Mad News, Oct. 3-9, 2010

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Oct 092010

Rich Sommer did this week’s Q&A with AMC, apparently well before this week.

Dyna Moe also did a Q&A with AMC.  Her book, Mad Men: The Illustrated World, came out this week and is previewed by AMC.

John Slattery is doing a guest shot on 30 Rock, playing a semi-familiar (but not Mad Mannish) sort of role.  He also delivered non-spoilery teaser comments to TVGuide.  Plus, he has joined the cast of Liza Johnson’s indie drama “Return” alongside Linda Cardellini and Michael Shannon.

Vincent Kartheiser talked to New York magazine’s Vulture blog about Mad Men, his next movie, trying to shake off the reputation of being the Guy Without a Toilet, and — of course — Pete Campbell’s Bitchface.

Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss picked up the third annual Hollywood Reporter Award on Friday in Cologne, Germany, in honor of their work on the show.  They are also quoted by the Daily Mail, which has pics of them in Cannes with Robert Redford.  BTW, Hamm turned Moss on to the latest single from Cee-Lo. [The video is good, but imagine how good they would be in it. -K]

In quasi-exclusive Hamm news, Basketcase Dahlhalla passes along a friend’s photo of Jon at The Modern the other night. The friend’s quote: “One of the nicest celebrity encounters ever. Very sweet guy with a penchant for St. Louis-style BBQ and whiskey.”

Christina Hendricks apparently had some sort of PR snafu involving the Ports 1961 Fall/Winter presentation at Bloomingdale’s, but delighted fans who turned out to meet her. She can also be seen (briefly) on the big screen this weekend in Life As We Know It.

Sam Page, oddly enough, does not mind playing opposite Christina Hendricks. Not at all.

January Jones says she still has no trouble going out in public because she looks so different from Betty Draper. Reputed boyfriend Jason Sudeikis is reportedly dieting to look better next to her.

Cara Buono has an interview, video and slideshow at Vogue Italia.

Kiernan Shipka does a video interview with the Associated Press.  [We’ve read most of these answers in print, but it’s cooler to see them.  –K]

Sarah Drew talks about the show as a defining moment in pop culture.

Our own SFCaramia’s theory about hats is the entree to Pandagon’s discussion of “The Chinese Wall.”

Paste magazine pits Mad Men vs. Breaking Bad (and gets it wrong). [It would be too catty of me to point out that Paste just stopped its print edition, wouldn’t it? -K]

Eye Weekly identifies Mad Men as part of the biggest trend right now in cable TV dramas  — regular people closely guarding an explosive personal secret.

Bryan Batt is kicking off the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival in Louisiana.

Television Without Pity pitches Teen Stars of Yesterday for roles on Mad Men. Related thoughts at Entertainment Weekly.

The Awl ran a post from Natasha Vargas-Cooper about charismatic domination on the show.

At The Student Life (of Pomona College), Leah Studer examines The Subtle Art of Mad Men.

The Foundry Group, a Colorado-based VC firm known for investments in companies like Zynga and StockTwits, has a new, yet familiar, look for its website.

At ClickZ, Gary Stein is trying to be Harry Crane.


  9 Responses to “Mad News, Oct. 3-9, 2010”

  1. Am I the only one disturbed that people (interviewers, fans) keep pressuring Kiernan Shipka to talk about how gorgeous Jon Hamm is? Yes it’s part of a supporting actress’s job to gush to the media about the male lead’s sex appeal, but she’s ten years old!

  2. Rich Sommer tweeted and Madeleine Brand posted on FB about a viewing party last night for the final 2 episodes of Mad Men. Madeleine says the ending is “fantastic” and Rich says he was “not disappointed.” No spoilers, though.

    So, the no-screener policy is revoked when MW wants to build buzz for the finale, it seems.

  3. Taiga, this particular interview with Kiernan that’s linked in this post doesn’t have that question, so I don’t know why you bring it up. In fact, I’ve only seen her asked the question once. And frankly, interviewers have to be kind of creative with her, since she doesn’t even watch the show. I am not surprised they grasp at straws a little.

  4. I brought it up because I thought of it, and I said interviewers and fans. Not just interviewers.

  5. According to Hollywood Reporter, ” the series is only just starting to crack continental Europe”

    MM has been on air since 2008 in Turkey. The 4th season has just kicked off on channel e2. Recently, e2 and its affiliate cnbc-e have been both pumping the promos of season 4 like crazy, which I’m sure have helped recruit more viewers. Yay for Turkish MM fans! 🙂

    Btw, after I read about the Cee Lo Green song Jon Hamm likes, curiosity got the better of me and just watched/listened to it on youtube for the first time. It’s cute! Wonder what else he likes.

  6. “Am I the only one disturbed that people (interviewers, fans) keep pressuring Kiernan Shipka to talk about how gorgeous Jon Hamm is?”

    It reminds me of Kirsten Dunst, when she kissed Brad Pitt as a little girl in Interview with the Vampire. She still gets asked about it, I can just see Kiernan being 25 and still being asked about Jon Hamm. “So…your dad was pretty hot, right?” LOL

  7. I’m glad somebody asked VK (and I do love the Vulture because they appreciate Pete Campbell) about his lack of scenes this season with EM…I miss their dynamic (and no, I’m not saying I want them to hook up) and the tension in their scenes together. It’s been nice to have some throwback Don/Pete scenes, but I’m not sure why MW dropped the Pete-Peggy scenes entirely…they were awesome in season 2 and it’s not like they hooked up or anything. Peggy’s confession to Pete is still my all time favorite 2 person scene in this show.

  8. Yeesh, I hate it when the media reduces everything into an either/or dichotomy. It’s perfectly possible to be a fan of both Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

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