Mad Men ’75. Part II Salvatore LOVES the 70’s

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Oct 122010

Hi All, Here’s Part II in my series of silly “What-If?” collages, be sure to read the description!  Enjoy!

Salvatore Romano

Sal just LOVES the 70’s.   Sal eventually found his way after leaving SC in 1963.  After an unmemorable night in Central Park, Sal was determined to make the best of his life.  He went home to Kitty and tearfully admitted everything.  Kitty, ever full of love for Sal, but aware that the marriage was a sham, agreed to the friendliest divorce possible, and to this day, they’re the closest of friends; Sal even gave her away at her wedding to David Cohen (who really became), an art director at BBDO!  After the Stonewall Riots of 1969, Sal found himself best friends with his old nemesis, Lee Garner Jr., whom he saved from a flying beer bottle. They formed a production company together, “SaLLee” where they make the most beautiful commercials for Schlitz and Modess, to name a few.  When they’re not making their groundbreaking works, they model for JC Penney’s on the side, and during a romantic trip to Ireland, a crew member of Zardoz spotted Sal while the picture was filming on location there, and begged him to be a stand in for Sean Connery—Sal couldn’t resist! It’s a good life.

Next Time: Peggy!


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  1. I rather think Sal and Kitty are still together. After the initial shock of being fired, he pulls together his portfolio and with a “sparkling” letter of recommendation from Don Draper lands at another agency’s art department. BBDO perhaps? Where he will be assigned to the newly consolidated American Tobacco account? Hmmm…

  2. Ah, but you missed Sal’s Broadway career, which transpired from the night in the park after his firing and led up to that flying beer bottle at the Stonewall riots.

    A clumsy hookup turned into a might-long comedy with the anonymous man, who turned out to be Derek, a stage manager with “110 in the Shade.” Together Sal & Derek improv’d their way out of a scrape involving a Central Park horse carriage, two nuns, a shoplifter, an Iowa shoe salesman, three cops and a junkie with Tourrette’s.

    Derek counseled Sal to confess to Kitty, and then call him, for God’s sake. Sal followed up, and Derek was the door into the world of Broadway in the ’60s — designing posters and marketing campaigns, album covers and souvenir merchandise. The parties and weekends led to Off-Broadway set and costume design, and even directing, which got him noticed by the soap opera crowd. Sal entered television – but stayed away from commercials, fearful of encountering anyone who knew him from that world.

    However, the world being as small as it is, and this being fanfiction of the best sort, there was that altercation at a certain bar, and Sal deftly deflected a flying beer bottle from the back of a guy’s head. Rushing the unknown comrade out of the fray to safety, Sal saw who it was — and gave Lee Garner Jr. the gut-punch and cussing out he’d always wanted to deliver. What followed from the quivering mes that Garner had become was an outpouring that touched Sal’s heart, and his newfound strength in his life as a successful designer/director let him thank the man who had destroyed his lie of a life.

  3. Why Joyjoy, thanks for filling in the details! You fill me with joy-joy! 🙂

  4. Me too! So hilarious, I can’t wait for Peggy. Sal truly works that look, I have to say.

  5. LOVE the Zardoz reference!

  6. Sal is way too old to be at Stonewall in 69. I always saw Sal as being a father figure to the young gays in the Village. He’s the one they turn to for advice, and medical attention after the riot.

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