This week in BoK birthdays

 Posted by on August 13, 2010 at 1:51 pm  Actors & Crew
Aug 132010

A basket of birthday kisses abounds!!!

Wednesday, August 11th was the birthday of Embeth Davidtz, who we hopefully have not seen the last of as Rebecca Pryce.

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And if you haven’t seen this awesome photo of John Slattery (thank you you are missing a treat. Today, August 13th, is Mr. Slattery’s birthday. (Keep your eyes open for John in The Adjustment Bureau, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt–due out next March).


  8 Responses to “This week in BoK birthdays”

  1. OMG! Slattery was a total stoner!

    Talk about someone who got better with age – yowza!

  2. I now need to revisit Slattery's appearance on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. Some of his stories will now be even funnier.

  3. LOVE Embeth D.

    But – omigod – is that REALLY John S? Can it be? Hahahahahahaha…..

  4. So sorry to see that Embeth fell for surgery, filler, botox…whatever. I hardly recognized her in her MM appearance last year. Surprised MW cast her given his propensity for a natural appearance.

  5. I love that "high" college photo.

  6. It's true. John Slattery was every guy I ever went to school with. At least the ones who hung out in the smoking area and thought the word was volumptuous instead of voluptuous.

    And Embeth, Miss Honey, Mark's Natasha! (What, you people *don't* watch Matilda and Bridget Jones on a continual loop?)

  7. I just watched the Kevin Pollack chat show last night with John Slattery and he was a total stoner in his younger days.

    What strikes me about John's appearance is he is so totally Irish looking. On the Pollack show he was wearing glasses and I swear if he was wearing those little round John Lennon type specks he could have passed for James Joyce.

  8. I have had a huge crush on Embeth since I saw her in 'Junebug.' I certainly hope she appears in future MM episodes.

    Happy birthday, Embeth!

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