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Okay Kids,  One last look into my crazy brain as I imagine Peggy in 1975.

Well, Peggy (to paraphrase Greg Brady), is a really ‘groovy chick’ of the Seventies. She’s a real ‘happening’ kind of woman,  and wicked cool at that. Inspired by Gloria Steinem, Peggy joins the National Organization for Women and  helps Ms. magazine become a major client of the new COP Advertising Agency *.  Having long eschewed dresses and pantyhose around the office, she is lovingly known by the newbies as ‘Peggy Pantsuit’ .  Indeed, she has a pantsuit for every occasion, and even convinced her friend Joyce to wear one.  She calls them her ‘power pants’, and was only mistaken for a Burger King employee once.  Peggy has landed huge accounts with L’Eggs knee-hi stockings, pet rocks,  and something called Jheri-Curl.  Things are looking great for COP!

Peggy maintains a happy live-in arrangement with Abe in their spacious West End Apartment.  They have three cats and a golden retriever.

* Campbell, Olsen, Price.   Cooper passed away in 1974 and Sterling now works for Joan Holloway at partner company Holloway Media and Copy, Don has retired and spends his days beach-combing while Megan writes copy for COP.

p.s.  on a personal note, I”m having foot surgery tomorrow (11/10) so I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, I’ll try to submit a piece or two in that time-Therese 🙂


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  1. Peggy is allergic to cats. So if there are cats, they will have to be those freaky hairless cats. I think it is fair more likely they have a cadre of aloof chihuahuas they refer to as “the cats”

  2. Didn’t know that. I’m a cat person and just threw in my ideal! She could have some type of low-allergy cats.

  3. It was in her roomate ad. I am a cat person too. I don’t think low-allergy cats were on the radar in 1975.

  4. Don retired at late-40-something?

  5. It’s National Organization FOR Women. People always get that wrong.

    These looks are hilarious, thanks!

  6. What a riot! Brightened up my gloomy alone-in-the-office day! Thanks!

  7. awesome!!

  8. Oh, Yes She Will! Is COP located in LA? That’s where Don would be beachcombing. Or maybe Megan has ditched him by ’75 and returned to NYC.

    Love that Holloway Copy and Media has survived as a fan meme.

  9. Donny, I fixed the NOW reference, thanks! In my version, COP is in NY — Don, happy to not be in a traditional relationship with Megan is happy to be a pioneer in househusbandry. He’s gotten his three kids back after Betty’s unfortunate breakdown, and beach-combs with them and his new twin girls (Rachel and Midge) in New Jersey! Holloway Media and Copy is in LA– this way the Sterling Cooper legacy remains–just under better management!

    On a side note, should I do a few more of these? Which characters would you like to see? (I’ve done Joan, Sal, and Peggy)

  10. Fun stuff, Therese! I visualize her somewhat differently (and don’t see her as married to Abe) but I love that you think about what happens to the characters in the future. I do too. Sometimes I think about them in the ’70s and at other times in the ’80s. I may post my own in the future. It’s fun to think about.

    Golden retrievers are the best. I’m a bit biased because my mom has one and I’m so devoted and want to get my own, eventually.

  11. P.S. Best wishes with the foot surgery!! I had some minor surgery on my left foot some years back, IIRC for a ‘deformed metatarsal.’ Sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? Basically the way the bones in my foot are causes me to push my toes down a certain way, which cause some callous build-up, etc. (and having flat feet doesn’t help..) So he took out a little bit of the bone in a couple of the toes. It doesn’t look any different, just helps overall, although I still used to wear orthotics and probably should get new ones.

  12. Best wishes for a good surgery and a speedy recovery.

  13. Thanks Mad Chick and Retro! I’ll be happy to get it over with (bone spur). And note, I said she was living with Abe, but not married!

    I wish I just had one cat! (working on it) and someday I’d love to have a golden retriever too, they’re so sweet! Gotta get to bed now. as they said in the ’70s, “See you on the flip side!” 🙂

  14. Hope the surgery goes as well as possible!

  15. If your foot surgeon arrives on a John Deere, head for the hills!

    Good of luck with the surgery. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  16. Good luck with the surgery!

    I don’t think Peggy will be living with Abe in the 1970s. Mary Richards wouldn’t live with a man, and neither would Rhoda. I think Peggy will marry someone and I’m still thinking she’s going to find her Mr. Lawrence.

  17. Agreed that Peggy would marry rather than play house unmarried.

    COP – that could mean Campbell, Olsen, Phillips! Duck would have to dry out, first.

    They could poach Sal – who would produce/direct TV ads.

    So, Roger is out hustling accounts for Holloway Media? – Maybe he’s dried out too.

    Sally would be an upperclassman by 1975 – if on the college track, Booby a freshman. Little Gene – bigger, in 6th or 7th grade. Megan, a fine 35-ish and newly worried about the flame Don still holds for Betty who split with Henry over a fracas at a Lindsay-for-pres fundraiser?

  18. Horrors. The idea of any Mad Men characters in leisure suits is terrifying.

    I think I need to throw cold water on this idea right now.

    Maybe it’s my Generation Y cheekiness speaking here, but I don’t know if we’re culturally ready to revisit the 1970s in a manner similar to Mad Men. Not sure I’d tune in for that, either. The moment I start seeing 1970s references on Mad Men is the moment the show is jumping the shark.

    Here’s why:

    1) The majority of Baby Boomers started coming of age in the 1970s. As much as I have affinity for Boomers and their cultural impact, there’s a general tendency among them to not age gracefully. What I mean by this is that many of them will stave off any and all attempts to grow old and – shocking, I know – no longer dominate the cultural ethos.

    I have to be honest: I don’t want to see a show about Baby Boomers sleeping around and doing mountains of blow in a disco hall. Not only have I seen that many times before on television and movies, but it lacks the compelling dramatic changes we’ve seen in a show like Mad Men.

    2) Isn’t Mad Men about the subtle decline of the American myth of dominance? The 1970s were effectively the post-Vietnam detritus come to life with oil embargoes, crappy economies and Malaise Forever. I don’t think any of that was subtle.

    Sorry folks, Super Bad Idea to envisage Mad Men in 1975.

  19. No offense, Therese. I appreciate the post, just saying I’m against the idea of Mad Men circa the 1970s.

  20. Greg H. – I can’t and shouldn’t speak for Therese, but I’m pretty sure she’s just imagining the characters in the ’70s for fun. Not as something that we’d actually see on the show. Based on interviews/articles I’ve read, I’m fairly sure Matt Weiner wants to end the show in the sixties. He always intended it to be a show about the sixties. So most likely it will end in ’69. Maybe 1970 or 1971 at the latest.

    It’s just fun, for some of us, to think about what the characters might be like as they get older and move past the ’60s. Who they’ll be married to, where they’ll be working, what their lives will be like.

  21. I know, just sayin’.

  22. This is amazing! Good luck with your foot.

  23. #18 Greg H: “The moment I start seeing 1970s references on Mad Men is the moment the show is jumping the shark.”

    When did “Have a nice day” come into general usage? I have heard this expression used in several MM episodes, and it always jumps me out of the story. I remember when people started saying that, and how I thought it was forced and fake… but now we do it all the time as a matter of course and it’s an accepted part of most conversations I have.

    But I think it came really came into everyday use in the ’70s.

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