Jan 012011

January Jones makes Tom & Lorenzo’s year-end Top 15 Outs and Top 15 Ins lists. Elisabeth Moss also appears on one of them.

CBS Early Show style contributor Katrina Szish names Jon Hamm a most stylish star, along with… Lady GaGa. [Can Jon Hamm in a ham suit be far behind? Let’s hope so. -K]

The Daily Mail reminds us that Christina Hendricks was also a style story of 2010.

AMC assembled a nifty, seemingly iPad-inspired multimedia Mad Men Fashion Gallery, with video and commentary from Janie Bryant.

The Season of the List enters the home stretch:

  • The New York Daily News places Mad Men amid its Top 10 TV shows for the year.
  • At Cultural Learnings, Tyler McNutt includes “The Suitcase” among his Top 10 TV episodes and gives honorable mention to two more MM eps.
  • The Cleveland Plain Dealer puts Mad Men at the top of the chart.
  • The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Gail Pennington also ranks the show #1: “After four seasons, this is still the hour of television that I find closest to perfection: intelligent, always involving and continually surprising.”
  • The Boston Globe’s Matthew Gilbert starts his list with AMC, but “The Suitcase” puts MM in his top slot.
  • TIME places Mad Men as the second best TV show of 2010, behind Breaking Bad.
  • The Scripps Howard News Service also ranks the show second, behind The Pacific.
  • The New York Post’s PopWrap seconds MM as well, this time behind… The Vampire Diaries?
  • The Salt Lake Tribune has Mad Men in the third slot, but salutes Matthew Weiner’s courage in Season 4. [The Walking Dead tops that paper’s list.]

TV Squad’s Bob Sassone names two of the cast to his list of the 10 Greatest TV Characters of 2010, adding, “Oh, I could have just put “every person on Mad Men here…”

Ida Blankenship is mourned anew by staff at the L.A. Times.  She is also one of BWE’s 10 Great GIFs from 2010.

Don Draper Undone sets the Don-Pete relationship to the score from Inception.

The Yuma Sun profiles musician Gene Jaramillo, who started an acting career after playing the Dylan-esque Ian in “Babylon.”

TV Guide picked Jessica Paré as a breakout star of 2010.

The New York Post has a proposed New Year’s Resolution for Don Draper.

The Vancouver Sun predicts AMC’s slate for 2011 will be hotly anticipated… but is that really a prediction?

At the Business Insider, an essay on “Mad Men, and Women With Reason to Be,” from someone who seems local to Ossining.

The NYT’s Frank Rich asks, “Who Killed the Disneyland Dream?” [One could easily craft a Mad Men-themed critique of this column -K]

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


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