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May 052011


As Deborah and I are both Taureans, we decided to honor all the Mad Men/Basket of Kisses Taurus birthdays in one fell swoop.

In no particular order (except okay, it’s chronological):

April 25th is the birthday of Marguerite Moreau, who played Vicky the call girl in Three Sundays.
April 25th is also the birthday of me. Thanks again for the birthday love!

April 29th is when Darby Stanchfield celebrates—I suppose with Betty and Henry moving we’ve seen the last of Helen Bishop. We’ll miss her.

May 3rd, Christina Hendricks had some cake. If you don’t know that Christina portrays Joan Holloway Harris, you might be at the wrong blog.

May 3rd is also the birthday of our very own Basketwriter Anne B—love love love love love you Anne!

Yesterday, May 4th, was the anniversary of my sister Deborah‘s turn around the sun –and a rich one it was!

Today, May 5th—birthday love to Vincent Kartheiser! (aka Peter Campbell)

May 8th is the birthday of Basketwriter Karl (Mad Newshound and music expert)

and May 9th is the birthday of longtime Basketwriter B. Cooper—see what I mean? There’s just tons of us!

Two birthdays are celebrated on May 18th
Robert Morse, the original B. Cooper, celebrates a fine one this year as he turns 80. I trust there is a spectacular event in the works for this legend!

And not quite so ripened, but surely a nuanced actor, Matt Long, who played Peggy’s freelance Art Director Joey Baird, raises a glass on the 18th as well.

Happiest of birthdays to all of you (to us!) fine bullheaded folks. A basket of birthday kisses to all!


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  1. I’m a bull too, (4/30) and my son shares May 18 with Robert Morse & B.Cooper!! (he’ll be only 14 though)

    We Bulls love to write! My only question is, with the recent mess up with planet alignment (?) are we still Taureans? Hope so!

  2. We are. Deb will come on here this evening and ‘splain.

    Happy birthday, Therese, to you and your son!

  3. I ALSO am a Taurus, May 8th! Happy Happy Birthday to us all- we Mad Maniacs!!

  4. There is no “recent mess up,” Therese. Sidereal astrology has been around for a long time, it was more like, some recent reporter wrote an old story and for some reason, it circulated like wildfire.

    Here’s the deal: Sidereal astrology is based on the constellations (Taurus, Leo, etc.). In the 7,000 years since astrology was first invented, the constellations have shifted in the sky.

    Tropical astrology is based on the planets. The qualities of a Taurus, in tropical astrology, are not based on the constellation “Taurus,” but on the planets that rule the period of time from late April to late May. The astrology that we all know is, and has always been, tropical.

    You can consider “Taurus” the label for the planetary influence, even though the constellation Taurus is only in the center of the sky for part of that time period.

    It’s kind of like living on Pine Tree Road after they’ve cut down all the pine trees to build condos. You don’t have to change the name of the road, and the place you live hasn’t changed, it’s just that the label is a little bit less directly connected to nature.

  5. Happy Birthday, Vinnie!

  6. Thank you Roberta, and Thanks Deb! I didn’t quite know how to describe it! I like your Pine Tree Road analogy, and now I get it! And I’m sure we’ll be ‘bullish’ to the end (like a great day on Wall Street!).

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