Jan 092011

Brazenly stolen from the blog of Rich Sommer



  9 Responses to “The greatest photograph in the history of all photographs”

  1. Yep, Roberta, you’re right. It’s an amazingly, great photograph. Looking at the cast happy, and relaxed, and having a seemingly good time, makes me love the show more.

    Maybe S3 I’m thinking since Bryan is in the pic.


    Beautiful, Beautiful! Look at the JOY!

  3. Season 2, I think.

  4. If I was really super good I could figure it out by Christina’s nail polish.

    But I’m not.

  5. Is this the one he said he didn’t remember taking?

    Regardless, OH MY. I want to go to there. <3 <3 <3

  6. If you follow the small credit link on Rich’s blog, it leads to

    christina hendricks on her last day of mad men of season 2

    Quite a few other Mad Men photos on anoxlou’s Flickrstream …

  7. OMG, this photo is too cute. Christina looks larger than life.

    Good detective work, Peggy Joan, thanks–will check out those other photos.

  8. LOVE. I’m snagging this for Facebook.

  9. anoxlou had a lot of great pictures on his photo stream, it’s another world!

    Is it me, or does Joan’s hair almost look like a wig here?

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