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Jul 262011

Here are the things I look forward to seeing once again in Mad Men Season 5 …

Don and Sally eating together – we’ve seen them share eggs at midnight and rum-soaked pancakes.  These scenes are always so darn sweet.  Throw in salted chocolate ice cream with Grandpa Gene and Sally’s the people’s choice for breaking bread.  But dining with Dad is where it’s at.




The return of the back of Don’s head – we had, like, 20 shots of the back of that dippity-doo’d melon in the first 2-3 seasons.  In fact, it’s the opening shot of the entire series.  Alan Taylor loved talking about it.  I think we caught a glimpse of it in The Beautiful Girls, but other than that, nada.  What happened?





A party – this is already a Mad Men staple, starting with Nixon vs. Kennedy  and (“Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!!!”) the election returns party, and continuing through Paul Kinsey’s soiree in Montclaire, NJ and the systematic castration of every male SCDP employee in Christmas Comes But Once A Year.  Heck, even Sally turned the weekend of the American Airlines pitch into a booze-fest.



A major/minor character – those damn guest-stars!  Adam Whitman.  Faye Miller.  Connie Hilton.  Bobbie Barrett.  Jimmy Barrett.  Helen Bishop.  Like shooting stars, these rabble-rousers stir the pot and flame out, blazing a trail for others to ponder.  And this being Mad Men, there’s a lot to ponder.





What recurring themes, etc. are YOU looking forward to seeing in Season 5???


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  1. Misery … and lots of it.

  2. Roger’s one-liners. Don giving a great pitch, he threw the Jantzen people out and gave a drunken plagiarized one to Life cereal and that was it. Where is The Wheel? Darling Sally IS the people’s choice to break bread. Love those scenes.

  3. I would love to see Mrs Blankenship in her hay day with Bert Cooper.

    Also, more of Henry’s mom. She has a certain something that will add tension and uppidity-ness to Betty’s life!

    Finally, a backstory on dear Joanie. Who were her people. I am sure they were not Nordic…

    • There is always a scene of Joan withering someone to death. S1 she went after Peggy, S2 after Jane, S3 it was Hooker, and S4 it was Joey. More Joan withering!

  4. YES, more Joan withering! I hope we get to see Joan pregnant and that they don’t skip ahead too far.

    I also hope Don doesn’t marry Megan, or at least not during the break but that’s from my mouth to Matt’s ear, hopefully.

  5. Love the phrase ‘Joan withering’, ha! Alas, I think her bundle of joy will soften our Joanie, and the office won’t seem important enough for her to sharpen her verbal claws for battle. Henry’s mom had ONE scene last yr and it was sufficient to have us pine for her. Powerful. Please bring her back. Oh, and the formerly creepy Glen too.

  6. Sally has to do her once-a-season visit to the office. Running into Lane’s son Nigel with his accent and mop top, complications ensue.

  7. I love your idea Mentat! Sally and Nigel! I could definitely see sparks there.

    I want to see pop-icon shows playing on the TV in the background –Star Trek, Bewitched (Darren is a Mad Man!), I Dream of Jeannie, The Monkees, and most definitely Walter Cronkite or Huntley-Brinkley.

    And for God’s sake, please let us see what happened to Sal and Kitty!

    I want to see Joan and Peggy bring SCDP back up to its Zenith, and after work, let Joan have a total moment of contentment and joy with her baby, she deserves that!

  8. Deb – LOVE the Joanie stiletto scenes …. you could add the scene with Paul in Flight 1 (“You in your little apartment in Newark or wherever … Which part is wrong?”).

    In the same episode as the Joey confrontation, she quietly mauls Peggy in the elevator (“… and your just a humorless bitch”).

    Let’s hope we don’t need to wait long.

  9. I’d like to see Don as Dick. Everytime we see him in that capacity we learn something new about the character.

    • Talia, good one! Love Dick Whitman scenes and I hope, now that Anna is gone, those scenes aren’t gone as well.

  10. Ooohhh, what a rich idea for a blog post!

    Even though it’s been clear from Season 1 that Betty is a self-involved brat, I still treasure the intimate, non-hostile moments she has with Sally. More of these, please.

    I second the idea of Don-Draper-back-of-head shots. But, B. Cooper, I’ll bet you a manhattan at the next BoK party that Draper is using Brylcreem or Vitalis (Dippity Do? Indeed!)

    Also second the idea of Draper-as-Whitman. We could see Anna again!

    I want to see Draper toss out another undeserving client.

    Speaking of pregnant: Does Weiner dare have January Jones pregnant-in-fact playing Betty pretend-pregnant-with-Henry’s-child? Or even more racy, pregnant-with-Don’s-child (too-racy? too-soapish?).

    How about young Weiner (Glen) hitchhiking to Rye to see Sally?

    More Peggy and Abe in love – hot, heavy, conflicted, and complicated. Put ’em in bed. Put ’em at another party.

    Speaking of love (and not mere lust) we’ve had two lovely black women as girlfriends (Kinsey and Pryce). Part of the brilliance of the show is that those particular bit parts did NOT smack of tokenism. Not expecting it, but I’ll bet Weiner could pull this off one more time in the next three seasons.

  11. You know what I miss?

    Those wonderful jazz transitions from the earlier seasons—-

    Watching the pilot right now on Netflix (wonderful—hopefully this move will grab a lot more viewers before S5 begins)

    Back to the pilot—the second scene is Don and Midge—Don is lost over tobacco and visits her apartment to get some encouragement. He wakes up in the morning and the next scene begins with an birdseye of the SC building and folks in the lobby—–all cast over upbeat jazz! I love the flute, symbols, etc…..really gets you in that swanky mood, ifyaknowwhatImean

    I would love to the jazz transitions come back for S5!


    Don to Peggy: Fear stimulates my imagination.

  13. LOL about Joan’s people were certainly not Nordic! 🙂

    We didn’t see much of Jane last year, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her again, even if she’s not the most likable character. Would be interesting if she became pregnant at the same time that Joan is.

    And, of course, more Mona. We didn’t get any Mona last season (sniff) I missed her 🙁

    More Peggy and Abe in love – hot, heavy, conflicted, and complicated. Put ‘em in bed. Put ‘em at another party.

    I’ve posted about it before, but I always liked the idea of Peggy and Smitty (and we know he’s still around – working for Ted Chaough, who I have a feeling we’ll be seeing again). How about a Peggy/Abe/Smitty love triangle – could be interesting 😉

    And yes – Sal & Kitty. Even if the time isn’t ripe yet for Sal to come back to SC, it would be great to see some sort of follow-up. Maybe someone running into Kitty (or Sal) in the grocery store, a la Carmela Soprano coming across Angie Bonpensiero.

  14. @7 Mentat-Depending on how old Nigel is, that could be cute. I’m not sure how old Nigel is supposed to be. The show didn’t give us many clues to help. Although I’m not sure if Nigel’s mum would let him have a mop top, unless it was a compromise because he wanted to wear his hair like Mick’s.

    @8 Therese- I keep waiting for the scene of someone watching “Bewitched” on television. It hasn’t happened yet.

    @10 Talia-I’m all for more flashbacks.

    @12 Jahn Ghalt-She could be pregnant with Henry’s child, but not Don’s. She hasn’t had sex with Don since the divorce. Although if they do write in another pregnancy, part of me thinks a miscarriage could be an interesting storyline. It’s a horrible thing to have happen to a couple, but it does provide dramatic material.

    Totally agree with you about more Peggy and Abe. I would love it if word got back to one or both of their parents.

    I wouldn’t mind another scene with Glen, and I know just how to do it. What if he goes to Rye, only to find her with another boy?

    @15 Mad Chick-I want to know what happened to Sal and Kitty. I’ll bet they’re still together too.

  15. I’m not sure if this really belongs here, but I’m going to post it anyway. I would love a scene between Eleanor Francis and Sally, although I’m not sure how it would happen. Maybe it’s a girls day in the city. Henry might be able to convince Betty that having Sally spent time with Eleanor would be good for her.

  16. Thanks girl!

    @Mad Chick——-totally agree about Sal. I think he has been one of the most creatively forward thinking characters…well, him along with Smitty and that other guy named Smith 🙂

    I think a great theme for S5 would be for people to push Don…….Sal could come back a successful commercial director, challenging Don’s opinions and aesthetic….Megan, if her character continues on to be a strong woman of the 60s, could definitely provoke Donnie D. into being more honest and transparent and, where Peggy has failed to make Don drop all chauvinistic tendencies, Miss Meg could help..

  17. I’d like to see what happened to Duck.

    I’d like to see the Pete of S1 a little bit more.

    I’d like to see Don dance. In 3 Sundays, that small scene where he’s dancing w/ Betty in the living room? So small a moment, but lovely nonetheless.

    Great post!!

  18. Sal was “creatively forward”? I thought his art was criticized by a client as being old-fashioned and outdated, and when Don complainted to Lane in “The Grown-Ups” that the agency had no art director, Lane replied that none of the clients had complained. If anything, Stan seems like the more capable guy, even if he is a bit of a sexist.

  19. HBSI,

    Sal’s problem was that the ad biz was moving almost entirely to photography during this period. Drawn art tended to be relegated to kid’s stuff or self-conscious nolstalgia. That’s why he was getting into directing. He wasn’t blamed for the Patio ad (that was lack of Ann-Margaret) and the Lucy ad was short-circuited by Lee Garner, Jr. for non-artistic reasons.

  20. Sal was a good character. Liked him, didn’t love him. Same for Kinsey, same for Ken. Ken is still essential because he serves Pete’s never ending teenage insecurity jones. Ken is his foil, and now lil Pete has put him in his proper place. Megan better not help DD ‘evolve’, or make him some plastic sympathetic WB network drama dad. Yuck! MW always talks about ‘reset to master’— about characters emotions. I see it as return to stupid or the reptillian part of the brain. Stupidity leads to bad choices, which leads to hurt feelings, and conflicts, which is the requirement for great drama. I want more dumb, self-destructive Don. Ain’t I a ray o’ sunshine?#*@. And a return to him and Roger getting shitfaced in some bar talking about anything.

  21. Tilden, you crack me up.
    I would love to see Dan pouring his heart out to Roger about how the night he had a farewell drink with Betty in the kitchen there was still something between them.
    Later that night she showed up at his Greenwhich Village pad toasted and they played hide the salami like they were in Rome. (Roman hands and Russian fingers)
    Now, poor Don is distraught because Mrs Henry Francis is carrying his 4th little Draper!

  22. Sorry, meant to write Don pouring his heart…

  23. # 23 tilden katz said:

    “Megan better not help DD ‘evolve’, or make him some plastic sympathetic WB network drama dad.” (no worries no that score – Weiner would cut it in a minute – and fire the writer)


    “And a return to him and Roger getting shitfaced in some bar talking about anything.” (I second this one)

    # 24 susan F said:

    “I would love to see Dan pouring his heart out to Roger about how the night he had a farewell drink with Betty in the kitchen there was still something between them.” (Not gonna happen. Not those old guard guys)

    “Later that night she showed up at his Greenwhich Village pad toasted and they played hide the salami like they were in Rome.” (that could definitely happen)

    This stuff is fun, but thankfully we may kibbitz but get no vote.

    Weiner is the MAN – with a fabulous nose for this stuff. I bet he doesn’t read this stuff, anyway.

  24. I would like to see more of Don’s backstrory. Early years in NY and then how he quickly rose from Jr. Copywriter to Creative Director in less than 5yrs. To put his career tragectory into perspective…more time has elapsed from the Pilot to S4-13 than elapsed from Don’s hiring to the Pilot. Cooper and Sterling each saw something different in Don; what was it and how did it come about ?

    More Stan Rizzo. Peggy put him in his place, but I think his frat boy persona was a good office foil for Peggy.

    More of Peggy and Pete having a close working relationship. They are almost telepathic when together.

    More scenes of Betty and Don together.

    We know that Sal is not dead….MW has said so (according to Bryan Batt). Will S5 mark Sal’s return ? Will he still be married to Kitty and thus still in the closet ?

    How the firm rebuilt business during the elapsed time between S4 and S5.

    More DD brilliance. We saw a glimpse in TCATS, but we also saw how far he fell creatively.

    I am someone that likes to see leaks and spoilers (I know, I know). Viewing an episode cold is demanding because I am concentrating so hard to take everything in. If I have some idea of what will happen, then I focus on some of the details that I might miss the first time around.

    Most of all I am looking forward to MARCH 2012 !

  25. The cold watch is the hardest rl. That’s what makes the 11pm and 1 am repeats so delicious. This blog is so much fun because we get. To live out the Mad Men version of fantasy football or baseball geekdom somewhat. We ‘draft’ Don or Pegs or whomever and write out our fantasies and wants for them. We get to be MW & his crew for a precious few clicks of the keyboard. Its a hoot. Obtw; I’m a degenerate sports fan and I’ve NEVER participated in a fantasy league. I imagine it as the pits of the world. So, there; I’ve contradicted myself:).

  26. Thanks for the plug susan.

  27. what i’m looking forward to is a black character.
    most characters in MM are semi-regular but Carla, Lane’s bunny, Paul’s girlfriend and even the elevator guy have all been jettisoned so now there aren’t even any peripheral people of color on the show.

    at its heart MM is not a history show. it’s not a political show. it’s a show about how this one guy who seemingly has it all; power, money, looks, women, smarts, a gorgeous wife, and the house in the subs with the 2.5 perfect children, and best of all he can drink and smoke at work!

    it’s the American dream, but the dream is a nightmare. it’s a real life fairy tale – and all fairy tales have this darkness about them: kids being shoved into ovens, witches with evil potions, babies falling from their tree cribs. dark, scary stuff, as is Don’s life. the show is about inspecting how this seemingly beautiful man is trying to keep it together during turbulent times. and turbulent times are a’coming.

    how this guy keeps his shit together is the lesson the show teaches. we see how he’s dealt with gays, with women, with politics, with addiction. he deals with everything ambiguously.* his dealings with Sal were quintessentially Don. he supported him and his perverse sexuality as long as it was in the closet, hidden away. once it came out and threatened the business it appeared his real colors surfaced with his “you people” comment; but we love Don for his flaws and think if he were more accustomed and better educated, and had more exposure … wait a minute that’s the reason we integrated schools in the 60’s, and came up with “affirmative action”.

    *(actually there was one thing he didn’t deal with ambiguously. the hippie drug culture. Don is “the Man” against whom the 60’s are rebelling against. he is the Establishment. no one can forget how he walked out that apartment shielded by his fedora, amidst all the police, with the post-beatnik-pre-hippies cowering in their marijuana fueled paranoia)

    Don is America: self-invented, conflicted, chauvinistic, homophobic, self-medicated and blissfully unaware. the only thing he doesn’t do is over-eat. and the other thing we haven’t seen him do is deal with race. oh, there’s been a comment here and there, that disapproving look at Roger in blackface, but there’s been nothing overt and overt is about to bust out all over the place

    on the Crystal Ball post i wrote the first scene for this years first show which introduces a black character (and Don’s new secretary) it took me four days to write so by the time i posted it, you guys had moved on. i’ve linked to it with this: Crystal Ball post, Scene 1 Episode 1 of Year 5 i had so much fun and it was so satisfying that i think its my responsibility to share new MM content even if its imaginary wishful thinking fan fiction

  28. I wanna see “The Beautiful Girls, Part2″–Sally, Ana Draper’s neice and Carla’s daughter (new character)…with some kind of Douglas Sirk/”Far From Heaven” tinge.

    More people crying in restrooms, please!

    Allison is back in the picture, pregnant with Don’s baby.

    Agree with resurrecting Henry’s mom and Glen.

    If Don & Megan do in fact marry, I hope we get to see the ceremony!

  29. Oh, and bring back the kiddie psychiatrist please!

  30. DragonBreath, That’s a fine, deep post, and I appreciate all the thought you put into it! Thanks for your input, very well written. I completely agree with your comment:
    “Don is America: self-invented, conflicted, chauvinistic, homophobic, self-medicated and blissfully unaware. the only thing he doesn’t do is over-eat. and the other thing we haven’t seen him do is deal with race. oh, there’s been a comment here and there, that disapproving look at Roger in blackface, but there’s been nothing overt and overt is about to bust out all over the place”

    A lot of America is still like Don at this stage, which is what makes it so interesting to see how he will evolve. I agree with a lot of you that Don will always be the man in the hat, but I also think that he has changed since S1, if only to realize that his world is changing. I’m pretty sure Don, like many of his generation, will not welcome the cultural revolution of the 60s, and he’ll definitely hate hippies, but I still see that spark of Dick in there, that wants to be free. With Megan in his life, he says he feels more like himself than with anyone else. Even if she frees him from his harness of conformity, I think the women’s movement and changing ideas will eventually split them apart.
    Matt Weiner knows his characters. This will be a hell of a season!

  31. @HBSI yes, I do think Sal was forward thinking. it was hinted. I think Sal is/was timid..was too afraid to be fired or “found out” to actually produce the work he wanted to…he was Draper’s poodle for a long time.

    HOWEVER—–evidence supporting my point: He noticed that Ken’s writing was a step-above–moreover, he expressed that sentiment poetically (before he developed the crush :)); the decor in his apartment; his recreation of the beginning of Bye, Bye Birdie (which, yes, may be seen as trite—but his artistic enthusiasm really resonates with me—he has an eye) my point is: the guy had more depth than what SC recognized and was too afraid to go out on a limb with a lot of stuff.

    SO yes, I think he was forward-thinking, maybe not forward-acting—a point, which if MW brings him back, I would love to see what came of him after DD fired him—-as Conan ‘O Brien said, “nothing is more liberating than having your worst nightmare realized..”

  32. @rl totally agree about Don’s back story. would love to see more, see Betty’s back story, see Joan’s (@susan)…..I think the whole time structure presents us with a problem because yes, the 5-year thing doesn’t always sit well….THOUGH do you remember the first few episodes? there was a certain level of camaraderie between Don and the jr’s. it was certainly halfhearted from DD’s end, but the ranks were MUCH closer than they were even towards the end of the season. the jr’s would be in Don’s office, laughing, drinking, communicating on a significantly more casual level—–so I do think that indicates that yes, he hasn’t been there for 20 years—he has been there for 5 and is there boss but there is a relaxed vibe.

  33. Don’s response to Roger talking about the first black guy at one of the other agencies: ‘I’d hate to be that kid’, or something like that. Was he being sympathetic or just not imagining someone finally putting their toe in the water. I think it is time for Don and Roger to hire a ‘negro’ of their own. Boy, how does that sound? Don told Pete that he was ahead on a lot of things including that market. Does DD think the black market is significant enough to hire someone to help broaden their understanding and better serve that demographic? Think Don and the Menken’s account. Roger: “Have we hired a jew?”. Don: “Not on my watch”. I know it was 1960 when he said that, and we are now headed toward 1967. But, still. Can you imagine DD with a black girl? I’d be as stunned as the 60’s audiences that witnessed Kirk engage in the first interracial smooch on prime time.

  34. I don’t know if I necessarily want to see Allison pregnant with Don’s baby (although the idea is interesting), but just as with Kitty Romano, I’d love to see some sort of follow up where we get to see what is going on in Allison’s life these days. Not out of the question, I’m sure–MW did it with Rachel (in Season 2), and with Midge (in Season 4). Maybe one of the other characters (Don?) runs into Allison, or one of the current office characters still socializes with Allison so we get to see her, albeit briefly. Allison’s final scenes in Season 4 indicated that she was considering a job at Cosmopolitan magazine (she mentioned a magazine and that it would be interesting working for a woman, so most likely it was Helen Gurley Brown)

    Also, I’ve said it before, but Don’s probably going to need a new secretary (if he and Megan marry), Lane fired his secretary last season, we never saw who was working for Peggy last season…….all this leads to a need for more secretarial staff………HILDY!!!!!! Wouldn’t it be great to have Hildy back? Although if she’s smart, she wouldn’t accept another job working for Pete. 😉

  35. It’s Montclair, New Jersey. There is no e at the end of Montclair.

  36. Hi from Italy!

    I’d like more of Pete & Peggy (& Trudy) for S5

    I know, you all probably got over them already, but I’ve just watched all the previous 4 seasons this year for the first time, and I haven’t had the time to grow accustomed to the idea that they’re through… 🙂

    Great site, very informative

  37. I’d like to see a flashback about Roger’s father. All we know of him is from all the wild things Roger has said about him. (Great nails, but just on one hand, since his other arm was severed in a car wreck!)

    The next part isn’t about S-5, but I thought it was interesting.

    I’ve been re-watching S-1 episodes this week and noticed, for the first time, something in the episode when Roger has his first heart attack (“Long Weekend”). There’s a scene at the hospital, outside Roger’s room and in the background there’s a guy mopping the floor. I’m sure they didn’t use Ryan Cutrona (Gene Hofstadt) for that scene, but the clothing and posture of the figure portend Betty’s hallucination of Gene in the hospital hallway, in “The Fog”.

  38. @31 Peg4Prez- I love the idea of seeing the wedding. Sally would probably want to be in it, but I think she’s a little old to be a flower girl. Did they have junior bridesmaids back then? Showing the wedding might be a cool way to start the season.

    @37 Mad Chick- I wonder if Allison would become one of Joyce’s friends.

  39. Hi RetroGirl :O)

    Yeh, I’m really curious about the non-wedding/unseen wedding/wedding.

    Here’s an excerpt from “History of Bridesmaids”, Lea WhiteFeather (ehow)

    “The “Maid of Honor” is the chief bridesmaid. She is the one the bride designates to see to the most important tasks, such as the aforementioned bookings and reminders. If she is married, she is called the “Matron of Honor.” Apparently, such a marker that distinguishes between being married as compared to not stems from the tradition of choosing bridesmaids among unwed young women of marriageable age. Thus “Junior Bridesmaids” in recent times are girls whose participation the bride wishes for in the wedding party despite the fact they are too young to get married. The expression “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” has its origins in this practice. If a woman never got around to marrying, it was believed that the evil spirits out to harm the bride had successfully cursed her, the bridesmaid, instead.”

    I was born in ’59 and I seem to recall jr. bridesmaids tradition being around, at least from late 60s-on. Interesting question!

  40. # 36 tilden katz:

    “I’d be as stunned as the 60′s audiences that witnessed Kirk engage in the first interracial smooch on prime time.”

    It may well have been a syndicated rerun in the 70’s when I saw the Kirk/Uhura kiss. I recall it being uncomfortable – because it was telekinetically forced and they were reluctant.

    But, I don’t recall being “stunned”. Perhaps growing up Alaska (Anchorage) had something to do with this.

    I remember in 1990 taking to then 40-something newly-transferred Ted Martinez from the US Southwest – he commented that he saw a black/white couple holding hands strolling through an Anchorage mall. He was surpised that no one gave them a even a first glance.

    He assured that would not be the case in Phoenix.

  41. We’re speculating about next season, and I’m kind of wondering when the issue of race will make some sort of big splash on the lives of any of the characters. MM has gently touched on some themes with Carla, and the Alabama church bombing. Sally was affected by the murder of Medgar Evers after the traumatic event of Grandpa Gene’s passing. The march on Washington and some awkward conversations with the gentleman who operated the elevator, Paul and his participation on the Freedom Rides. I guess sometime MW will have a black character who holds a position of prominence, or what Peter’s dad would say is ‘a white man’ s job’. Advertising is not according to the enlightened senior Campbell. How would DD or Roger react to that character? Would he be ostracized? Would he be an object of wonder? I say ‘he’ because a black woman to be hired at their firm would just be too much. ‘Whos, lets not get crazy now’. Maybe he would just be sort of accepted and nothing major would come of it. Maybe MM will just continue to just skim the surface with only mentions of landmark moments. I’m not complaining, MM is not sociology 101, it’s merely fine entertainment. The show has made it a point to comment on its times and their impact. The 60’s.was when the shit hit the fan on the racial front, and I as a fan would think that it would make good drama to pursue that angle a little more in depth.

  42. At the behest of a friend I once watched an episode of West Wing – perhaps not the “right” one because I recall at least two “speeches” in that show and never came back.

    (I now know that Moss was a player in that show – so I might try it again)

    Weiner is scrupulous with Mad Men. The settings are about what was – not what he wished it was or what should have been.

    Whatever “Agenda” or “Statement” one might glean is organic. He’s handled race relations very well.

    Joan’s icy putdown of Kinsey’s girlfriend at his party – that rang true. Casual 21st-C acceptance would have been jarring.

    Pryce’s black-bunny infatuation was expertly treated.

    The elevator operator was appropriately uncomfortable with Campbell’s earnest overtures regarding black television ownership (I wonder what he’s doing in 1966?).

    I’ve trolled the commentary here long enough to see that Weiner has his own self-assured vision for the show. He manages to nod to our (and his) 20xx sensibilties without being corrupted by them. However he chooses to blend race relations will be done with style and a firm sense of pitch.

    Speaking to your speculation, Mr. Katz, if next season Weiner does put a black man in a position of authority, he will be an entreprenuer or will be uber-competent. It’s a bit too early for tokenism. The show will end before affirmative action eners the picture.

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