Mad Men Gemini Birthday Roundup

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Jun 182011

So we start with our May Geminis

  • May 23rd was the birthday of Hal Landon Jr., who played Achilles, the janitor in The Color Blue.

  • May 30th was the 30th birthday (a big one!) of Blake Bashoff who played Mark Kerney, Peggy’s boyfriend this past season. Before that hippie came in.

    And the June Gemini troupe

  • June 6th was celebration time for Danny Strong (hello… Buffy fans!) who portrayed Danny Siegel. Really best known as Jonathon on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Danny also wrote and co-produced the HBO film Recount, about the 2000 US presidential election.
  • Happy birthday on June 15th to Susan Krebs, the Drapers’ interior decorator Cynthia (who did not approve of the fainting couch!)
  • Yesterday, June 17th was cake and candles for Anthony Burch, who plays Marty Faraday. We first met Marty back in S1 (Lois was not so much interested in him as she was in Salvatore), but he has been in several episodes, even demonstrating (acting out) Peggy’s Aquanet ad.
  • Yesterday, June 17th was also the anniversary of the birth of the late Christopher Allport, who we remember well as Andrew Campbell, Peter’s father. Mr. Allport died in a tragic accident at the age of 60 in January, 2008. Christopher was honored by Matt and the show when they dedicated the episode Flight 1 (inspired by his passing) to his memory.
  • Tomorrow, June 19th, Happy happy to Jennifer Seibel (now Newsom) who played Juanita Carlson, Betty’s former roommate and current “party girl”. Deb and I both loved her on Life, and she also got a bit of attention for having married San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom in July, 2008.
  • And my favorite of all of Don Draper’s women, Rachel Menken (now Katz)–Maggie Siff celebrates a birthday on June 21st. One of these days I’ll just lock myself in a room and watch a Sons of Anarchy marathon, because it is totally my kind of show, even if she weren’t on it.

    Baskets and baskets of birthday kisses to all of you!!!

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    1. I didn’t know that about Mr Allport, the guy who played Pete’s dad. Good that they dedicated the episode to him, ’cause they made his character even more the blackguard.

      It’s not my birthday, but thanks for the butterfly twins anyway!

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