Tom Vogel, compares the life of an ad man to that of an actor then describes what he’d do if Pete were his son-in-law.

Cara Buono has signed up to appear in Lifetime’s new pilot Modern Love.

Alison Brie briefly talks a little Mad Men in a joint interview with her Community co-star Joel McHale.

Gabriel Mann (Arthur Case) turns up in ABC’s stylish and soapy new drama Revenge.

Erin Cummings (Candace) likely won’t be slapping Don Draper around next season; she’s joined the cast of Pan Am.

Janie Bryant talks to Ad Age about Mad Men and her myriad endorsements and plans.

Lisa Albert and Janet Leahy are going to Ireland to host a course on TV development later this September.

BuzzSugar is running an Emmys contest with a 40″ HDTV as the prize.

Former Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch slipped into the Mad Men costumes on ehhibiton in Melbourne.  [She is pictured wearing what Matt Weiner and Robin Veith referred to as the “Sad Clown” dress from “A Night to Remember.” -K]

It’s football season: Off-Tackle Empire ranks the Big Ten, MM-style.

Helen Gurley Brown (a likely inspiration to and for Joan) did a spoken word album in 1963 titled Lessons in Love. Listen at the link.

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  9 Responses to “Basket of News, Sept. 3-9, 2011”

  1. Randee Heller is awesome! Great interview. I’m glad she’s finding work again. Still hard to believe that Miss Blankenship is also Daniel LaRusso’s mom! Excellent job by the makeup people!

  2. There is a new tidbit from the LA Times with Elisabeth Moss and here is an excerpt…anyone care to speculate? It’s a bit on Peggy’s shocked reaction to Don’s engagement…and what is behind that shock.

    ‘But will Don and Megan still be engaged — or perhaps married — when “Mad Men” returns for its fifth season in March?

    Moss isn’t spilling the beans. But she does offer a tantalizing clue that tracks back to Peggy’s initial shock.

    “I think there’s probably more to be revealed as to why she reacts that way,” Moss says, smiling. “But … um … that’s probably all I should say on the subject.” ‘

  3. Peggy knows Megan is eye candy to the kids from Life mag. Remember how they like to watch her at the front office reception desk? Also, Stan and Megan exchanged glances when he was showing the KKK film. Peggy knows Megan has a Joan Holloway quality that gets others attention. Maybe she knows more about Megan’s after hours life…Will she tell Don? After the suitcase episode she probably felt she might have a chance with him…When she is having that butt with Joanie after the engagement announcement I think she might be fuming because she is a bit jealous and mad at herself for thinking she might have a chance with him….

  4. Eh, I don’t think Peggy wants to be Mrs. Draper. She was his secretary; she of all people should know that’s a pretty raw deal.

    It’s more like she’s pissed that being Mrs. Draper will get a girl farther ahead, possibly even professionally, than all of Peggy’s hard work.

    Also, she’s pissed because Don told her that he never went after her because he has a policy of not shitting where he eats (other than the Alison mess, which he regarded as a temporary lapse in judgment), and when she sees him with Megan, it becomes obvious that he lied to her, and that what she thought was a moment of emotional intimacy with him was just more salesmanship. At that moment, in Peggy’s eyes, he instantly became yet one more domineering jerk who, no matter how much he’s “grown,” still prefers his women subordinate and decorative. (It’s worth noting that he never went after Joan, either, or even flirted with her; surely that has nothing to do with whether or not he finds Joan physically appealing.)

    It’s also possible that Peggy thinks Megan is an Eve Harrington, a point of view Joan seems to share with her. Not that I think the writers are going there, any more than they were going with “Suzanne is a bunny boiler.” But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t let Peggy act on that belief.

  5. Here is my very general “theory”: season 4 was Peggy and Don becoming close, then the Megan/Don situation – whether that be Megan getting upward mobility at SCDP or what not (essentially everything Meowser said) wedges them apart season 5, then season 6 is about them reuniting and becoming the ultimate force that will open the fabled Draper/Olson Agency. I guess there’s a season 7 in there somewhere, but for now that’s my trajectory. Of course, knowing Matt Weiner, Megan and Don will be separated by episode 1 and my theory is hogwash.

    And I agree that Peggy probably doesn’t want to be Megan herself, i.e. Don’s fiance, but Susan F’s theory is very valid – Peggy has to realize that Don Draper looks like Don Draper and so I think the romantic tension theory can’t be entirely dismissed.

    I think it’s at the point where I’m just creating episodes in my head to fill the void now.

  6. It’d actually be amazing if Megan turned out to be a cheater. We know she went after Don with a clear goal.

    • It’d actually be amazing if Megan turned out to be a cheater. We know she went after Don with a clear goal.

      Really? I don’t know that. I have no reason to think of Megan as cold and calculating. She seduced him with a clear goal–to sleep with him. After that, there was nothing between them for about six weeks. It’s a stretch to imagine she was sitting at his front desk, hoping his babysitter would be fired at the last minute so she could go to California with him.

  7. I think Megan is opportunistic but goes about her business in a smarter way than Jane Siegel Sterling.

    It would not surprise me a bit to see Megan cheat, with the clear understanding that Don is a serial cheater. Don wont like it but will tolerate it until he decides that a marriage to Megan is not the marriage he thinks he wants.

    I also think that Don has turned an unconscious corner in that he may now feel entitled to poach at the office. This is another manifestation of his S4 fall from grace. His name is now on the door and he is in the position of power. Prior to SCDP, he was an employee that could be fired at will, now he is the employer. As Roger once said, when your name is on the door, you feel a bit entitled.

    JJ has the potential to be a perfect Tippy Hedron. My first thought upon seeing her in the S2 pre season stills was that she looks just like Tippy Hedron !

  8. Megan wasn’t in the dark about Don. She made dinner reservations for his dates so she was cool. When he proposed she was truly shocked. I think she knows the score with him and women. He does not know the score with her! She has that French Canadian influence and may see sex more openly than chicks did in America back then. So, she probably has the confidence and the mind of her own to ride the wave of Don’s reactionary behavior. Afterall, he is a mess. I wonder what a shrink would predict his next move. I am guessing he will take a trip back to his humble farm and look up his geneology. Maybe that hooker/mother has a redeeming background that he can understand. He has to go to the source in order to heal.

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