Mad News, November 21-27, 2010

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Nov 272010

Mad Fan asks what it would be like if you just showed up to the office and started acting like a character from your favorite TV show.

Grad Men: Creative Circus really wants Jon Hamm to speak at their graduation.

Jon Hamm’s cameo character on The Simpsons can now be seen online.

GFY suggests that for Elisabeth Moss, dressing well is the best revenge.

Elisabeth Moss is also starring in A Buddy Story, with Orthodox Jewish filmmaker Marc Erlbaum.  The movie is said to promote “tikkun olam,” the Jewish value of repairing the world. [Also a subject raised in passing in Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist -K]

January Jones is appearing in a campaign for Versace in 2011.

Christina Hendricks gamely goes along with the standard questions from The Telegraph. [The bit about Taye Diggs was news to me -K]  She is also one of Who’s Sexiest People for 2010.  Also, she reportedly would be welcome as a judge on the next season of America’s Next Top Model.

Chicago Sun-Times critic Jim Emerson (and at least one other film critic) would rank epsiodes of Mad Men on their 2010 ten-best lists, if they could.  Emerson also posted a video essay on Season 4, titled “The Ladies and the Boxes.”

At Salon, Matt Zoller Seitz writes that “AMC isn’t the new HBO just yet. But it’s getting there.”

AMC has picked up a reality show, following boxing trainer Freddie Roach as he struggles with Parkinson’s disease.

Empire has opened its Mad Men Poster Mash-Up Gallery.

Retro to Go notes Betty and Joan paper dolls are selling in the UK.

At the HuffPo, Natalie Bencivenga asks whether Mad Men marry their mothers.

Does anyone else on TV drink as much as Don Draper?

The show’s fashion influence now extends to the pocket comb and fedora. [Elvis may not wear a hat, but Don does. -K]

California Republic Stationers is bringing back the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602 pencil, which has appeared on the show.

Kanye West is ready for dinner with Ken Cosgrove.

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl — and Basketcases contributing in the sidebar.


  5 Responses to “Mad News, November 21-27, 2010”

  1. The Jim Emerson video essay, and accompanying text, are brilliant. I wish I’d written that!

  2. As Christina Hendricks says in her interview, the danger of appearing on a red carpet is so-called fashion experts only seem interested in tearing people apart.

    Case in point is not just GFY, but Tom & Lorenzo. Both feature Elizabeth Moss wearing the same gown by Bibhu Muhapatra. T&L suggest that Liz looks better in jewel tones, not pinkish nude tones. They also suggest Liz wear more obvious makeup and style her hair to reduce her forehead.

    Nobody has ever accused me of having any fashion sense. I leave that to the costume designers. Personally I have felt that Liz Moss is an attractive person and has been since she was a child. We have enjoyed seeing her grow to be a confident woman.

    Christina Hendricks has also been outstanding for a long time on TV and recently in movies. On “Beggars and Choosers” she was not as assertive as on Mad Men, yet as that series concluded it was revealed the character was far more sophisticated and lethal than expected.

    Subsequently CH starred as the new executive secretary/ office manager to the head of a struggling pioneer TV network in early 1948. Unfortunately the pilot of “The Big Time” was not picked up to series.

    After several other series, CH co-starred with Tayne Diggs on the series “Kevin Hill” That must have been during the time CH was losing weight, which worked for her character as being somewhat mousy.

    Now we have Christina Hendricks as Joan H Harris, ruler of SCDP!

    Someone asks if anyone on TV drinks more than Don Draper? Just on Mad Men I would name Roger Sterling and Freddy Rumsen. Jules on “Cougar Town” constantly drinks wine, usually in an over-sized glass she has named. On Mad Men possibly Betty does not consume as much alcohol as does Don, but she shows more obvious signs of intoxication.

  3. The whole “ELIZABETH MOSS MUST WEAR COLORS” meme is getting on my nerves. Girl likes neutral colors. Girl looks good in neutral colors. Why does she HAVE to wear bright colors, just because it’s what everybody else does? If I could look like a goddess in beige, I’d jump on it and never let go.

  4. Here’s an audio artifact from the Mad Men era. It’s a radio commercial for Ace Pocket Combs. voiced by Gene Rayburn.

    Most people remember him from Match Game, in the 60s and 70s, but from 1961 – 1973, Rayburn hosted a weekly segment on NBC Radio’s Monitor.

    By the way, there’s an entire website devoted to Monitor …

  5. Ha! I got all excited thinking Kanye was a Mad Men fan (this would have actually made me like him a little bit) 😉

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