The Cliche Family in Televisionland

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Nov 122010

My son found this for us; it was made around 1965 as an in-house joke at an ad agency:


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  1. LOL – I particularly recognized the “hammering” headache ads. Great find.

  2. I could totally see the younger SCDP people doing this.

  3. This is amazing, thank you so much for sharing it! As RetroGirl says, it definitely brings to mind some smart-alleck MM adman humor. Roger would have gotten a kick out of the “zha zha” part in particular.

  4. Omigod, that was ME at the 1:50 mark! Campbell Mithun in Minneapolis–the agency mentioned in “Waldorf Stories”–made this to play at smokers during conventions. Of course I didn’t know any of this at the time, being only ten years old.

    So weird to finally see this, never got to the first time around, of course.

  5. Is it a coincidence that Mr. Cliche looks like Lane Pryce?

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  7. Wow, how awesome, Cantara! Thanks for letting us know what agency it is, I was contemplating researching that myself.

  8. It looks a little like him, but I doubt that it’s Roger Price.

    He’s probably best known for Droodles and as the co-creator of Mad Libs. He also appeared on a few Goodson-Todman game or panel shows.

  9. I can totally relate to the subversive impulse behind this one. A nice bit of cultural preservation by the AV collection managers at the Minneapolis Public Library.

  10. Wouldn’t this have been a little earlier than 1965, though? “Almost as numerous as the Kennedys” doesn’t sound like a joke anyone would have made post-assassination, it sounds more like a joke that would have been made with JFK still in the White House. I’m guessing more like 1962 or 1963.

    • I can only go by how it was labeled, Meowser. “As numerous as the Kennedys” is a Catholic joke. I’d think ’65 is soon enough post-assassination that the nation could go back to such jokes. Bobby and Ted Kennedy were both in office.

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