Sucker Punch Blu-ray/DVD/Digital release

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Jun 272011


The nice people at Warner Brothers sent me some promo material for Sucker Punch, including a clip featuring Jon Hamm (a little), in honor of the forthcoming release of the film on Blu-ray et al.

Isn’t that wild? It’s like it’s directed by Richard O’Brien. I can see Pat Quinn as the lead singer.

Sucker Punch arrives onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download June 28th! Create your own Sucker Punch custom videos by combining clips, audio, effects and transitions. Then save your creations to the Gallery and share with friends!

Look for a review forthcoming pretty soon on this site.


  6 Responses to “Sucker Punch Blu-ray/DVD/Digital release”

  1. Ok, I have not seen this film

    However, when I read the ‘basics’ of the storyline, I immediately thought that they finally made Mia Wallace’s infamous pilot ‘Fox Force Five’ into a feature.

    Is Tarantino a producer? Better get their lawyers onto it…

  2. PJ, Fox Force Five cracks me up!

  3. This should be an interesting review. (I haven’t seen the movie, but have heard enough to know I don’t want to)

    Also, if you ever take review requests, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Game of Thrones. I understand if fantasy isn’t your thing, but it’s got probably the biggest list of interesting female characters on tv right now.

  4. I hope you will review the director’s extended cut version, which is 18 minutes longer and has an R rating. The theatrical version cut a key scene between Baby Doll and High Roller (Jon Hamm) to make a PG-13 rating, but without that scene the story made very little sense…. IMHO.

  5. It’s even weirder when you read the synopsis. Whoa!

  6. polly, I’ll review whatever version they provide.

    Andrew, I don’t have HBO, so I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, but I should see if I can get screeners, because I’m surely interested. Certainly my love of science fiction & fantasy is why I picked up Falling Skies.

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