Falling Skies Episode 3: Grace

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Jul 042011

Ugh, this was bad. The two things that stood out as dumbest about last week’s episode were (1) Letting Pope loose to cook, and (2) leaving the Skitter unguarded. So now we have an entire episode premised on maintaining those two stupidities. The constant low-level aggravation of this made the cool things less cool (sleeping upside-down, radio frequencies, OMG the kid) and the stupid things more stupid.

Arthur and I have decided to give this show one more week. Another episode this stupid and we’re done, so don’t get too emotionally involved with my recaps.

Noah Wyle’s relentless hopefulness is starting to get to me as well. It seems pretty obvious that the problem with the children is much worse than he, or indeed any of them, are allowing themselves to know. First of all, Dr. Evil’s removal method doesn’t work; the don’t-sleep-on-your-back stickums seem to do the job of the entire harness, at least in the presence of a Skitter. The next smart step is to capture another kid, which they can’t do because of the Skitter “take one, we kill the rest” policy, so okay, capture a bunch of kids and keep the majority at a separate facility, and use one to continue to speak through the Skitter. Except, yes, this is heinous, using a POW in a continued slave capacity. It seems smarter than anything else they’ve got.

The problem is, no one, including the career military people, are thinking that way. They’re not thinking, “Hey, the kid put his own harness back on, so maybe freeing more kids through Dr. Evil’s method isn’t a good idea.” They’re all photoboard and Free Ben!

These people are both refugees and military. If they’re thinking like refugees, then Free Ben! makes sense. But if they’re trying to fight the enemy, then someone needs to think like a soldier.

And now I’m going to object to the religiosity, because really? We knew that Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) was introduced with heavy hand as The Religious One. I don’t object to that except for the acting. Her constant little half-smile seems to confuse faith with opiates. But the sledgehammer-to-the-brain way she imposed her golly-gee-willikers faith on everyone else made me puke. It’s like “Thank God we all have the same religious background, otherwise we’d never defeat the Skitters.”

Okay, one more week and then someone needs to send me the Danish “Killing” so I have something good to write about.


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