Koldtbord With Ketchup (and Beans)

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Your mama is sooooo ugly that she joined an ugly contest and was told, sorry, no professionals!

Demetrius: “Villain, what hast thou done?”
Aaron: “That which thou canst not undo.”
Chiron: “Thou hast undone our mother.”
Aaron: “Villain, I have done thy mother.”
~William Shakespeare

I Bet I Could Get a Date With Your Mother Right Now.
~Heinz Guy

You don’t talk about someone’s mother, not that the Heinz guy quite did that, but his comment made it clear he knew how desperate Don is and there is no better way to express it than that. (Also, I hear that it wasn’t all that difficult to get a date with Don’s mama — just saying.)

The episode also featured a fair amount of Betty and a little bit of new mom Trudy. Betty knows Glen is no good, but can’t quite tell Sally how she knows. (Your mama is so immature that she once dated a ten year old — when she was twenty-seven. Your mother is so immature she’s seeing a child psychologist.) Moms aren’t supposed to be “certain kinds of girls” — they’re not supposed to climb into the backseat with tobacco companies they just met. However, she does listen more than she speaks. Sometimes.  New Mom Trudy really wasn’t having it. Pre-baby Trudy might have been a different matter.

Also, when Glen starts talking smack about Betty, Sally shuts him down. She can think all sorts of things about her mama, but don’t YOU talk about her! She also didn’t like him talking about Dr. Edna. Wow, if Betty could have said those words to Sally instead of Dr. Edna!

If Betty had said it: I’m very proud of how you found a way to behave so well, even when you get so angry at me sometimes. It’s hard to control ourselves when we get to angry … I act this way because I have stresses — not because your bad or that you did anything wrong … I said I’m very proud of you, did you hear that?

While we’re on the subject of Betty, Trudy, and motherhood, once again the costume department  made a woman who recently had a baby look like it!
They Grow Up So Fast! Wow, Marten Weiner is getting so grown up and I think my own usually dormant maternal instincts kicked in seeing Sally alone with Glen. I had to laugh when he took off though — like Count Rugen running from Inigo Montoya.

I think Glen is a confused kid who wants to be a knight in shining armor. I don’t see him as dangerous — yet. I just, you know, don’t want Sally alone with him.
Too Brilliant! I loved, loved, I say, how Don takes Midge’s situation and gets one of his brilliant ideas. I actually gave an appreciative “Oh!” (‘member how in books a variation on said was ejaculated? Yeah, not getting that one back.) My husband started cracking Jerry Maguire jokes and that was before Megan went all Renee Zellweger/Dorothy Boyd in her support.

Rosemarie DeWitt did a great job too. I love how Midge was aiming for casual when she bumps into Don. She succeeds at it until it looks like she’s not reeling him in and then a hinting of desperation slips into her eyes, her demeanor. I loved how she played a woman trying to keep her dignity while knowing she didn’t have much of it left. And, the husband is an idiot. (The line reading on Ten dollars? Well, OKAY! was inspired though.)
First runner-up for idiot of the week is Danny for “Doggy-Dog World.” But good luck in future endeavors! Think of being fired as the cure for the common employment.
Blender: There are actually so many things I want to write about this episode, but the words won’t come to me. This whole season has been so rich that I honestly feel overwhelmed and inadequate to keep up. At least I know I won’t run out of things during the hiatus. I’ve read that consumers can have too many choices and that sometimes it’s better for a store to sell three blenders rather than ten. I feel like there’s a blender box with a picture of a blender box on it with a picture of a blender box. Ya know?

Actually, like Sally’s Land O’ Lakes obsession — which I predict will only be enhanced with weed — I had a fear at her age that dying was like being on the moon and all you could do was stare out into the vast, cold nothingness forever. That this was eternity.
See? I read — especially if there are lots of pictures! I’m loving Dyna Moe’s new book, Mad Men: The Illustrated World.  What has always been brilliant and delightful about her illustrations is her attention to detail and wonderful sense of humor. The book is perfect for fans of both the artist and the show. If you’ve liked her work in the past, you’ll love this. The mixology page has Sally making drinks.  The hangover remedy page is Betty on the bed, in the polka dot dressing, looking like — well, you remember. Just a complete delight that’s destined to be a hit with any fan of the show who’s even a quarter as obsessive a the people here.
If you’re not a Buffy fan, you can stop reading/viewing right … now.


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  1. That is Brian Williams’ daughter singing over the Mad Men theme. She’s an aspiring actress and he, of course, is a major Mad Men fan. (The song, of course, is Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy.”

  2. Yep, Nature Boy was also featured prominently in Moulin Rouge.

  3. I came across this video online the other night. So beautiful!

  4. Aw, that Mad Men / Nature Boy mashup was just perfect. Thank you.

  5. “I love how Midge was aiming for casual when she bumps into Don. She succeeds at it until it looks like she’s not reeling him in and then a hinting of desperation slips into her eyes, her demeanor.”

    I loved how her shoes were too big. She shuffled in them.

  6. LA-OVE the video ! Just perfect – thanks for posting!

  7. Nice post. Good insights. Loved the “Next on”!!

  8. “Men! With your … sales.”
    “Wait, there’s a Duck.”

    A-HA! Finally it all makes sense! THAT’S what was being foreshadowed! Mad Men!

    (Sorry, that’s a joke that only my old friends from the Yahoo Buffy message board, if any of them are here, will get. I was notorious there for searching for foreshadowing in every Buffy episode, and I was certain that the “Restless” episode, if it could be deciphered, was the key to everything.)

  9. #8 What are you talking about?

  10. The last clip I posted used scenes from a Buffy episode called Restless. Melville was quoting lines that sorta relate to Mad Men and extrapolating that the episode is the key to — everything.

    I will happily go along with that, Melville, and further suggest that Pete Campbell is really Connor after a spell to give him a normal upbringing and SCDP is destined to do PR work for the law firm on Wolfram & Hart. We will then find out that Joan is really a con artist from the future, that Betty’s season one therapist is the King of the Vengeance Demons, and that Danny Siegel is — along with his two geeky friends — plotting world domination. But everyone has to be back before dawn.

    Also, you really have to ask what impression you’re making in the work place.

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