Mad News April 1-8, 2011

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Apr 082011

Late but great reax to the Mad Men contract news includes this wonderful entry at The 60s Twist, plus a wry, sarcastic tweet from Rich Sommer.

January Jones appears as Emma Frost on a special retro-styled Total Film cover for X-Men: First ClassMarie Claire has video from JJ’s cover shoot for their mag. Tom and Lorenzo have quotes from her interview with the mag.

Christina Hendricks is to guest star on Body of Proof opposite her real-life husband, series regular Geoffrey Arend. [It’s a double role. -K] Australian chef Curtis Stone has a tidbit about the couple’s guest-judging slot on Top Chef Masters.

Elisabeth Moss talked about the show’s contract dispute, her hiatus projects, and a leather jacket at Slate.

Entertainment Weekly rounds up more cast hiatus projects [including some for Vincent Kartheiser that have not appeared in Mad News -K] and campaigns for Kiernan Shipka for a role in The Hunger Games.

Jessica Paré talked to the Globe & Mail about the incorporation of her French Canadian heritage into the show. There’s also video from the Canadian Press linked to the story in which Paré discusses Don Draper’s choice of Megan over Faye.

Janie Bryant got engaged. Congrats! [I cannot wait to see that wedding dress — D]

Bryan Batt talks a bit about Sal at the Miami Herald, and is headed down under to perform in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, which is also featuring Olivia Newton-John, Michael Feinstein and master songwriter Jimmy Webb.  BB talks about both Sal and his one-man show at South Florida Gay News.

The L.A. Times loves Maggie Siff as The Escort at the Geffen Playhouse.

Robert Morse sang two numbers as part of a star-studded, Broadway-oriented HIV/AIDS benefit at California State University.

Haven’t bought Season 4 DVDs yet? The Trades is doing a giveaway.

USA Today likes the Season 4 DVD feature on the creation of the Ford Mustang.

While on the subject, Vulture reveals the winners of its Mad Men haiku contest and prints the entries.

Does Mad Men prove critics of product placement wrong?

A new survey commissioned by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, released in conjunction with the launch of the MM Season 4 DVDs,  has revealed that Australians are not shy when it comes to office romances – 7 in 10 have had or know someone who has had a workplace affair.

Netflix will be streaming Mad Men seasons 1-4. Unfortunately:

Future episodes will not become available on Netflix’s streaming service…until seasons are complete.

[Damn! I would vastly prefer Netflix to be my “two minutes” source. — D]

The Boston Globe uses Elizabeth Taylor’s death as the springboard for an essay on the history of movie stars who were full-figured, untoned, and uninhibited. You know where this is going, yes?

The Motion Picture Academy is premiering a new digital restoration of the 1963 musical comedy classic Bye Bye Birdie on April 27 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills.

AMC’s The Killing has launched a suspect tracker. UPDATE: Latest polling results are in on the audience’s “favored” killer.

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar


  6 Responses to “Mad News April 1-8, 2011”

  1. Jimmy Webb is flippin’ fantastic.

  2. Yes, ma’am. That’s why I made sure to mention him. I’ve seen him play live, and he’s fantastic in that setting, as well as from the songwriting angle.

  3. Poor William Hoffstadt, the guy just can’t catch a break!

  4. Incredible, hours-long interview with Matt Weiner is linked here:

    He says he has a picture in his head of the last scene, before the season starts production. For Season 4 this is what he pictured:

    “Don laying in bed with Megan there and looking out the window, just like he did in the pilot. And knowing that… was there?…. I feel like, knowing that he had — I don’t want him to be regretful about, about proposing to her but knowing that he had not really, made it. That he had sort of, not embraced his independence, that he was not strong enough, to be on his own.”

  5. Netflix streaming is great news. Once you have a device that can stream from Netflix it becomes extremely easy to dial up a movie or show. I am glad that MM will be available.

    On another note, I am looking forward to seeing On The Road. I read the book while in HS and it was an entry way into exploring the Beats and the 50’s-60’s zeitgeist. In 1978, Sissy Spacek and Nick Nolte starred in a loose adaptation called “Heart Beat”. Just ok.

  6. The interview with Matt Weiner did was incredible. He talked about EVERTHING. I never thought anybody would reveal so much unsaid things about The Sopranos and Mad Men. And note it’s not only compliments you heard everywhere else.

    Thank you Matt for this.

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