Mad News, January 15-21, 2011

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Jan 212011

Rich Sommer blogs a bit on the Golden Globes, with photo.

Christina Hendricks lost an $850,000 diamond bracelet on the red carpet at the Globes, but the story has an amusing ending.

Jon Hamm confirmed that Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot is a “young man’s game.”  MTV’s Kyle Anderson pitches Hamm as successor to Regis Philbin.

Patrick Fischler was in the kids version of the gift suite for the Globes.

January Jones and Jason Sudekis are no longer a couple. You can see her as Emma Frost in the X-Men: First Class set report from the L.A. Times.

Elisabeth Moss has many kind words for her West End co-star, Keira Knightley.  And she’s looking stylish on break from rehearsals.

Janie Bryant is nominated once more for a Costume Designers Guild award. Her competition includes John Dunn (Boardwalk Empire), who was the costume designer for the Mad Men pilot.

Sam Page is modeling J. Crew’s men’s collection for 2011.

Rosemarie DeWitt has boarded Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

Larisa Oleynik, recently seen as Ken Cosgrove’s fiancee, has landed a recurring role on Hawaii Five-0.

When Don Draper lights up a Lucky Strike, the smokers in the Mad Men audience are simultaneously — and likely unconsciously — planning the actions involved in having a cigarette, according to a new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Director (and sort-of-musician) David Lynch and The Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki confess their Maddiction.

FX president John Landgraf told TV critics they took Mad Men “from a dismal ratings failure to ratings mediocrity.” [This is while explaining how some FX shows have not premiered well, but gained audience over time. -K]

The McClatchy-Tribune News Service takes another look at the  Mad Men-era work environment in Chicago.

Ad legend George Lois talks to Vice and thankfully does not talk about Mad Men much. [Ironically, when talking about originality, he sounds much like Don Draper. -K]

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  11 Responses to “Mad News, January 15-21, 2011”

  1. Maybe Jon can play Jor-El.

  2. I can totally see Jon as Jor-El! That steely presence and deep pain as he sends Kal-El into the unknowns of space. He’d be perfect!

  3. January Jones looks really good as Emma Frost. It’s like Betty Draper meets Barbarella.

    Hamm wouldn’t work as Superman. I’m thinking more Donald Glover from Community for a role like that.

  4. Aaron Stanton is starring in an upcoming video game called “L.A. Noire.” I saw him on the cover of my husband’s Playstation Magazine. It looks like an amazing detective game set in the 40’s/50’s. Apparently the acting for this game is a grueling process that took hundreds of hours. It’s supposed to be cutting edge technology. He looked great in the article!

  5. Staton…not Stanton

  6. I wish John Landgraf had had that attitude a few months ago when he cancelled Terriers.

  7. Just saw Elisabeth Moss doing a migraine relief medicine commercial.

  8. Adrienne, we reported on Staton doing that game almost a year ago, and now we’re starting to hear about it again, so I imagine the game has just been released. Joyjoy, that is a very old commercial; pre-West Wing.

    I love that “stylish” shot of Lizzie, I think black suits her amazingly well.

  9. Here’s a link about the George Lois Esquire covers. You can click each one for a larger view and get some background info about them …

  10. Check out:

    At last night’s Producer’s Guild of America Awards (which MM won!), Matt Weiner talks about the current contract situation and says, “I am not looking for a new job!”

    Deb — For some reason, I can’t get the “captcha” function to work when I tried to submit this through “Basketcase News” — any tips?

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