Mad News, December 19-25, 2010

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Dec 252010

Deadline | TV has pretty good news on the negotiations for Season 5 of the show.  Newsday is looking forward to the Spirit of ’66.

MSN presents The Autos of Mad Men.

John Slattery will appear in a new video from acclaimed rockers The National.

Christina Hendricks told Rachael Ray that she is not cast as Wonder Woman, but would love the role. [Alternative: Christina is Wonder Woman, but does not play her on the big screen. -K]  However, she has joined the cast of the rom-com I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Jon Hamm is up against Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, and Viggo Mortensen for the lead role of The Gunslinger, Roland of Gilead, in Universal’s film trilogy and TV series based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series of sci-fi books.

Jon Hamm also turns up as one of Entertainment Weekly’s 30 Sexiest Stars.

Indeed, we have now reached the point where the New York Post prefaces a piece on TV’s Sexiest Stars this way: “There are sexy people in the TV universe besides Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks…”  The NYP also stretches to put Mad Men in a headline about temporary hiring, but gets extra credit for putting the SCDP Christmas Conga in an infographic accompanying the story.

January Jones writes that Christmas came early for sharks, as Congress took the last step to pass a ban on shark finning in the U.S.

Matthew Weiner defended both January Jones and Betty Draper during an interview at the 92nd Street Y.

Rich Sommer helped pull the switch to light the world’s largest LEGO Christmas tree at LEGOLAND California. [How did I miss that before? -K]

The Season of the List continues:

  • The Daily Beast leads its list of 2010’s Best TV Shows with the SCDP crew: “Poignant, heartbreaking, and surprisingly funny, Season 4 of Mad Men once again affirms that this show is this decade’s standard-bearer for quality.”
  • Alan Sepinwall places Mad Men at No. 2, both as a returning show and overall.
  • The Hollywood Reporter also places the show second in a Top 18 list.
  • Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof mentions MM first in a list of his Top 6 Shows of 2010.
  • At the Contra Costa Times, Chuck Barney names Mad Men the Best Drama of the year. [That seems like a smaller outlet, but the piece was widely syndicated. -K]
  • NPR’s Fresh Air puts the show in its Best TV of 2010 list, while Linda Holmes names “The Suitcase” one of 50 Wonderful Things From 2010.
  • At the New York Times, Alessandra Stanley notes Mad Men provided one of TV’s biggest surprises of the year. [All the more surprising without a screener, Ms. Spoiler. -K]
  • Michael Patrick Nelson of the Long Island Press slots the show as No. 3 in his Top Ten.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz includes Mad Men in a war-themed Best of TV list.
  • The Onion’s A.V. Club places MM at No. 5 of its 25 best, listing “Waldorf Stories,” “The Suitcase,” “The Beautiful Girls” as standout episodes.
  • At Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker also slots the show at No. 5, but PopWatch notes Mad Men provided the year’s second-best TV death.
  • Indy Week called Mad Men some of the year’s best medicine as the high-quality cbd oil.

Melinda McGraw talks to PopStar about Mad Men and Men of a Certain Age.

Gayle Batt, mother of Bryan Batt, actress, civic volunteer and a former New Orleans City Council member, died Tuesday of cancer at her New Orleans home. She was 79. Our best thoughts and wishes are with the Batt family.

AMC dropped the teaser trailer for its next series, The Killing.  AMC’s slate of dramas was also celebrated in a Festivus-themed piece from TV Squad.

Bryan Cranston dismissed the rumor that Breaking Bad’s next premiere was being pushed back to July to help Jon Hamm get an Emmy by taking him out of the race.

Prof. Peter Lawler, a former member of President Bush’s Council on Bioethics, gives a “postmodern conservative” take on the show.

The “contextual” Unilever ads running during Mad Men turn up in a New York Times piece on DVR usage.

Jerry Hall reveals she is a fan of MM and Christina Hendricks. Kristin Chenoweth also picks the show as a favorite.

The Houston Press lists the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things Inspired By Mad Men.

Lastly, here’s the lede from a story at the Daily Mail: “A father stole the name of another man and used it for 22 years, not even revealing the truth to his wife and child…”

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  6 Responses to “Mad News, December 19-25, 2010”

  1. Jon is wrong for Roland, who is world-beaten and beginning to feel his age. Of those listed, Viggo is the best choice. Roland is really Clint Eastwood circa 1990.

  2. I find the whole Betty/Jan hate thing infantile. It reminds of those stories about soap actors being attacked on the street because they were playing a villain. James Woods grew up in much the same rural situation as Dick Whitman, and described being at movies when people stood and started shouting at characters on the screen: “Look! The son-of-a-bitch is behind the door!”

    If you can make the separation that they couldn’t, you understand that PLAYING a cold, limited character does not make you one in real life. As well, a limited character in the process of becoming aware of that limitation, and reacting to it, is one of the most interesting characters to play and to watch.

    On the other hand, when “The Crucible” was performed in Paris, imprecations were shouted from the audience at characters on stage. A powerful script and its performance can overcome even the most sophisticated among us.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bobbie Hayes, Cantara Christopher. Cantara Christopher said: [Mad Men] Mad News, December 19-25, 2010: Deadline | TV has pretty good news on the negotiations for Season 5 of… […]

  4. Deborah–I’m not very familiar with the Dark Tower series, but I could see how Jon wouldn’t be right for certain roles. I think it’s wonderful that he’s in the running though! Things have really started to take off for him with regard to his film career–I hope he is grateful to Matt Weiner for helping to put him on the map. (I’m sure he is.) 🙂

  5. Old news here but worth another mention. Twice in the last week I saw a trailier for The Adjustment Bureau with our man John Slattery.

    I saw The Town because Jon Hamm was in it (a bigger draw for me than Ben Affleck) – and now, Affleck has some respect from me.

    (Ben: say “thank you Matt”)

    What’s more my “trailer antennae”, blunted as they are, tells me the film may be worth the time (which I prize more than the money).

    I doesn’t hurt that Emily Blunt is in it – an unconventionally beautiful woman if I ever saw one.

    The Adjustment Bureau

    Directed by: George Nolfi
    Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Slattery
    Rating: NR

    • Jahn, saw that trailer when we saw True Grit. Terrance Stamp is in it too, and it definitely looks interesting.

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