Injuries: The Good News

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Dec 302010

Mad Men, The Good News, Joan in the kitchen

(Continuing my Season 4 re-visit.)

There is something in The Good News about people getting injured. Specifically, people who want control over their lives and self-inflicted injury, those who are always getting help from Mr Personal Injury Lawyer or any lawyer to get a solution.

Consider: Joan has had two abortions, and she’s worried that they may have damaged (injured) her. Those abortions were choices Joan made. Later, she slices her own hand. Joan is struggling to get control over her life, she wants to know when her future starts, she wants things to go according to plan. Instead, she’s injured.

Parallel that to Anna, who has broken her own leg. She either slipped making eggs (her version) or while drunk (Don’s teasing suggestion). Anna is struggling against her sister, struggling for independence; she doesn’t want to be treated like an invalid. Yet Anna has cancer (another injury) and Pat (her sister) is robbing her of choice by keeping the information from her.


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  1. Also something there about doctors who suck. Joan obviously doesn’t want Greg trying to treat her. Anna’s doctors don’t even tell her what is going on.

    And though he wasn’t too creepy in that episode, Joan’s gyne was condescending toward Peggy back in the day.

  2. I did notice Joan’s reluctance to have Greg treat her, although I was hoping it was more a certain queasiness/uneasiness about having that sort of thing done at home rather than in the hospital. Who knows though–could have been a little of both (not liking the home vs. hospital situation, and also not feeling comfortable with him being the one to administer to her)

    • I think Joan’s uneasiness was a bit about how Greg & Joan don’t actually know each other or trust each other. He thinks she files (says so in that scene). She thinks he isn’t actually competent to sew a simple wound (granted, all she knows of him as a doctor is how he’s suddenly a failure).

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