Mad News, April 23-29, 2011

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Apr 292011

As reported last night, January Jones is pregnant. Guyism collected new photoshoots JJ did for The Times of London and M2 magazine.

Jon Hamm is headed to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (a/k/a Nerdprom), as a guest of The New Yorker.  He also co-stars with a blue Yeti in Herman Dune’s video for “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.” At the Washington Times, Christian Toto looks at Jon’s latest movie choices and thinks they may pay off. CeleBuzz is among those with pics of JH watching the Lakers beat the Hornets during the NBA playoffs.

Rich Sommer talked to the HuffPo about Mr. Stache, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and can now be seen at the link.

Also getting buzz at Tribeca was Tony Kaye’s Detachment, which boasts Christina Hendricks among its cast.

E! Online made Alison Brie its first TV Pinup of the Day.

Mad Men received its third straight BAFTA nomination in the International category.

Ann-Margret talks to the L.A. Times about Bye Bye Birdie, including the famous opening sequence and its appearance on Mad Men.

George Reed, who appears in “How to Succeed in Business, Draper Style,” a short feature included in Mad Men‘s Season 4 DVD boxed set, talks Don and Joan with the Chronicle for Higher Education.

Man Made: The show’s opening credits are reimagined in the style of the recently released Portal 2.

The SCDP logo is reimagined in the style of real, modern agencies.

Conrad Hilton is profiled as part of a Guardian series on great dynasties.

CityPages has MM-themed outtakes from its “Best of the City” cover.

Josh Lurie found an unpublished memoir from his late grandfather, who worked with ad legend Draper Daniels. [Laitin’s Gold? -K]

Kathryn Leigh Scott recalls her ‘blissful’ days as a 60s Playboy Bunny in London, as the club prepares to reboot there. sings the praises of The Killing.

Typewriters are this close to dead.

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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  1. Loved the Ann-Margret interviews, which reminded me that we are just about the same age.

    But I was a stay-at-home teen wife and mom at the same time she was singing and dancing in Las Vegas ……. (sigh).

  2. Really liked the Herman Dune video – so nice to see John Hamm in casual mode

  3. in the words of Joey: I would get her so pregnant

  4. Those redesigned logos are very cool.

  5. A question for Basket Cases in the know:

    When the New Yorker invites Jon Hamm to dinner event in DC, do they wine him, dine him, fly him, limo him, and lodge him?

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