Paul Kinsey on Law and Order: SVU

 Posted by on October 21, 2010 at 1:27 pm  Actors & Crew
Oct 212010

Darn! I only now found out that our very own Paul Kinsey, aka Michael Gladis, guest-starred on Law and Order: SVU last night. I’ll check to find out if it will rerun anytime soon, I heard that the new episode has a felony domestic violence story to assist those in the same situation. Sometimes SVU reruns episodes on Saturday nights.
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Gladis talks a little about his role and the challenges of it here. Sounds interesting!


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  1. Madchick,

    I actually watched the episode, and Michael was really good in it. It was a good episode too. I’m a huge L & O fan (of all of them. Pathetic, isn’t it?), and was excited to see Michael. Hope it replays again on Saturday so you can get a chance to watch and see him.

  2. Also, in case anyone hasn’t mentioned it (I haven’t seen it) Joyce, aka Zosia Mamet, has appeared on several episodes of “Parenthood” on NBC, playing a high school teenager and best friend to a main character’s child (I always thought she looked really young to be working at a magazine and I find her more convincing as an HS senior). Not sure of the day and time b/c I watch it on Comcast OnDemand.

  3. Thanks, Lianne. I used to love L & O but now I rarely catch it…when I do, it is always good though. Last time I watched was recently when a friend of mine (actor, not a famous one though) had a guest role on the show. He only had a couple of lines, but it was fun to see him there.

    Dark Peggy, I did hear somewhere (possibly on TWoP, as they are very good about keeping up with MM actor sightings on TV and in movies) about Zosia Mamet being in Parenthood. I watched Parenthood all last season but have been missing it lately…however, my cable company’s Free On Demand provides the episodes on rerun so I can catch up. I will have to check if they do that for L & O/SVU. It’s kind of arbitrary. Currently my cable company’s Free On Demand provides NBC and ABC, but not CBS. And not *all* of the shows on NBC and ABC, only some of them.

  4. He guest starred on L&O: Criminal Intent this past season as well.

  5. I really missed Paul Kinsey this season…

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