Basket of News, June 4-10, 2011

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Jun 102011

The L.A. Times reports on its Mad Men Emmys-related Q&A session featuring show creator Matthew Weiner and cast members Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks and Kiernan Shipka. There’s also seven-plus minutes of video.

Christina Hendricks appeared on The View and talked about the show, with headline being that no one has been fired [Video at the link, including Christina singin’ and dancin’. -K]  She also paid a visit to Fox & Friends.  Christina tells The Wrap that filming for Season 5 should start in less than a month, among other things… CH also talks to Parade about MM and other projects, including the LATISSE Make-a-Wish challengeBackstage names her as one of five actors who have had an Emmy-worthy year.

Jon Hamm thinks the show has changed the way some people speak. He also talked to BBC Newsbeat about the Season 5 delay and being “a million in Hollywood years.”

Kiernan Shipka was interviewed about Season 4 (and 5) via video link by Gold Derby.

John Slattery talks to Gold Derby about his Emmy submissions — for acting and directing.

AMC is sending Emmy voters the whole MM season on DVDs. THR wonders whether the show is unbeatable.

Mad Men received the second-highest number of nominations for the inaugural Critics’ Choice Television Awards (and the highest for a drama). [We’ll discuss this more on Monday. –D]

January Jones talks to E! Online about whether her pregnancy is being written into the show (scroll down at the link).  The Boston Herald’s review of X-Men: First Class opines that “while January Jones displays the same blank affect she brings to Mad Men, she is something to look at.” [Note: Since I opined on JJ in this movie last week, I hasten to add I did not pick this review. -K] Lost showrunner Damon Lindelhof was also not a fan of JJ’s performance. [OK, that one’s mine. -K] E! Online finds five nice things to say about January.

At The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates posts on race and gender in X-Men: First Class, with a Mad Men comparison. The screenwriters for the mutants touched on these issues (again mentioning MM) at the MCM Expo.

Matthew Weiner was the maverick in the room at a Variety-presented “A Night in the Writers’ Room” event.

Could Jared Harris return to Fringe?  He can currently be seen in John Carpenter’s The Ward, by video on demand.

Janie Bryant talks to Elle UK about London, fashion design, Mad Men, etc.

Film School Rejects has a bit on Alison Brie and Geoffrey Arend in the upcoming Save the Date. The Vancouver Sun thinks Brie ought to get an Emmy nom this year for her work on Community.

Rosemary DeWitt stars in a short film marking the directorial debut of Rachel Weisz.

Eric Ladin (of both MM and The Killing) put his acting chops to work in the highly anticipated video game inFamous 2.

The Associated Press reviews L.A. Noire, noting its MM-friendly cast.

The California Literary Review has a critical piece on The Killing.

Patrick Gilmore talks The Killing and Stargate Universe with MediaBlvd.  Mireille Enos is profiled by THR.

A Breaking Bad deleted scene: Walter vs. Skyler.

The City on a Hill Press essays feminism and the new fall lineup.

Kevin Smith and AMC are developing a reality show about two fans running a comic shop in New Jersey.

Cablevision officially spins of AMC on June 30.

Judy Hauser takes a look at fmr. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, IMF bigwig Dominique Gaston André Strauss-Kahn, and concludes it’s raining Mad Men.

The Independent surveys books by Mad Men (and Women).

The Clio Awards are thinking of shortening their format. [There’s some funny commentary about the Clios on the S4 DVDs. -K]

Basket of News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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  1. The Backstage article was interesting (Jesse Tyler Ferguson & a few other TV actors are also interviewed) because Christina talked about how she first auditioned for Mad Men. I hadn’t known that she originally got a callback for the Midge role.

  2. Finally! Jon Hamm wins “Outstanding Actor” Award at the 51st Monte Carlo Television Festival’s Golden Nymph Awards.

  3. Thanks for this great update! I always enjoy reading.

    A question/thought: would it be possible to have links open in a different window?

  4. MadChick,

    IIRC, I think CH talks about auditioning for Midge in the DVD commentary for “Babylon.”


    I’ll try to remember to ask Deborah about the links (tho I think she’s kinda busy next week).

  5. Karl, there’s a simple snippet of HTML that will do the trick, but I’ll try to find something more elegant.

  6. Poor January, people live to shit on her.

  7. #7 JS, agree.

    And I hate it. I want to say to people: There’s a real woman in there. A woman who claims to have done this:

    Critical reviews of a performance are one thing, but when they edge over into ad hominem attacks, they become another. That’s just out of line.

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