Sunday Night Open Thread 5/29/11

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May 292011

Memorial Day weekend, so let’s try…

What are some of your favorite holiday television episodes?


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  1. I know this is not limited to Mad Men, but “Christmas Comes But Once a Year” was certainly a very interesting and entertaining episode.

  2. Friends-The One with the Holiday Armadillo
    M*A*S*H-Death Takes a Holiday
    M*A*S*H- Trick or Treatment

  3. I know we’re just marking time for another year or so, and I admire those of you trying to find something worth talking about, but….

    OK, have fun.

  4. Nothing comes close, for me, to Northern Exposure’s “Seoul Mates.” Watching it is an annual tradition.

    berk, thanks for the vote of confidence. Not. We are far from marking time around here. We are currently actively writing about 4 shows: Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Killing, and Downton Abbey. We are also running movie reviews, book reviews, and will be adding additional shows. I get up early every morning to make sure there’s a post up before I go to work. Frankly, I resent the “marking time” remark in the light of the amount of work the Basketwriters put in.

  5. The Cheers thanksgiving episode at Norm’s house and they all get pretty tired of waiting for “Birdzilla” to finish cooking and it degenarates into a food fight that ends with never seen Vera ( Norm’s wife) take a full pie to the face just as she announces the turkey is finally done ( and so is this sentence, Whew). Always brings a smile to my face. Modern Family’s halloween episode was a gem, just like every other episode they make.

  6. @3 berkowit28-This seems like a pretty typical off-season post to me. If you don’t like what you see/think you could do a better job, write something. I’m not sure how to post something as a guest writer, but I know I’ve seen other people do it.

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