Mad News, Sept. 12-18, 2010

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Sep 182010

The Hollywood Reporter surveys TV’s Top Showrunners. You’re skipping right to Matt Weiner, aren’t you?

Media research companies reveal that Mad Men is tops among all TV shows when it comes to the emotional involvement of its audience. [You. Don’t. Say. -K]

Christina Hendricks has been inundated with movie offers over the past few months — but has turned most of them down because they require her to go nude.

Elisabeth Moss talks about “The Suitcase” and Season 4 generally with TV Squad.

Jon Hamm will threepeat as host of SNL. Until then, we have him on the Today show… and on HitFix, giving a shout out to Alan Sepinwall while promoting The Town. Plus, from the Basketcases who stock our sidebar, yet more Hamm, talking to Dennis Miller and Vanity Fair.

Jon Hamm also wants to tell you about how great it was to act with Elisabeth Moss on “The Suitcase.”  What he doesn’t really want to do is direct — or compare The Town director Ben Affleck to Matt Weiner.  But does he want to be Superman in a movie directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception)? Apparently not.

However, Christina Hendricks will voice Lois Lane for the animated All-Star Superman.

The New York Times has a Bloggingheads excerpt with Ben Zimmer and John McWhorter talking Mad Men language and anachronisms. [A treasure! –D]

Christina Hendricks and Christopher Stanley did this week’s Q&As at AMC.

The Fug Girls grilled Alison Brie about the show during Fashion Week in NYC (where she later posed as the Statue of Liberty).  Meanwhile, Ms. Brie tweeted photos of eating a cricket (1, 2, 3), along with a review.  She also talks to EW’s PopWatch about Community.

Apparently, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks were also at Fashion Week.  There is video of Elisabeth at FabsugarTV (at about the 2:45 mark), while Christina spoke to PopEater.

Janie Bryant launched her mid-century fashion line on QVC this week.

January Jones judged Project Runway… and critics judged her, too.

Randee Heller has online Blankenship buzz, according to Yahoo!

Michael Gladis reportedly signed up to appear in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Bryan Batt talks Broadway and Mad Men with The Frisky.

Rich Sommer was among a galaxy of stars that came out for Kitten Rescue. Kitteh!

Sally Draper’s Fall TV Preview for 1965.

Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery are headed to Cannes for MIPCOM 2010, which looks to be a big industry shindig.

At the Palm Beach Post, a note about Don’s swimming and John Cheever.

Andre and Maria Jacquemetton will write Versailles, a 12-episode mini-series about the French court of the same name.

Don Draper inspired Timothy Dean Martin to blog about his CLIO Award. (h/t Basketcase Mark.)

Mad Men is inspiring more memoirs from ad men. [Sterling Gold! -K]  Tony Dell — a 90-year-old ad giant — has taken to blogging.

The Economist argues that fun at work has become fake since the days of SCDP.

At the HuffPo, Tom Matlack writes about Dads Like Don Draper.

The California Literary Review surveys the complexity of womanhood in Mad Men.

The Legal Intelligencer uses the show to make a point about firms identifying future stars and clients.

Eater takes us to Barbetta with Don and Bethany.

Mad News is compiled by Deborah and Karl.


  18 Responses to “Mad News, Sept. 12-18, 2010”

  1. If this has been covered, please forgive me, but would anyone else feet attracted to a show called “Hamm on Wry”?

  2. Thanks for linking to the Bloggingheads excerpt on the Times site. You can find the whole segment here:

    Careful viewers will note that the Times clip ends just before my discussion of the word “shithead.” Can’t slip one past The Gray Lady.

  3. Oh, not only did Jon Hamm give Alan Sepinwall a shout-out, he admitted to READING HIS REVIEWS and loving the discussions that go on in the comments and how Sepinwall deconstructs the show and then we readers analyze it even more. I read Alan daily, and participate on that blog occasionally, and I almost wet myself when I learned that Jon Hamm reads it too, especially about his own damn show, and that he loves the insight we commenters have about his work. Score! Also very validating that ya’ll link to that blog here on your site. Sepinwall really is one of the best critics out there and his blog is very insightful, more than just a review. Thanks for the news, ladies!

  4. AAAUUUGH! My Time Warner Cable has been out all day–but just the cable! Tried re-booting but no show. Hope it’s better by tomorrow night!!!

  5. Ben, that’s awesome.

    rowan, he reads us too. 😉

    Therese: Argh!

  6. Anne Thompson at IndieWire wrote an interesting article about Christina’s hopes to cross over to the the big screen, but it wasn’t that optimistic. It’s fascinating to see how different the rules are for TV and film, and how difficult it is to make the jump.

  7. Oh, good Deborah, I was hoping this was also one of the sites he visits! I just didn’t want to assume, but once he said he liked the insightful reviews, I thought he might be familiar with this site as well. Too good to be true!

  8. re: bloggingheads and “anachronistic speech:” Neither of these guys looks old enough to remember how people talked in 1965. I was there and remember being rather shocked the first time I heard another mom say “shit” in a casual conversation while we were waiting to pick up our children. This was in the early 70s.

    You had to be there and the bloggers don’t look as if they were.

  9. rowan,

    Jon Hamm talks about the Basket near the end of his interview here.

  10. ruthie, the linguists in the bloggingheads interview weren’t talking about cursing, they were talking about contractions and things like “gonna” for “going to.” And McWhorter specifically cited a radio show where he listened to spoken language for exactly things like that.

  11. Thanks for the link Karl-it’s simply amazing to know the people involved in this show care to know what we all really think. While I am a regular reader of Sepinwall, for about the past year or a little longer, due to the extraordinary work this season I went online looking for another blog that would also offer insight, and here I am and now I visit here more than over at HitFix. Thanks for all the hard work, guys and dolls, and for validating my own love and over-analysis of this show!

  12. I agree with the bloggingheads guy about Vincent K. and even Alison Brie does this–they talk in such an affected way. It’s distracting sometimes, whereas everyone else seems so natural.

  13. My parents grew up in an area where they took elocution in high school (public school in North Shore Chicago) and this during the depression. I was frequently corrected as I grew up to enunciate correctly, speak clearly and articulate. That was the sign of good breeding and I suspect that the character, Pete was raised similarly. The story indicates that he was from a wealthy family, so it is consistent with the story line for him to say “going” rather than “gonna”. I have to disagree with the Bloggingheads on this issue.

  14. I was impressed with Jon Hamm’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. He held his own in the political discussions (though you could tell he was a touch nervous), and came up with a really great ad lib remark. (I’d have to watch it again to quote it properly, but for anyone who saw it, I’m referring to his “animation” suggestion.)

  15. Re: Hamm. Sure he’s nervous — this is all very new territory for him, being a star. He’s going thermonuclear now in the Hollywood scene, so he’s going to be tested more and more by the Publicity Machine.

    Normally I’m skeptical when it comes to this sort of thing, but Hamm seems like such a ‘real’ guy and so genuine that it’s all cool how he acts.

    Re: Hendricks. Good thing she’s standing up for her principles regarding nudity. I don’t think celebrities, male or female, should have to do it unless the role has a specific reason for it.

    Besides, do we really want more creepy, Ryan Seacrest-esque leering at her chest?

  16. Even without the nudity thing, the media has been paying enormous attention to her curves and very little attention to her skill as an actress or even to the beauty of her face.

  17. Re Kartheiser & Brie

    In the DVD commentary for “New Amsterdam,” Brie notes that VK likes to mock her Trudy voice, and retorts that she based it somewhat on his delivery. I tend to hear it — and Pete’s occasional stiffness — as a reflection of the Campbells’ old money background.

    Brie also discusses the Trudy voice in her BoK interview.

  18. Jon was also on the season premier ep of ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ on Friday.

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