Apr 222011

Matthew Weiner is essayed by Elisabeth Moss for the 2011 TIME 100.

Elisabeth Moss and January Jones are now poised to go head to head in the lead actress category at the Emmys.  Jennifer Getzinger, nominated for drama series directing (“The Suitcase”) will face off against the likes of Martin Scorsese and Frank Darabont.

Christina Hendricks has left the Paul Kohner Agency and has yet to sign with new talent agents.  The split is said to be amicable.  Elsewher, BellaSugar found CH in an ad for Clean & Clear. People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful” issue includes CH in a section titled, “Year of the Bombshell.” She and husband Geoffrey Arendt were snapped at a Children’s Defense Fund benefit, where she was asked about rumors that future princess Kate Middleton has anorexia.  Adrien Brody has raves for CH in the much-anticipated Detachment.

Vincent Kartheiser talks about being a child actor — and a bit about Mad Men — with the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.  He was in Mpls. for the Children’s Theatre Company; KARE has video, with a bit about Pete Campbell’s bitchface.  VK is also taking part in a star-studded benefit performance for Human Rights Watch on May 9th.

Jon Hamm opens — and immediately improves — the international trailer for Bridesmaids. The MTV thinks Jon should take the lead in Baz Luhrmann’s 3-D take on The Great Gatsby.

Alison Brie talks Scream 4, Twin Peaks, Community and more with the MTV.

David Carbonara spoke with AMC about matching score to story and what unusual instrument audiences might hear in Season 5.

Chelcie Ross (Conrad Hilton) will be turning up on The Chicago Code by the end of the season.

Lane Pryce told us there was no such thing as London Fog… but he didn’t tell us how bad the smog from burning coal could be. In December 1952, the Great Smog of London resulted in around 12,000 deaths.

The New York Times incorrectly identified the Relax-a-Cizor in a piece on the mainstreaming of sex toys.

Will Matthew Weiner watch Season 5 dailies on an iPad?

Dyna Moe’s latest project involves Hipster Animals.

Eric Ladin talks about The Killing with Collider.

AMC surveys the significant songs from Season 4.

AMC has ordered two reality shows — The Pitch, a “real life” Mad Men deal in which the art of the advertising campaign pitch is perfected and presented to corporate clients, and Inside the DHS, which delves into the bowels of the Department of Homeland Security.

A British Mad Man — Sir John Hegarty — is developing Commercial Break, a movie set in the 1970s ad world.

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  5 Responses to “Mad News, April 16-22, 2011”

  1. Does anyone but January Jones (and maybe her agent) think that she should qualify as lead actress this year? She’s kidding herself. This should be Elisabeth’s year, and it will be a crime if she’s not at least nominated.

  2. JJ can do what she wants but I will be so mad at anything and anyone that threatens EM’s shot at the Emmy.

    Moss was so FANTASTIC!

  3. I’m sure Elisabeth will get her Emmy nod. I thought that was a really sweet piece she wrote for Time about Matt Weiner.

  4. About the NY Times article – I don’t have my S-1 DVDs handy, but wasn’t the original name of the device “The Electrosizer” and the company let SC change it to “The Relax-a-Cizor”?

  5. Um, not to nit-pick, but doesn’t Lane explain towards the end of the episode that what people think is London fog is actually coal smog? I thought he did mutter that, maybe under his breath, after telling them the name of the company was ludicrous.
    As a young woman with family ties in the coal mining industry, I knew this already after doing some research into the use of coal historically. Turns out the smog was soooo bad during the Industrial Revolution that children in the industrial areas of Great Britain developed rickets and bowed legs from the lack of vitamin D because the sun was always obscured behind the cloud of coal dust and smog. Well, that and working underground mining all day didn’t help either.

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